Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Both Of Us

Another Wednesday, another installment of 'Angel'. For those of you who've been wondering when Pasha was going to wake up and smell the coffee... sniff the air, baby :)

The prompt I used this time was If I were you, I'd....

“What do you mean ‘I’m yours’?” Pasha snapped. “Don’t be ridiculous. We’ve got some freaky bond and we need to work out some way to break it. I….”
“I don’t think we can,” the Angel said miserably. “I think if we try we will hurt each other.”
“But we have to try,” Pasha said in desperation. I can’t… react every time you think…. Shit, I feel you.”
“And I you. Why do you fight so hard to deny it? I know you desire me. You thrust the feelings on me then deny you have them. Why do you keep denying it?”
“I don’t desire you,” Pasha said, but with less conviction than before. “I can’t. I’m not gay.”
“You’ve said that before. I don’t understand what you mean.”
“Gay means…. It means a man who loves another man.”
“You love your brother,” the angel said carefully.
“Not love like that. Like… have sex with.” Pasha felt the heat rise and his cheeks burned. The angel didn’t seem to notice,  although Pasha didn’t miss it when he rubbed his fingers absently over his own cheek.
“Is that a bad thing? Is it bad…being…gay?”
“No, not bad. It’s just I’m not.”
“Oh. But….”
“Let it drop, okay,” Pasha snapped and the angel winced. Pasha held up his hands. “Sorry. I’m sorry. Look, we need to work this out, and soon before one of us gets hurt.”
“One of us did,” the angel said bleakly.
“Yeah. I’m sorry about that. Does your head hurt?” he asked, his mood softening considerably.
“Let me see.”
Pasha helped the angel sit up and examined the place, on the back of his head, where his golden hair was sticky with blood. When he touched it the angel winced and moaned and his hand came away with fresh blood. There was a fair amount on the towel, too.
“You’re still bleeding,” Pasha said, feeling concerned and guilty together. “I’ll get Anna to—.”
He made to get up but the angel’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. “Don’t go,” he said softly in his sweet voice.
“I…. Alright, but we need to do something to stop the bleeding.”
“It will stop. It hurts when you touch it. Don’t do it anymore. My… My head hurts inside too and it’s making me feel strange in my stomach.”
“Okay, well…. You should rest. If you move around too much you’ll be sick.”
“Sit with me.” The angel took Pasha’s hand and laid it against his cheek. Pasha felt a familiar stirring in his gut and thought he should pull his hand away. The problem was, it felt…nice.
Pasha shifted his position to make himself more comfortable and the angel let go of his hand. He reached out to touch Pasha’s hair. “You have pretty hair,” he murmured. “Soft.”
“It’s not as pretty as yours.” Pasha touched it. “It looks like real gold.”
“It is,” the angel said in a matter-of-fact way.
“Oh. It doesn’t feel like gold. It’s soft.”
“Yes.” The angel smiled and closed his eyes. “That feels good. Don’t stop.”
Pasha didn’t want to stop. He found he was enjoying himself, letting the golden locks slide through his fingers. The angel sighed again and his soft moan was echoed by the sound that slipped from Pasha’s throat.
“Who’s doing it this time?” Pasha asked, with an uneasy laugh.
“Both of us,” the angel said softly, opening his eyes.
Pasha wondered why he hadn’t noticed how beautiful they were. They were so big and so blue and so…. He had a strange sensation, as if he was falling into them.
“You are beautiful, Pasha,” the angel whispered.
“So are you.”
The smile the angel gave him was as sexy as any smile Pasha had ever seen. He found himself leaning forward and brushing his lips over the angel’s
“Mmm,” the angel hummed and wrapped his arms around Pasha, drawing him closer. There was one brief moment when Pasha felt he should say something, let the angel know he really didn’t desire him and this was…was just…. But the words were lost in the kiss and by the time the kiss ended he didn’t want to say them anymore.
When Anna and Lukas returned they found them both sitting on the sofa. The angel’s head was on a pillow in Pasha’s lap and was gazing up at him with an adoring look on his face. Pasha had the same expression on his and was gently stroking the angel’s hair and face. He looked up when he heard them and smiled.
“I take it you two have worked some things out,” Anna said, with a smile.
“Some things,” Pasha said. “We’re still no closer to understanding this bond, whatever it is.”
“But you’re not fighting it anymore. I think that’s quite a lot of progress, don’t you?” she said.
Pasha thought about it and nodded. “Oh yes,” he said.
“So what? Are you two…um…friendly now?” Lukas asked, unable to meet Pasha’s eyes.
“Oh, definitely friendly,” Pasha said in a loaded voice, gazing at the angel then he raised his eyes back to his brother. “Is that a problem?”
“A problem?” Lukas sounded mystified. “What do you mean a problem?”
“You know what I mean.” There was a hardness to his voice that made the angel frown.
Lukas shook his head, confused, then his eyes widened. “I thought you knew me better than that, Pasha,” he said, sounding disappointed. Pasha nodded.
“How are you feeling?” Anna asked the angel gently. “Do you have a headache?”
“I think so,” The angel said.
“If I were you I’d take him upstairs?” She said to Pasha. I think both of you could do with a nap. Don’t forget,” she said with some severity in her voice, “the angel was battered in the accident too.”
“Oh,” Pasha said, feeling guilty that he’d forgotten.
The angel gave a little gasp and touched Pasha’s face. “Don’t feel like that,” he said and it made Pasha smile.

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  1. I am really loving this story. I look for it every
    Wednesday. I just wish the chapters were longer.

    1. Thank you. I'm so glad you like the story. I have to cut down the chapters every week :)

  2. Yay! Another Angel chapter! :D

    I looked for it this morning after I read M's and Cia's. I was disappointed to find it wasn't up yet. Now I finally got to read it, and I have to say, it was well worth the wait. :) I LOVE this story.

    1. Awww. I'm really glad you like my story. Angel and Pasha will be delighted to hear it :)

      Next week the angel snd Pasha find themselves in bed together. Now what ARE they going to find to do in bed together.

  3. Oh! That last bit where the angel tells Pasha not to feel that way... that was sweet!

  4. Thank you. The angel is sweet, to the point of rotting your teeth. There's more sweetness to come I'm afraid. But make the most of it because after that there's...well... let's say it won't be as sweet. :)