Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Uzzi'el's Awakening

Here we are at another Wednesday Flash. This week is special because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I was tempted to leave the angel aside for a week and write a birthday related story but I'm getting more and more curious about what's going on and I want to see Uzzi'el come into his own so I had to write more about him

This week's chosen prompt was.... The night was deadly quiet.

Gabri’el dragged Uzzi’el off the bed and into a rough embrace. “Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been about you? Micha’el  is everywhere and our people are getting killed. We have to end this and we have to do it soon.  We need you, my love. I need you. “
Pasha cringed at the tone in his voice and the sheer charisma that emanated from him in waves. This man was everything he was not—beautiful, powerful, charismatic and supremely confident. And he seemed to like Uzzi’el…a lot.
Gabri’el suddenly realized that Uzzi’el wasn’t responding to his affection and, in fact, seemed to be terrified by it. He was passive but trembling. Gabri’el moved him back so he could look into his face. “What’s wrong, little flower? Fierro was spouting some crazy tale that you’d been hurt and didn’t know who you are, but you look good to me.” He smiled. “You always look good to me.”
“Please…” Uzzi’el said, trying to pull away. “Please don’t hurt me. Please let me go.”
“Hurt you? I would never hurt you, little flower. You’re too precious to me.” Gabri’el frowned deeply and released Uzzi’el, who scrambled back and stared at Pasha, terror reflected in his blue eyes.
“Help me, Pasha,” he said in a voice that shook so much it was barely audible. The words and the tone tore at Pasha’s heart and he leaped off the bed to encircle Uzzi’el with his arms.
“Leave him alone,” Pasha ground out, standing tall even though his heart was thudding painfully in his chest.
Gabri’el froze and stared at them. He shook his head. “What happened?” he said quietly. The strength and charisma were still there but there was a hesitancy now.
“I…fell,” Uzzi’el whispered.
“We all fell, Uzzi’el, you know that.”
Gabri’el sighed . “The phoenix was right then. You don’t remember me.”
“I don’t remember anything.”
“You knew my name. When I walked in, you knew me.”
“I thought… For a minute, I thought I did.”
Uzzi’el cringed back as Gabri’el moved forward and touched his hair.  “This is killing me, little flower. To see you so…weak.”
“He’s doing his best,” Pasha said angrily. He was sick and tired of people criticizing Uzzi’el for something he couldn’t help.
“You’ve no idea what his best is, human,” Gabri’el said, turning his burning eyes on Pasha. Pasha did his best to stand tall but the truth was Gabri’el terrified him. “You think you know him? Think again. This is not Uzzi’el. Uzzi’el is a fearless, a powerful warrior, a strong leader and….” He smiled a gently smile and stroked Uzzi’el’s hair. “A wonderful lover,” he said softly.  His eyes met Uzzi’el’s and slowly Uzzi’el turned to face him.
Although Pasha tried hard to hold on to him, Uzzi’el  broke out of his arms and moved towards Gabri’el as if in a trance.
“Stop it. Leave him alone.”
“Keep out of this, human.”
“Don call me that.”
“Is it untrue?”
“No, but….”
“Then stop complaining, human.”
All the time he spoke Gabri’el kept his eyes on Uzzi’el who was completely quiescent in his arms, staring at him.
A scream from downstairs shocked Pasha out of his terrified stasis. “Anna.” He was torn. Should he rescue his sister in law, or…. Gabri’el seemed unconcerned so Pasha deduced it was unlikely they were being attacked by an enemy, therefore the likelihood was Anna was being restrained by one of Gabri’el’s people and was  safe enough, at least for now. Uzzi’el on the other hand….
“I’ve missed you, little flower,” Gabri’el said, lowering his head to brush Uzzi’el’s lips with his own. “Have you missed me?”
Uzzi’el didn’t respond, but simply stood, staring at Gabri’el with empty eyes.
“Leave him alone,” Pasha said, trying to keep the shake out of his voice. “Can’t you see he doesn’t want you?”
“That’s not true, human. He doesn’t remember me, that’s all.”
“He doesn’t want you. He wants me.”
Gabri’el looked up, his burning black eyes boring through him and making him want to run screaming. However, even though part of his mind was screaming at him What the hell do you think you’re doing? He’s a fucking archangel. You can’t win against him. He’s going to turn you into ash another part was saying. That’s your man, your mate and you are not going to let him go.
“If that wasn’t so amusing I would turn you to ash, human, for daring to suggest   you have a claim over my man.”
“He…he’s not yours; he’s mine. He’s my mate.”
For a moment the world paused. The night was deadly quiet and there was no more sound from downstairs. Pasha could hear the sound of his heartbeat loud in the silence. Then Gabri’el laughed and it wasn’t a pleasant one. “Mate? Yours? Ridiculous human. Take care. You’re walking on thin ice. If you displease me too much I’ll turn you to dust where you stand.”
“If you do Uzzi’el will hate you for it.” Pasha had no idea where that came from but there was something, a spark deep inside that told him he was safe, that as long a Uzzi’el lived and was close by, he was safe from everything.
“You bore me, human.” Gabri’el waved his hand and Pasha felt as if he’d been punched in the chest. He flew backwards and crashed against the bedside table which splintered under him. His world was white, as if a veil had been raised in front of his eyes, and he was bitterly cold. He was so cold he could barely breathe, every breath drawing shards of ice into his lungs. And then it stopped. Blinking, he looked up to find Gabri’el staring in shock at Uzzi’el whose fingers, around his wrist, were glittering with blue sparks.
“Touch my mate again and I’ll tear off your arm,” Uzzi’el said in a cold, clear voice. Both Pasha and Gabri’el stared at him in shock and awe.

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  1. Replies
    1. I guess he did :) Question is... was it an automatic response to Pasha's attack... or does he remember something? I have no idea until I write next week's story :)

  2. I'm pretty sure Gabriel is a lying sack of... well, you know. Very interesting how Uzzi'el came to Pasha's defense in that way!

  3. Brave human - standing up to such a power being.

    1. I think those power beings might do well to remember things done in the name of love :)

  4. Great chapter. I love that he stood up for his mate even though he knew how powerful Gabriel was.

    1. Gabri'el is powerful but the power of love is even stronger. How many times have you heard someone say... I'd die for you? How many of them mean it?

      Thank you for your comment

  5. The insecurities and lack of brash expectation are what set Pasha apart. I like the contrast to the 'angel' and the way Uzzi'el changes.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Pasha is a seething mass of insecurities wrapped up in a HUGE amount of pure love which is the strongest power there is. Oh, Uzzi'el changes alright. You wait until next time

  6. happy Birthday! ;-)
    Now, go and write more about Uzzi'el and Gabriel and Pasha! Hehehe First, I was surprised by Gabriel's affection for Uzzi'el at first and then the blue sparks at the end!

    It's starting to look like it's going to be the world against Pasha and Uzzi'el... can't wait for more!