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Wednesday Briefs. The Faery of Beacon Lake Part 18

I'm totally cheating this week. None of the prompts really fit into where I am with the story. I'm posting this one

on the tenuous basis that it's similar to the island Bran comes from, which we don't know about yet, but will.

The smell of bacon greeted them as they descended the stairs. The usual sounds of Aggie making breakfast soothed Owen. They were comfortingly family and just what Owen needed. It wasn’t that he regretted what he’d done, at least not at that moment, but it was a heck of an adjustment and he hadn’t quite made it yet. He needed grounding and Aggie was just the person for the job. She glanced up as they entered the kitchen.

“You need to go shopping,” she said shortly, then turned to poke at the bacon and sausages that hissed and spat in her big, cast iron pan.

“Sure. We’ll take a walk down to town after breakfast. What do you need?” Owen poured himself a coffee from the already boiled kettle.

“Not me. Your husband. He needs clothes.”

“Oh. Right. Of course.”

Owen glanced at Bran, who was sniffing at the coffee jar with his nose wrinkled. He was wearing Owen’s jumper and a pair of jeans that were too big. They didn’t look right on him.

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” he asked, distracted by how cute Bran looked.

“I don’t think so.” He put the tin down and brushed of his hands. “I’ve never tried, but it doesn’t smell very nice.”

“Have a sip of mine.” Owen held out his mug, and Bran eyes it suspiciously.

“It’s hot,” he said.

“It’s supposed to be hot.”

“Oh. Then no. I don’t want to drink hot things.”

“Don’t you have any hot drinks at home?”

“Yes, but not like this. I don’t like them though.  I prefer cold water.”

“Just water? Not juice or pop.”

“Pop? You have drinks that go pop? I’d like to try that.” His eyes lit up with interest. “Are they like bubbles.”

“They have bubbles.”

Owen went to the fridge and selected a can of Coke. Aggie wasn’t keen on having it in the house, but Owen liked it so she kept a few cans in the back of the fridge for him. She hid them behind as many things as she could as a discouragement, but he always found them and made sure he replaced them before he left.

Bran jumped a little at the hiss when the can was opened, and he eyed it with deep suspicion.

“Be careful,” Owen said as he handed over the can. “Don’t drink too fast or you’ll get hiccups.”

“Are the bubbles in there?”

“Oh yes, there are plenty of bubbles in there.”

Bran took a sip, and his eyes widened. Then he took another and grinned at Owen. “They pop and fizz in my mouth.” He took a few more mouthfuls, then put the can on the table. “I like the fizzing but it’s too sweet.”

“There are other things you can try. We don’t have any, but if we’re going to town later we can get some.”

“Better you stick to water than put any of those things in your body,” Aggie said sniffing, as she put a plate of large, sausage and bacon sandwiches in front of them. “Full of chemicals. Unnatural.”

Bran nodded sagely. “Yes, I was told about the chemicals. Poisons like they put in the water. Why do
you drink poison?”

Bran gazed at Owen, who was frankly stumped. “It’s not really poison,” he said and Aggie snorted.

“Well it’s not. Not really, but I’m not going to fight with you about that right now. If you want healthy bubbles we can get some carbonated water. It’s just water, but fizzy like the pop.”

Bran brightened. “I’d like that.” He nibbled delicately at his sandwich, sending Owen flirty glances over the top. Aggie sat down with them and tucked in to her sandwich far more heartily. Owen fell somewhere in between, feeling like one of the three bears.

They fell into a companionable silence as they munched, which was broken by a rap on the door. Grumbling, Aggie got to her feet and answered it. Not much surprised Aggie, but her face was shocked as she stepped back and allowed their visitors to enter. Owen gaped in surprise as two of the guards Owen had met the night before struggled through the door, hauling a heavy-looking, ornate chest between them. They laid it carefully on the floor, then bowed courteously and left without a word.

“The dowry,” Bran exclaimed, bouncing like a child at Christmas. “Of course, this isn’t all of it. We get more after five years.”

Kneeling, Bran ran his fingers over the chest, which was about the size of two large suitcases stacked one on to of the other, releasing secret latches. The lid sprung open as did Owen’s mouth. His brain refused to process what he saw.

“But…. But….” he stuttered.

“Close your mouth, boy, you’re catching flies.”

“But…. But….”

Aggie turned her back on him and addressed Bran. “The world’s changed since your folk last walked freely. Men don’t take payment in gold and gems anymore, at least not for what you want to buy. You’ll need a specialist to turn this into something you can spend. It’s all numbers on a screen these days.” She didn’t sound impressed at all. Clearly a chest brimming full of bright gold coins and glittering gems had no affected her in the way it had Owen. That one chest must contain more wealth that he had seen in his lifetime.
How…how much is in there?”

Bran shrugged. “In your world, I don’t know. Hopefully, it’s enough to make a home.” He seemed anxious, thrown by Owen’s reaction.

Aggie snorted. “That’ll see you right for the rest of your lives, no question, but I’ll see you take your time deciding what to do with it. That much money can turn a man’s head and I’ll not have you reckless with a gift like this.”

“G-gift? For you?”

“For us,” Bran said firmly. “To make a place for ourselves in this world. Are you sure it’s enough?”

Aggie snorted again. “You’ll learn boy. For now, finish your breakfast and I’ll lend you enough for shopping until I get this lot sorted out.”

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Release Day. Super for You, Bad for Me by Asta Idonea

Super for You, Bad for Me

Asta Idonea

Dreamspinner Press

14 August 2018

60k/200 pages


Struggling actor Oswell Outterridge thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he’s chosen to play a scene opposite his idol, Kane Teague, in a superhero movie. However, things take an unexpected turn when the slime he accidentally ingests gives him telekinetic powers. Then Kane asks him out, against all expectation, and it seems that life couldn't get any better—aside from the little matter of keeping his identity secret from his celebrity boyfriend.

Oswell goes from a nobody with little social life and few prospects for the future to dating the man of his dreams and using his superhuman abilities to defend innocents. Everything is perfect, and it seems he’s finally achieved a happily ever after worthy of the silver screen. But when a supervillain arrives, determined to defeat Oswell and win Kane's affections, everything falls apart. In the ensuing conflict, Kane gets caught in the crossfire, and Oswell faces his toughest fight yet. Can he remain the hero he’s always imagined himself, or will a dark desire for vengeance change him forever?

SoundCloud Excerpt: 

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Dreamspinner Press: 
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Author Bio & Links

Asta Idonea (aka Nicki J. Markus) was born in England but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Asta launched her writing career in 2011 and divides her efforts not only between MM and mainstream works but also between traditional and indie publishing. Her works span the genres, from paranormal to historical and from contemporary to fantasy. It just depends what story and which characters spring into her mind!

As a day job, Asta works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys music, theatre, cinema, photography, and sketching. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel, all of which have provided plenty of inspiration for her writing.


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Bride of Fire Series. Book 3 Fevered Longings

Fevered Longings

(Bride of Fire Book 3)

Release Date: 27/07/2018

An exiled princess, a forbidding lord and a bond that ties them together
Never underestimate a princess forged by adversity.
I was sent to die, now I must find the strength to live.
Is Mira brave enough to seize her second chance or has the spark gone out … for good.
Would Mira risk it all for a love that could destroy them both

Sales Blurb
When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. Pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

Mira had hoped she might find happiness in the arms of the Ice Lord. She was wrong. Political forces have driven them apart and the consequences are devastating for the fated mates. Despite all the past hurt and misunderstandings her fever for the infuriating man has not been extinguished, no matter how much she wished it.

Zorren never feared the cold until he’d tasted Mira’s warmth and passion. Mira is his and he is determined to claim her and restore her to her rightful place beside him: on the throne, in his life and in his bed. Now if only the little firebrand would cease her fruitless attempts to drive him away.

With rumblings in the South and conspiracy in the Iceari Court, Mira and Zorren need to present a united front more than ever. Are they brave enough to seize their second chance? Can they rebuild their trust and allow their love to blossom. Or will it be strangled by resentment and stubborn pride?
Publisher’s Note: This fantasy romance contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, adventure, and sensual scenes set in an apocalyptic world.

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Laughing harder at what a sight we must make, his deep male chuckle joining mine. I leaned against the panel of the doors for support, my breasts rising and falling as I sucked in lungfuls of air. “Gods, you are beautiful.” I didn’t even realize he was talking about me until he was kissing me and I was kissing him back. A familiar heat began to curl through me. “Gorgeous,” he whispered, breathing me in. “Ravishing.” His teeth closed around my earlobe and I melted into a puddle. All my attempts to be aloof were proving laughable but I had no defense when Zorren was just being himself not the mask he showed the rest of the world. Showing superhuman restraint he came up for air seeming to remember he’d brought me here for a reason. “Close your eyes,” his hot breath whispered in my ear. 


Zorren’s eyes softened. “Trust me.” Hesitantly my eyelids fluttered shut and I slipped my hand into his. Zorren led me with a warm and sure grip.

Character Interview

Jane: Thank you for joining me this evening, for the official record can I please have your name?

Mira: Certainly, my name is Mira.

JaneI mean your full name please, it’s not every day that I get interview royalty. My, that was a big sigh, surely a name cannot be that tedious?
                                                                                                                                                                  Mira: Oh, it most definitely can. It must stay between us Zorren cannot know, it would make things even more precarious.

Jane: Of course, you can rely on my absolute discretion.

Mira: I am her Serene Highness, the Crown Princess Nymira of the House Pyria, direct descendant of Fa-Rahzil the first Emperor of Fire, daughter of Princess Eliska of the house Pyria and the Scourge of the West Lord Castro of the house Vatra, granddaughter of Emperor Ageiz II, Defender of the sacred flame, Heiress to the Throne of Flames.

Jane: *Owl eyes* Wow, that is some name.

Mira: Exactly.

Jane: Let’s start with a few easy questions; do you have any siblings?

Mira: No, due to longevity of our natural life spans we do not reproduce easily and as such siblings are rare, but I have a cousin, Xhara, we are like sisters. We were forced to split up when I acted as a decoy so that she could escape.

Jane: I see, and what're your parents like?

Mira: My parents were Princess Eliska of the house Pyria and the Lord Castro of the exiled house Vatra. I barely remember them as they were assassinated when I was very young, but the story of their mating is infamous throughout the Firelands. My mother dared to defy the emperor and fell in love with the enemy. It made things a little strained when I went to live in the capitol.

Jane: Would you say you're someone who can handle pressure?

Mira: I was raised in the court of my aunt, Empress Faustia II, what do you think? Expectations were placed on me from a young age and I learnt how to conduct myself as a member of the royal house, so it takes something exceptional to rattle me.

Jane: Let’s make the questions a bit harder, do you have any enemies?

Mira: I currently have a bounty on my head. The usurper who murdered the Empress, seeks to either kill me or imprison me which forced me to flee North.

Jane: When you fled north you must have been traveling light, what's your most valued possession that you carry?

Mira: When I fled I carried my nation’s most sacred treasure, the sword of the first Emperor. It is priceless. Forged from the metal of a falling star it is the only weapon that allows my line to channel their greatest weapon. The sacred white flame that can burn through anything.

Jane: Your worst fear? You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to.

Mira: Failing to do my duty and not being strong enough to complete the task set to and being an embarrassment to the crown. My power - my inner flame is - lacking. My cousin, the next empress has started to produce the white flame that identifies our line and I..can’ power is mediocre at best.

Zorren: There you are!

Mira: Zorren? What is the meaning of this interruption?

Zorren: You disappeared, again.

Mira: I did not, just because you are paranoid-

Zorren: -and I wonder why that might be? Perhaps because you have a terrible habit of attempting to skulk away.

Mira: I do not skulk!

Jane: Now, surely we can be reasonable now, Zorren please stop icing up my floor, you are causing a health and safety hazard.

Zorren: What is a health and safety hazard?

Jane: It’s where - oh never mind.

Zorren: Do you remember what I said would happen the next time you wondered off, Hellcat.

Mira: You wouldn’t dare and stop calling me Hellcat.

Jane: Mira, please extinguish your hands, that sofa is highly flammable.

Mira: Zorren! Zorren put me down! I am not a sack of grain.

Jane: Apologies readers, we’ve had an unexpected interruption. Mira, has been carried off by one, highly determined Ice Lord and I don’t believe we will be able to reconvene anytime soon. But until that time, happy reading!

Author Bio

When I realised that the world was not hiring for a ‘sarcastic but benign Supreme Ruler of the Universe’ I’ve decided to focus on my passion. By day I work in a UK company’s finance department and by night I become my alter ego Scribble Girl or as my good friends have affectionately dubbed me the 'sex author'. Always armed with a notepad and pen in the black hole I call a handbag, I have been writing never ending stories since the age of 11 and this all stemmed from my love of reading. 

I love reading. Period! 

I’m part of the Harry Potter generation and while waiting between books would literally devour any book I could get my hands on. Let’s put it this way J.K Rowling has a lot to answer for. I adore that there is no end in sight to where your own imagination can take you and that between the pages of a book you are transported to another world. 

Happy Reading! 

Stay Connected

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Wednesday Briefs. The Faery of Beacon Lake Part 17

Here I am again with my Wednesday Flash. We find Owen in a perplexing situation facing an important question. Is he in love with Bran, or his physical representation.

A sharp rap on the door startled Owen and Bran out of a light doze and they scrambled up to a sitting positing with the covers pulled up to the ears. Thankfully, Aggie didn’t open the door.

“If you two boys want breakfast you’d better get your oversexed arses downstairs pretty damn quick.”

They gazed at each other in shock for a moment, then burst out laughing.

Owen slipped out of bed. “We need a shower, and you need some clothes.”

“I have clothes. I will have clothes…when the dowry comes.”

“Yeah, about that. What is the dowry. That’s like…a present isn’t it? Something a bride takes to her new family to help her get set up.” He grinned. “Ha! That makes you the bride.”

Bran sidled over to him, a strange, smouldering expression in his eyes. “Would you like me to be?” he whispered, pressing his body close to Owen’s, the evidence of his maleness pressing into Owen’s leg.

“To be the bride?”

“To be a woman,” Bran whispered between kisses.

“If I’d wanted that, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you.”

“Everyone falls in love with me.”

As they kissed and Owen’s blood heated, Bran ground against him in a way that made him almost lose his mind. Then Bran raised his head and gazed into Owen’s eyes. Panting, Owen gazed back. 

“We should….”

Bran ducked his hair and gazed at Owen from under fluttering lashes. He took Owen’s hand and guided it over the swell of his hip. Owen closed his eyes and breathed deeply, but something seemed slightly off, so he opened them again. Bran smiled, and still holding his hand raised it to cup his—

“What the hell?”

Owen jumped backward, stumbled over his shoes, on the floor behind him, and fell onto the bed. 
Bran took a step forward and Owen scrambled backwards.

“Is…is this what…what you really are?”

“I can be anything you want me to be,” Bran whispered, his voice husky but lighter, sweeter, more feminine. It matched is…other feminine parts.

“Seriously, Bran, if this is the real you…. If you’re really a woman, I can’t…. I don’t know if I can….”

“Don’t you love me, Owen? Me, not my body.”

“Yes, I love you, but…. I’m gay, Bran. Completely.”

Bran observed him thoughtfully, twirling a lock of hair around his finger. Owen waited, trying not to look at Bran’s breasts, or worse, his lack of penis.

“I understand,” Bran said eventually. “Come, let’s shower.” He turned away, leaving Owen dumbstruck.

“Bran? What just happened?”

Bran turned and grinned at him and Owen was relieved to see his maleness had returned. “I wanted to show you the real me.”

Owen’s heart crashed. “So that was the real you? You’re really a woman?”

Bran grinned, and Owen felt like punching him. How dare Bran mock his pain. “No,” Bran said and confusion replaced hurt.

“Then what…?”

“I’m Bran. My body can be whatever I want it to be, but I’m always Bran.”

Owen chewed on his fingernail and frowned. “So, your body can seriously be anything you want it to me? Like could it be a dog or a….”


“Oh shit.” Owen fell back on the bed and covered his eyes with his arm. Bran lay down beside him and stroked his stomach. Owen shivered and he wasn’t sure why.

“You know what I am, Owen. You’ve always known what I am.”

“I thought I did. I-I suppose I don’t know as much about fairies as I thought I did.”

“I’m sorry.” Bran stopped stroking Owen and laid his head on Owen’s chest. Owen’s heart thudded.

“Don’t be sorry, please. You can’t help being what you are.” Owen absently stroked Bran’s hair and he purred. “I know I’m going to regret this,” he said, “but what’s your natural form. I mean…you can change but what’s the base? What are you usually, when you’re not trying?”

Bran was quiet for a while, then he started drawing patterns on Owen’s belly, lightly with his nail. “I don’t know what to say to not make you unhappy. I know what you want me to say – that I’m a male who can change into a female in the same way I can change into a crow. It would be easier to say, but not entirely true.”

Owen’s stomach fluttered, and he squeezed his eyes shut. “Just tell me the truth.”

“The truth? The truth is, Owen Prentis, that I am neither a man nor a woman. I’m not human at all.”

“I know. I know that. You’re fey, I get it, but I thought….”

“No, Owen, you don’t know. You don’t. You look at me and see a man, like you. I took that form for you. When I am on land I can be a man, a bird, a woman, a cat, but when I am home, beneath the water, I am none of these things.”

Owen bit his lip and squeezed his eyes even tighter.

Bran curled into his side and wrapped his arms around him. In a little while, Owen realized he was crying softly and a great wave of emotion broke over him. How often would he do this? How often would he promise he understood, only to have that understanding tested over and over? It shouldn’t matter. The outcome should be the same. He stroked Bran’s hair with purpose.

“I love you Bran. I love you. But please will you stay a man for me?”

Bran raised his head and smiled a watery sile. “Yes.”

“Of course, you can be a bird sometimes if you want. That’s way cool.”

Bran frowned for a moment then grinned, pinched Owen's nipple and fled the bed.

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Release Day. Cid by S L Danielson

Ask 26-year-old artist Cid Walker how he’s feeling and you’ll likely get a snarl, or a glare, but not a real answer. Cid’s soul is so damaged from a brutal and savage ex-fiancé that trusting anyone is out of the question.

Two classmates try to get his attention; Barry and Kellen. Barry is only 18 and a very naïve, sweet boy-next-door type who is young, needy, and anxious to get involved with the mysterious artist. He wants to be with Cid more than anything, but his efforts fail.

Kellen, all of 22, is as snarky as Cid is at first, but soon manages to get across to him. Kellen understands why Cid is acting out because Kellen is also keeping his soul and psyche intact with mere Band-Aids after being attacked a few years ago.

Add in a stalker that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and you have Cid’s life at the moment. Who can get through his broken heart?


Amazon UK


S.L. Danielson began writing at the age of six. She knew it was her calling from the moment she put pen to paper. In her teens, she began writing alternative works and the genre stuck. She also wove more elaborate tales and finally, in her college years, began to weave her new love of male romance into long novels.

She is classically trained in business, accounting, and education, holding both undergrad and graduate degrees. Her other hobbies include painting, gaming, and spending time with her husband and two cherished cats.

eXtasy Book site
Amazon Author Page
Goodreads Page

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The Faery of Beacon Lake Part 16

A slightly more spicy taste of the sea today. This week's prompt was "You're what?"

Bran pushed Owen gently onto his back. “I want to see your button,” he said, then proceeded to stroke his long fingers across Owen’s stomach, dipping into his belly button. “I love it.”

Owen moaned when Bran replaced his fingers with his tongue and lapped gently at the dimple. He stroked Bran’s hair, fighting the temptation to push his head a little lower.

Bran gave a last wet lick, then raised his head and blew gently, sending a shiver through Owen. Bran glanced up, with a wicked grin on his face. Before Owen had a chance to process, let alone react, Bran lowered his head and swallowed him whole. Owen almost lifted off the bed with shock, which was soon replaced by sheer pleasure.

Bran sucked hard, the muscles of his throat massaging the head of Owen’s cock while his sharp teeth grazed the shaft. The slight thrill of danger only made the experience more intense and exciting.

Owen’s hands clasped and unclasped, tangling in Bran’s hair and moans floated from his throat as his hips moved without conscious design. Bran’s sharp fingernails dug into his thighs and the pain only served to kick up the intensity of the pleasure.

“Oh fuck, I… I’m….”

Bran growled, and the vibration thrummed through Owen’s cock, sending him spinning over the edge. He frantically bit his lips, stifling screams, and thrust half way down Bran’s throat although it didn’t seem to bother Bran much.

Owen squeezed his eyes shut as Bran milked the last drops from his rapidly softening cock, then let his teeth scrape the shaft lightly as he let is slide from his mouth. Fireworks flashed on Owen’s closed eyelids and he struggled to catch his breath.

When he’d finally come down, he opened his eyes to find Bran grinning at him in a very self-satisfied way, like a cat who got the cream but was slightly puzzled by the packaging.

“Did you like?” Bran purred, and Owen nodded dumbly.

“Yeah,” he whispered, his voice cracking.

“So did I. Can we do it again?”

“Not now,” Owen said quickly because the way Bran was eyeing his junk it seemed he was about to pounce again and Owen was afraid that if Bran so much as touched is over-sensitized cock, he might accidentally punch him in the face.

“No, not now.” Bran cocked his head to the side and lowered his lids to peep at Owen through his lashes. “Is it my turn now?”

Oh God that voice is so damn sexy. It’s filty.

Owen tried to emulate Bran’s slow smile but was pretty sure he didn’t pull it off half as well. “Sure is.”

Despite feeling as though the bottom half of his body had been liquidized, Owen hauled himself up and straddled Bran. Bran gazed up at him with his eyes so full of…something, that Owen’s heart stuttered. He was so beautiful. So perfect. How the hell had Owen wound up here, with someone like him?

After lingering for a long while, drinking in Bran’s beauty and tranquillity, Owen was compelled to kiss him. When he was near sated, he slid down, peppering kisses over Bran’s torso and belly. Bran made soft little moans and appreciative sounds as his muscles twitched.

Bran’s smell was like nothing Owen had smelt before. It wasn’t musky like the other boys he’d been with, but sweet and salty, like fresh breezes over the sea. He tasted salty too, with a touch of cinnamon and spice. Oh god it was so different, so good.

Owen took his time, licking and sucking at Bran’s balls, then licked his way up Bran’s shaft, revelling in the way Bran’s thigh’s trembled, hot under his hands. Before he took the head into his mouth, 
Owen glanced up and his breath caught in his throat. Bran was spread out over the bed, his glorious hair fanning under his shoulders. His arms were thrown over his head and his lips were parted and plumped from kissing. He looked well and truly debauched.

Smiling, Owen lowered his head and gave it his best shot.

Watching Bran come unravelled beneath him unravelled something in Owen. Until the last moment, when he had to lower his eyes to give his complete focus to the job in hand – or rather mouth – Owen kept his eyes on Bran’s face, and beautiful body, and slowly something alien and strange crept into his mind, gradually filling him, until he didn’t know whether he wanted to scream, laugh or weep.

When Bran cried out and filled his mouth with a burst of hot salt and cinnamon, Owen collapsed and sobbed against Bran’s stomach.

Almost immediately Bran buried his hands in Owen’s hair and tugged gently.

“Owen? Did I hurt you? Did you not like the taste of me? What did I do?”

When he was able to move, Owen crawled up Bran’s body and held him tightly, his face pressed into the crook of Bran’s neck.

“I’m…” he mumbed, his lips touching Bran’s hot skin.

“You’re what?”

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered and felt rather than heard the vibration of Bran’s laugh.

Sniffing, Owen raised his head. “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny. It’s not supposed to happen like this, not so deep, so fast. I can’t explain it. I just know I love you.”

Bran stopped laughing. “I don’t know what it’s like for humans,” he said carefully, “but we know what love is and what it isn’t. When it is it can grow or fade, but it is always love. When it isn’t then nothing will make it so. I love you Owen. When we grow old together the love will grow and deepen but it will never change at its heart.”

Owen smiled and sniffed. “It sounds so easy when you say it.”

“It is. It’s all the other things humans worry about that make it complicated.”

“What other things?”

Bran shrugged. “You’re the human. You tell me.”

Owen had no answer, so he simply kissed Bran again.

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REVIEW: "A Dance for Two" and "A Dance for You" by Colette DAvison

Title: A Dance For You
Author: Colette Davison
Cover Artist: Colette Davison
Publisher: Self Published
Genre(s): MM, Contemporary Gay Romance
Length: Approx. 64,000 Words

Warning: Contains explicit language and sex scenes including mild and consensual BDSM


New job, new city: Mason hopes both will lead to him escaping burnout as a ballet dancer. Not living out of a suitcase anymore is a bonus. His new life gets off to a steamy start when he encounters his new neighbour, David. Things soon become complicated when Mason turns up for his first day at BalletEast, to discover that David is not only his choreographer but the man who inspired him to take up dancing in the first place.

With two divorces and a string of failed relationships behind him, David has no intention of promising ‘forever’ to anyone. But when he meets Mason, he falls hard and fast for the enigmatic young dancer. As David becomes more serious about Mason, he wants to open his lover’s eyes to the kinks that he enjoys.

Whilst the two men are navigating the early stages of their romance, Mason is facing immense pressures in the rehearsal studios that threaten to dampen his natural enthusiasm for life. Will David’s love and support be enough to help Mason continue to hold his head high and dance like he’s never danced before?

Buy Links


A Dance for Two

Adam and Luc’s story was a joy to share. The author did a great job of drawing two very different characters, coming from very different perspectives. At first glance one might think Adam and Luc couldn’t be more different but they are actually rather similar in personality. Both give their all to their chosen careers, both have made huge sacrifices to do what they think is right and both like to have the upper hand – of themselves and each other.

I loved that the story revolved around a dance school and we got such a fascinating glimpse into what it was like, and what it took to run one. There are so many little details that make the story come to life.

The thing I like best about the book is how real and honest the characters are. None of them are perfect. They all have their hang-ups and prejudices, but they play off each other to make the whole situation and all their actions feel logical and unforced. The author allows the story to unfold at its own pace, with the tension coming from the dynamics within the people and the family rather than outside influences.

One thing I struggled with a little and that was the way Luc had treated Adam in the past. He’d turned against him at a time when Adam really needed him to be there for him, then he’d run out on him altogether. Although Luc has a reason for this, it still isn’t an excuse, and to be honest there were times when he was still a dick to Adam. When we were introduced to Luc I was ready to invest and to like his character, but as the book progressed I lost some of that and my sympathies lay squarely with Adam. I’m not saying that’s a flaw in the story, in fact it adds more to the appeal and the sense of honesty within the characters.

The only criticism I can make of the book as a whole is that it could feel a little stiff and/or preachy at times, especially when Luc was talking to Adam. Nothing significant or near enough to pull me out of the story, but notable.

The secondary characters were almost as well drawn as the two main characters. I loved Adam and Luc’s parents. They were so warm and loving but there were enough hints with regard to their personalities, especially grumpy Ken, to make their reactions at the end, both good and bad, feel natural and not forced, as were the boys’ reactions.

I took to Mason straight away, which is just as well as I went on to read his story in book two, and I would love, love, love to go for a drink with Luc’s boss.

All in all this was the kind of book that is perfect for a holiday, or curling up on a cold dark day with a snuggly blanket and glass of wine. It’s definitely not fluff. There’s enough sex to spice things up, enough tension to keep you awake and interested and enough humour to make you smile. There are plenty of feels along the way.

I highly recommend this book.

A Dance For You

This is the story of Mason, to whom we were introduced in A Dance for Two. It’s not necessary to have read the previous book to enjoy this one as there are only brief mentions of events and people from Book One. Adam appears, but only in the same capacity as Mason had in his story.

Whereas A Dance for Two is set in a ballet school, A Dance for You is set in a ballet company. Again, we are given a flavour of what it’s like to be the new person in a ballet company. There is some resistance and a jealous bully, but mostly there’s hard work and commitment. There are tantalizing glimpses of technical work and a much broader brush of the richness of being a dancer in classical ballet. It doesn’t hurt that they’re staging A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is by far my favourite Shakespeare play. Also, Mason is playing Puck, my favourite character.

Mason is everything I love in a character – young, pretty, bouncy, talented, full of life but also of doubts. He tends to overthink everything, which is something I’m very familiar with.

David is very different. He’s twice Mason’s age, so has twice his experience. He’s a much calmer and more grounded character and I liked him very much. He’s the perfect foil for Mason’s ceaseless energy.

Due to the fact David is the choreographer of the ballet, and technically Mason’s boss, and given 
Mason is the new guy, they decide to keep the relationship low key and that is far more difficult for Mason than David. I love that David is very understanding and empathetic regarding this.

As well as all the lovely details about the ballet company, this book has the added depth that David is a Dom and very much wants Mason to be his sub. Mason has no idea about any aspect of BDSM and David leads him into it gently. It’s great to see their trust and love grow naturally and organically. Nothing feels forced about the character development or the relationship development, although I have to say there were times where the narrative lapsed into exposition and preachiness. Again, it wasn’t something I think detracts too much from the story and certainly not jarring enough to pull me out of it, but it was there and it was noticeable.

In this book, there was a bit of a villain and I do so love to have someone to hate.

This one is a bit spicier than the first book, with the added BDSM element, although it’s very light. 

Again, it’s a good book to read on holiday, or when cosied up by the fire. A gentle unfolding of a jolly good yarn with enough sex to spice it and enough drama to keep it interesting, while still being well grounded and honest.

I would highly recommend this book.

About The Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairy tale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

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