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Wednesday Briefs In the Arms of an Angel - Where Did You Go

We/re here at another Wednesday and another Wednesday Brief. I've been off work for Easter and today is the first day back so I'm looking forward to reading the other bloggers when I get home, something to brighten my day,

The prompt I chose this week was more of a sense of what the chapter is about, at least where it ends, than an actual image from the story so the picture is how the characters feel not how they look so to speak. You'll see :)  Told you it was getting weird.

Moving closer to each other Pasha and Uzzy joined hands, ready to unleash their power, then the angel stepped forward.
“Gabri’el,” Uzzy gasped.
Gabri’el smiled, then dropped to one knee, holding the sword, point down, in front of him. “My Lord,” he said.
“What are you doing? Get up. What’s going on?”
“The host is yours, My Lord. The Council has fallen and Eden is secured – for you.”
“What? I don’t understand.”
Gabri’el raised his head and smiled. “You gave me my life, Uzzy, and I give you Eden. I think we’re even now.”
“I still don’t understand.”
“What is there to understand? When I ascended from the field I found myself back in Eden. I went straight to the host and took command in Micha’el’s place. There was some dissention but the majority were with me, as sick of the corruption in Eden as anyone. We quickly subdued the dissenters, then turned on the Council. They didn’t have a chance against the host. There are some pockets of resistance still but we’re mopping them up quickly. Almost everyone was glad to see the Council fall, and almost everyone is happy to see you in charge of forming a new one, a just one. The people trust you, Uzzy. Between us, we can build a new world.”
Uzzy glanced at Pasha, who was utterly shocked.
“The war is over?” Pasha asked.
“It is, and you are triumphant.”
Gabriel smiled again. “You are seen as one now, a single entity almost. You’d better get used to it. When we speak of Uzzi’el we include Passa’el too.”
“So when you said, ‘between us, we can build a new world’ you meant me too?” Relief washed through him that he wouldn’t have to compete with this beautiful man for the love of his mate.
Before Gabri’el could speak Uzzy turned to him. “There is no us without you. You don’t have to worry, I’m yours and only yours, isn’t that obvious yet? You don’t have to compete with anyone. There is no one but you.”
“How did you know what I was thinking?”
“I didn’t, but I knew what you were feeling. And I know the relief you feel now. We are one, my love and always will be.”
“Oh, how touching. I have always adored pure declarations of love. They feed my soul in so many ways.”
Pasha and Uzzy spun around at the voice from behind, and felt Gabri’el rise and stand at their shoulder.
“Who are you?”
“All in good time, my dears. The important thing right now is not who I am but who you are. You’ve come a long way, but you have so much further to go before you are ready to truly lead your people. You have connections to make that have long been broken and you can’t do it as you currently are. You have the grounding but not the higher purpose.
“Pasha, you are grounded in the earth, your time among the humans giving you insights into the nature of the body and mind.
“Gabri’el, you are grounded in the heavens. Your experiences in transcending death have given you insights into the nature of the soul.
“But you, my dear Uzzi’el, are destined for more. You are the one who connects and binds, and you will do that. At present you are two but you must become three. Only then can you truly connect with the Source and become the immense force you have always been destined to be. Every step of your journey has been part of a plan that comes to fruition very soon. Your destinies have converged and now they must transcend.
“The body and soul must receive their heart, a heart that is pure and beats out the rhythm of time and space, transcending heaven and earth and reaching out into the heart of the stars where this story truly began. You’re not ready yet, Uzzi’el, not pure enough and not strong enough. You must come with me to complete your education while you true mates continue to secure this place for your return.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you.” Uzzy drew closer to Pasha and their hands locked, already glowing with the beginning of their power. Gabri’el put his hand protectively on his shoulder and all three felt a bolt of energy shoot through them, a connection that awoke places inside them they’d never been aware of. In that instant the realised that at least part of what the strange man said was true – they were one, all three of them were one. They thought with one mind, felt with one body, loved with one heart.
“Oh well done,” the man said, clapping his hands. “I’m so glad you got that resolved before you left.”
“I told you. I’m not going anywhere with you. Who the hell are you?”
“Me? I’m no one. I don’t exist, I am merely the physical manifestation of the Source, the universe, the life force, if you will.”
“You’re God?”
“Good grief, no. You are your own gods, my dears, never more so than now, and you will be more. Destiny, is a different thing, altogether. Uzzi’el will explain, when he returns.”
“I’m not going anywhere with—.”
Uzzi’el broke off as the man held out his hand. A strange fizzing sensation passed through Pasha emanating from Uzzi’el’s fingers, and then, without ever letting go of his hand, Uzzie’l walked away, down the steps, until he reached the man and took his hand. He turned and stared at Pasha, calling to him without a voice. He tried to pull away, to run back, but the man held tight and they faded to nothing.
It had all been so real, so… very real, that Pasha was about to run down the steps after them when he realised he was still holding Uzzy’s hand. He turned to look at his lover as Uzzi’el’s empty eyes rolled upwards and he collapsed at his feet.

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  1. Whetted my appetite? You've left me trying to puzzle out what just happened there! Who is that stranger with that power? They're three now... relationship wise too? What is Uzzi'el destined for?Why only him if all three of them are one? Looking forward to Wednesday to see how else you're going to torture these poor souls!

  2. unfortunately i'm not well this week so i'm not going to write this wednesday. I'll be back next week. And with regard to the story well...with angels things are often other than what they seem.

  3. A dying computer kept me from commenting last week, but now I'm caught up and even more intrigued than ever. I love the Gabriel turn. I admit some confusion about who the new speaker was, and I'm still wondering a bit about what's going on and if it's good or, you know, a new obstacle. But I trust completely it's going to be mind-blowing! :D