Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In The Arms Of An Angel - Where Is He?

Here we go, and another Wednesday comes around. I put up the Christmas decorations yesterday and I'll sitting here with a hot water bottle on my back and the prospect of a day working in a hell hole before me. But, when I return, I will some glorious stories to read and the excitement of wondering if anyone has been kind enough to leave a comment on mine.

So this week I chose a picture prompt, although of course they're never prompts to me, I just find a way to fit them in afterwards :p

Darkness enfolded him. Deep darkness. The kind of darkness that breathes. Every now and again there were voices, snippets of conversation, bright pulses of light, pain, screams, the smell of burning, the touch silk, of flesh, of metal. But it always came back to the darkness. The thick, black, breathing darkness.
“Dammit Uzzi’el, will you please wake up.” Should he open his eyes? Part of him said he should and part of him didn’t have the energy to care. “Right. You asked for it.” There was a sudden brilliant flash of light that sent intense pain into his head and he screamed.
He became aware of someone, something close by. They were cursing and clucking, expletives spilling out in a torrent, accompanied by squawks and a clicking sound.
“Open your goddamn eyes, you lazy son of a bitch. I can’t believe you made me do that. You know I hate it when I have to do that. My feathers are singed. The least you could do is say thank you.”
“Who else, you stupid lump of stupid angel? Get your arse off that bed right now. You’ve a total disaster to stop.”
“What? What do you…?” Uzzi’el opened his eyes and looked around. He seemed to be in his own bed in his own room. He blinked again, his head still sore from the flash of light. “What was that?” he asked, rubbing his temple.
“I’m a phoenix, use your imagination,” Fierro snapped. “Now get up. Gabri’el’s about to make a monumental mistake.”
“Gabri’el? What do you mean?”
“Think about it. What’s the last thing you remember?”
“What do you mean?”
“Just think.”
Uzzi’el thought. “I was in a meeting with Gabri’el. We were talking about… about….” He sat up suddenly, almost knocking Fierro off his perch on the bed post. Into a new flurry of cursing he asked. “What happened?”
“I don’t know. I wasn’t there.”
“Don’t mess with me, Fierro, this is too important. What happened? Where’s Gabri’el? Where’s Pasha?”
Fierro squawked. “I won’t mess with, you shall I? Leave  you now, shall I? Obviously you don’t want….”
“Don’t,” Uzzi’el said, firmly grasping Fierro’s beak and holding it closed. Fiero squawked and fluffed his feathers, sending tiny bolts of electricity flying everywhere. Uzzi’el ignored them. “I don’t want any of your nonsense, Fierro. I just want answers. Understand?” A series of clicks and squawks burst from the ball of feathers and electricity in his hands. “Understand?”
After a roll of the eyes and a single squawk, Uzzi’el let go of the bird who hopped out of reach and clicked his beak in a highly offended way. “Could have broken by beak. All I asked for was a simple thank you.”
“Fierro. Where. Is. Gabri’el? Where. Is. Pasha?”
“Gabri’el is about to lead your army into war. He’s persuaded the generals it would be a good idea to mount an all out attack on Micha’el.”
“What? Is he crazy? Does he know what he’s doing?”
“Seems to.”
“But… why… why hasn’t anyone run this by me?”
“Because Gabri’el has told everyone you’re ill. He told us you collapsed in the meeting and you’ve been unconscious ever since.”
“What? How long?”
“Two days.”
“Two days?! Dammit, I have to go. I have to stop him.” He slipped off the bed and staggered, almost falling. His hands flew to his head. “Goddamit, what did he do to me?”
Fierro looked uncomfortable. “What?” Uzzi’el asked. “What do you know?”
“Um… It’s not exactly what he’s doing to you.”
“What? Fierro, my head feels like someone’s unscrewed the top and vomited into it. I’m in no mood for games and riddles.”
“Okay, I’ll make this simple for you. No one is doing anything to you. They’re doing it to Pasha.”
“What? Doing what to him?”
Fierro fluffed his feathers. “How would I know? I’m able to see inside Micha’el’s camp now?”
“Micha’el? Micha’el has Pasha? But how? Gabri’el was guarding him. He….” Uzzi’el stopped, his eyes flying wide. A horrible thought was gnawing its way to the surface of his mind, spitting acid as it came. “Gabri’el. He betrayed me….betrayed Pasha. He never did post guards.”
“I’m not saying he didn’t post guards, I’m just saying they might not have been keeping somrthing out.
“No, they were keeping Pasha in. But why? Has Gabri’el betrayed us all? Is he in league with Micha’el now?”
“Hell no.”
“But….he sold us out. He handed him Pasha.”
“Yes. Think. Why?”
“Because….” Uzzi’el thought deeply, working things out as he went. “Because he knew the generals wouldn’t follow him as long as I was here to lead them. When I…. When I got lost they wouldn’t listen to him, wouldn’t accept his authority but…but, with me here and… incapacitated….” He shook his head in disbelief. “And he knew he couldn’t do anything to me directly because the healers would be able to tell.”
“Dammit, the man’s a genius,” Fierro said, his voice filled with admiration. “I…I meant in a totally evil way, of course,” he added, shrinking back from Uzzi’el’s glare.
“Where is he?”
“In the main meeting room. They’re about to….”
“Like fuck they are.”
Everyone looked up when the doors of the meeting room flew open and crashed back against the walls. Uzzi’el strode along the side of the table, hearing mutters and sounds of astonishment from the men and women sitting around it. Some of them quickly snatched up one of the fine crystal glasses, filled with golden liquid, and took a long drink. When he reached Gabri’el, who was standing, he stopped.
“Uzzi’el?” Gabri’el said warmly. “I’m so glad to see you on your feet again. Are you feeling better?” He sounded so sincere and the hypocrisy sickened Uzzi’el. Before he quite knew what he was doing, he’d drawn back his hand and hit Gabri’el so hard he knocked him right off his feet.
“Where is he?” he said in a calm, even voice and the whole room held its breath.

Oh dear, what on earth are they doing to Pasha that makes Uzzy feel like someone is vomiting in his head? Maybe we'll find out next week.... or maybe not :)

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  1. It must be nice to know who your friends are, especially when the only one you can trust is a bird.

    1. Well, no, not the ONLY one. But the other one is in the hands of the enemy at the moment so for now it's the bird :)

  2. Gabri'el has such an ego he's making critical errors. Weakening his forces by taking out a strong player is dumb, dumb, dumb, but it is the sort of thing megalomaniacs will do. :( Fierro is a good friend and at least Uzzi'el has him. I hope he helps Uzzi'el save Pasha, who is undoubtedly being subjected to something nasty. :) You do love to torture your characters, after all.

    1. I do indeed. Gabri'el has been too clever, I think and he's underestimated his control. Who knows how long Uzzy would have been out of it if not for Fierro. But no one thinks about the bird :)Gabri'el is hot headed and doesn't give a shit about humanity. It he does what he wants and goes to all out war with Micha'el, okay he might win, in fact there's a good possibility he would win, especially as it's likely a good chunk of Micha'el's army would refuse to fight brother to brother when it came to it, but it would be slaughter as far as humanity was concerned. Can you just imagine two armies of angels meeting in the skies above New York or charging through Paris, or anywhere really? That's what Uzzy is trying to avoid

  3. I am a silent blog stalker, I love to read but don't usually comment. I just wanted to tell you I love this story. It is the first one I read on Wednesday and I can't wait to see where it's going.

    1. As a fellow silent stalker I really appreciate your comment. I'm really enjoying writing this story and I'm a couple of weeks ahead. It's just flowing at the moment but not even I know where it's going.

  4. Evvvviiiiiiiiillllllllllll. :P

    Can't wait for more! :D

    1. Weeeellll, not sure that Gabri'el is actually evil. He's just totally convinced that his way is the right way and he's prepared to do anything to get his own way. He's single minded, and thoughtless, and manipulative and ruthless but is he evil? I don't know. It's humanity who would suffer most if Gabri'el got his way and to Gabri'el humans are animals.

  5. I have bird brained friends and they are not nearly as cool as Fiero. I hope they are not hurting Pasha. You know there is a difference between hurting and harming. That being said. I do believe if one little hair on Pasha is hurt that we will get to see Uzzy go all UberAngel on Gabe and his merry band of idiots. Plus the fact that I still say that Pasha is going to morph or flip out or just go all snaps in a z formation on those dummys. Anywho. I can't wait to read more! I am now off to take a pain pill for my stupid ribs and watch Vampire Diaries. MMMMM So Tasty.

    1. What have you done to your ribs? Take care of yourself girl.

      Pasha is not in a good place right now but, if it's any consolation he's not aware of what's going on. He's still switched of and, trust me, Uzzy's going to know when he switches on again. BIG TIME. And yes, Pasha is not entirely without his defences.

  6. I'm so glad he woke up! Fiero is hilarious. I can totally see him as this cranky bird sidekick on a show my kids loved when they were younger. No Uzzi'el can kick ass, find Pasha, and put a stop to all the crap! Of course it won't be that easy, but hey, we can hope, right?

  7. You can hope for whatever you want :) The next chapter is going to be fun and the one after that...."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's as far as I've gone so we'll see what happens from there.

  8. I love that little bird lol He makes me think of the parrot off of Aladdin just more badass lol

    I'm really happy he woke up Uzzi'el. Next ch. is going to be SOOOO amazingly Awesome!

    1. I see what you mean, although I don't think the parrot in Aladdin can spontaneously combust LOL. The next chapter is going to be.... interesting. Uzzy is going to be PISSED

  9. OOh I enjoyed the story. Very intriguing!


    1. Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy. I've really enjoyed writing this one.

  10. Vominting in head - oooh what an gross visual - but awesome line.

    1. Hehe, I think it was quite descriptive of what he was experiencing. It's a very strange feeling being able to experience what it's like to be drugged unconscious while you're wide awake.... well kind of wide awake.

  11. Love your characters and story line! Very original!
    A good angel story is right up there with a good vamp story. Can't wait to see Uzzy pissed and kicking ass and finally grabbing hold of the whole situation.

    I almost would rather deal and do battle against out and out 'evilness'---at least you can brace for the worst and know where you stand. But with someone like 'ole Gabe, that's a true nightmare. A very slippery and 'oily' personality who is not only ruthless but willfully ignorant and therefore you never know what you are dealing with. I bet he makes himself into a 'martyr' type since Uzzy hit him. Ughh! Hate peronalities like that!

    Love Fierro. I've always thought of phoenixes as dignified, somber, serious, just the opposite of the wiseass Fierro. (As in Harry Potter). The phoenix you have created is so refreshing. Hope we keep hearing from him to the end.

    Pasha seems like such a sweety. Can't wait to see him fight for his Angel! Maybe whoever has him has drugged him and told him Uzzy didn't really love him and that is what is contributing to the 'vomiting in his head' feeling that Pasha is 'transmitting' to Uzzy... hmmm...
    Will have to tune in next week.

    And I feel your pain about work. Been there and done that... did it too long and made myself too toxic---don't stay in a job too long that it does it too just is not worth it.

    Take care and looking forward to more wonderful characters and stories from you.
    Starnite owl

    1. Thank you for your lovely review. I adore Fierro. No idea where he came from, he just flew right in over my shoulder and started cursing :)

      Sorry there's been a delay in posting. My computer died on me and had to go to computer hospital. Will be back to usual next week

  12. I'm not trying to rush you or anything seeing as it's a busy time of the year for many of us, but we haven't heard anything from you in two weeks so I hope you're alright.

    1. I'm fine but my computer took a turn for the worse and had to go to the computer hospital. It came back wiped back to the bone and I'm struggling to find and re install everything. I will SO be back next week though. You'll never guess what Uzzy's been up to *eye roll*