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Blak Rayne

Today I'm fortunate to play host to the fabulous author Blak Rayne to talk about her book 'Older the Better' (a sentiment I agree with more and more as I approach the half century mark). She ponders the question - how far is too far, now there's a question.

How Far is Too Far?

Thank you for having me at your blog, Nephylim! It is awesome to be here! :)

I was reading my Goodreads group digest email just the other day, when I came across a woman's comment on erotic romance, how she felt, that the authors go too far at times, within regards to their description of sex scenes. So the question (article title) is in reference to explicit content within books. She didn't discriminate between genres and neither will I. I've read some YA books, where I question the author's scruples, and what exactly they were trying to achieve, aside from shock value.

I don't know about you, but for me, when it comes to sex, as an example, I find that sometimes less is more, quite literally. Whether plot driven or simply used as filler, sex scenes can be quite satisfying to read. But, then again, that depends if the scene is ingeniously well written. Can you skip the gritty detail, leaving more to the imagination, and still have a wonderful erotic tale? Sure! I think so. In fact, I believe you can have both.

As an author of erotic novels, there are instances when I find it difficult not to add the steamy parts, after all that's what the readers expect. But there is significantly more to a decent erotic story than sex. I know there are authors who would disagree, but there is a difference between PWP and PWP (porn with plot and porn without plot). LOL To set the record straight, I don't write porn, I write erotic romance, and I prefer strong characters and a well-contrived plot versus a drawn-out sex scene with nothing before and after it. *yawns and taps mouth* How boring!

So, from a reader's perspective, which is your preference...lots of sex, less sex, or a combination of both?

Now, if you said, "Blak, I love sex and it doesn't matter how much there is!" I've got to ask.... If sex isn't an issue for you, can you handle the vulgar language? What about graphic description? Do you find either of these offensive?

Personally, love isn't love when a character is raped, and it isn't particularly romantic either. I can handle some language, but if every second word is F*** this and F*** that, I tend to cringe. I think the obscenity can take away from the story. Let's put it this way, I'm not big on mobster movies, and the reason being the usage of foul language can get pretty heavy. The same applies to graphic description, some I can accept, but other things, not necessary. I've got a great imagination, so please don't spell out every gory detail for me.
How do you feel?

Happy Yaoi Hunting!

Blak Rayne

Coming Soon!

Older The Better

’The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to set them free.’

Indiscriminate sex with strangers is the only pleasure Charles has left in life. No matter how much he wants a relationship, the memories of a painful break-up during his youth won’t allow him to commit—until a friend persuades him to confront the past—to confront the man who dumped him.

Taking his friend’s advice, Charles returns home, in the hopes of rekindling the romance with the man he lost. But, his father’s religious views and the backwater community he grew up in aren’t so understanding when it comes to same-sex relationships and, to his disillusionment, neither is the man he’s returned for.

Author Bio

Blak Rayne

Being a writer and knowing my personality, a long-time friend, who has always enjoyed putting me to the test, dared me to write an erotic novel and not just any erotic novel, but one with a unique twist. I’d never written erotica before and especially a story about two men. But like a fool, I agreed.
Everyone, from friends to strangers read the story and they liked it. In the end, at their instigating, I wrote a second part to the story and now Devotion is complete. On the flip-side, I enjoyed writing the story so much I’ve decided to write more novels in the same genre.
That’s how this book came to be and as for me…I reside North of Sixty, and yes, I am a woman, wife and mother. I’ve been writing and drawing since elementary school and I love anything that involves the arts. As for family, my daughter is my toughest critic and my greatest support!

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