Friday, 24 May 2013

Spotlight on an Artist - Matthew J Levin

Matthew Levin is a sculptor, at least that's what he says. In fact he's a creator, a magical manipulator of the strange and unusual. At least that's what I think. Make up your own mind and visit his site There are some wonderful things on there. Be warned it might suck you in and transform you. You might never be the same again.

In order to whet your interest here are a selection of images from the site. For lovers of the bizarre and the beautiful

Allen Williams 'Slither'

This one is my favourite

And a  pretty amazing WIP


  1. This is definitely what you might call "stretching it a bit!" But definitely in a beautiful way! <3

    1. It was something that grabbed me the first time I saw it. the first one I saw was Dryad and it's still my favourite. Some of the other stuff on the website is amazing.