Monday, 19 March 2012

Interview with M A Church

MA Church AKA nomoretears, has very kindly consented to guest interview. Sadly I'm a little late as, Republica Press, the publisher of her amazing book, Darkness Awaits, it about to close down and if you want to buy the book, which I heartily recommend, you are going to have to rush over there straight away and get it.

And now, without further ado, may I present M A Church.

·         Out of all the characters you’ve written which one has affected you most? Not necessarily which one you like most, but which one ‘got to you’? Probably Az from All Souls’ Day posted on He was the Angel of Death in that story. I had started this story before my mom ended up in the hospital for the last time. During her stay I did the rewrites on the story at night. I’m still unable to look at that story.
·         Which character caused you most difficulty to write? Oh, that’s simple. Jude, or Judas, from Kiss Me Deadly. That’s posted on
·         When do you do your best writing… morning, afternoon, evening, night? I don’t really have a best time. But I am definitely fresher in the mornings.
·         Out of all the stories you’ve written which one are you most proud of? Ah man, that’s a hard one. It would be The Harvest. I’m proud of The Harvest because explaining male pregnancy, and doing it so that it makes sense, isn’t easy. Anyone who has read it can tell you the why’s, how’s and what for’s concerning any of the male pregnancy’s. LOL.
·         Which story caused you the most difficulty to write? Kiss Me Deadly was the hardest one yet. Anytime you get to messing around in the bible you’re asking for a huge headache.
·         Which character is most like yourself? Hmm, it’s a tossup between Dale from The Harvest and Michael from Darkness Awaits which was published by Republica Press.
·         What music do you associate with The Harvest and/or the characters? Some other-worldly sounding, full of bass and drums.
·         Do you have any little rituals that help you write… lucky rabbits foot, certain brand of coffee, etc etc? Well, I have this pillow that I put in my lap then set the laptop on. If I don’t have that pillow then I feel ‘off.’ I also try to find pictures on the web that look like the place or character I have in my head.
·         Do you plan your stories and, if so, to what extent? I have a rough outline before I start, and have points that I will cover in the story. That’s not to say some random thought won’t hit and be added.
·         Do you plan your characters? Somewhat. I have a general idea who or what they will be, what they look like, what kind of personality they have.
·         Do you think there are any hidden messages in any of your stories? Oh absolutely. Many of my stories are about finding a way to make the relationship work, love overcoming all, redemption, and so forth.
·         How many times have you started a story and abandoned it? I don’t guess I’ve ever abandoned a story. I may put it on the back burner for a while until I can get to it, but I’ve never started something and not finished it
·         How many stories do you work on at any one time? Oh man, that’s kind of hard to answer. I work on the main one, meaning which has a deadline looming, but I have several storylines on-going.  Some story lines date back a year, but if I feel the urge then that’s the one I’ll work on for a while.
·         Has there even been something that you have had a SERIOUS disagreement with your editor about? Can’t say that I have.  I’ve worked with some pretty good editors.
·         What is your deepest fear? Darkness.
·         What is your biggest secret? Huh. I’m pretty open, and boring, lol. I don’t really have huge, dark secrets.
·         Do you have any other hobbies? I like to read, like to fish in the pond in the backyard, gardening, shopping, love going to the lake.
·         What is your most treasured possession? My mom’s wedding ring.
·         What one thing in life can you not do without (coffee? Music? Sex?) Love.
·         Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your stories, plans, other works in an orgy of blatant self promotion feel free. Well, my stories are romantic; I’ve had enough grief in my life so I’m all about happy endings. As far as what’s coming up Nighttime Wishes will be released in April with Romance First Publishing, and the story has a sequel. Priceless, Perfect and Pure, plus The Harvest, are looking for a publisher, too. Priceless was just sent to a publisher.J I should something in May. The best way to keep up with me is through my blog
·         Tell us about yourself and your writing. There really isn’t much to tell, lol. I taught until my mom entered the final months of her life. I have two kids. My oldest is out of school and the youngest is in 11th grade. I’ve been married to the same man for nearly nineteen years. We started dating my senior year in high school.  I like to read, fish, go boating, work in the yard, and shop. I started writing right before my mom passed away. She even read the first chapter of Darkness Awaits. *laugh* To be forty years older than me, she sure was an opened-minded person. All she said was if I was going to do this (writing) then do it. Go all out and shoot for the top. And I’m trying. J


  1. Great interview! Thanks to Nephy and M for sharing!

  2. Great Inteview, Nephy. I agree with M A Church where she says that 'Anytime you get to messing around in the bible you’re asking for a huge headache.' I've had numerous ideas but never ventured there for that reason. And Male pregnancies? That's an interesting thought... :)

    1. Hey!

      I really debated doing that story. I found that folks either hated it or liked it; there was no middle ground. One comment on it said... "You must have balls down to your knees."

      LOL. That made my day. ;) I also was asked if I had lost my mind. So yeah, dealing with bible stuff can be touchy. :)

      So what do I do? LOL. Write a follow up to it! ;)


  3. I really enjoyed the interview!
    :)) It was fun! I really hope your other stories get published. I'm excited to get to have them.

    1. Thanks Nephy! I had a lot of fun doing this with you! Guess you broke my interview cherry! LOLOLOLOLOL!

      Seriously, it was great. I appreciate this. :)


  4. Well done! Thoroughly enlightened me into the whys and wherefores of M A Church and of course most certainly of you! lol