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Wednesday Briefs - Catherine's Revenge Ch 15

We're here again on another wild and windy Wednesday. Catherine's been up to her tricks again and I'm sharing them with you.  The prompt I've used this time is

"Watch me" which fitted in nicely with my plans for today

“Ash,” Emma was so choked at seeing her brother awake, she couldn’t speak.

“Where am I?” Ash whispered, his voice faint and thin. He blinked heavily and Emma was terrified he’d slip away again.

“You’re in hospital, darling. You’re very sick. Do you remember what happened?”

“She…she’s in…side me. She…cold. Cold, Emma. Dark.”

“I know sweetheart. I know you’re cold. So am I. But you’re not alone anymore. I’m here. Can you feel me? Can you feel my warmth inside you? The warmth of my love in our secret place?”


“Try to feel it, Ash. Try to find me.”


“Do you remember it, our secret place? Do you remember how to get there?”

“No,” Ash’s voice was fading and Emma turned to Tristan in utter panic.

“Can you help him? Can you help him like you helped me?”

“I can try, but he is very much more closed down.”

“All I can ask it that you try.”

Looking grim, Tristan moved around the bed to the other side and took Ash’s other hand. Ash turned his head to gaze up at him.


“A friend, Ash. He’s a friend and he’s going to help you find your way home.”


“Home to me.”

“Ash,” Tristan said, drawing his attention. “I will draw back the curtain of darkness, just for a moment. You will not have much time. You must find the door in your heart where your sister is sealed away from the evil that assails you. You must open the door. Do not fear for her as she is already sharing your pain. Find her and let her in. Only then can you find the strength to fight Catherine.”

At the mention of Catherine’s name Ash shuddered deeply, but he nodded silently. Tristan echoed the nod, and gazed deeply into Ash’s eyes. Emma remembered the light that had flowed through her when Tristan did that to her and might have imagined that Ash’s hand warmed slightly in her grasp.

Ash whimpered and squirmed, but did not break eye contact. The darkness within Emma, which had been sluggish and thick, swirled angrily and her heart thudded, slow and heavy in her chest.

Ash’s whimpers turned to moans, and his body arched off the bed, but still he did not break eye contact.

Tristan began to sweat, an expression of distress on his face, but he held on tight and continued to pour his energy into Ash.

The pain in Emma’s chest increased, as she fought to keep the door open against the dark energy that fought to close it. Despite the pain and fear, she held on. She held on with all her might.

Suddenly, Ash screamed and arched so far off the bed his spine creaked. Moments later, he collapsed and lay still. However, in the moments between something had radically changed. For one thing, Emma was suffused with a familiar warmth. For another Ash’s had had grown warm in hers.

When she looked down into his face, there was a faint flush in his cheeks and, although his eyes were closed, she knew he was no longer lost.

“Ash,” she said quietly and he opened his eyes and smiled at her.”

“I found you,” he said, his voice stronger.

Letting go of his hand Emma threw her arms around her brother, and he held her too. They clung to each other as they always had.

“Do not be complacent,” Tristan warned. “She will feel that you are fighting her, and she will come.”

“You know me so well, my dear,” a voice said, and Emma straightened sharply to face the misty shape in the corner of the room. Beside her, Ash struggled to sit upright.

“I applaud you,” Catherine said, growing more solid by the moment. “You have fought me better than any other. I have never had the pleasure of twins before and it is more of a challenge than I thought. But do not think you have won. I have never taken a woman and wish indeed that I had for your energy is sweet. It enlivens me as no other. Thank you, Emma.”

“Then it ends here. If you take me, I won’t have children and there will be no more Loughbridge men for you to torment and murder.”

Catherine looked shaken for a moment, then she smiled. “Then so be it. As my last meal I shall make this the best.”

A sharp pain shot through Emma, making her cry out, and beside her, Ash cried out, too, the anguish so deep it cut through Emma even more sharply than Catherine’s attack. But he rallied, and he was the one who sent the surge of energy through their link that cleared her mind and gave her the strength to fight. Their hands clutched each other, symbolic of the link that joined them within. Gradually, the fought back the pain, pushing the darkness away from their hearts, clearing the link, opening the doors.”

“No,” Catherine screamed. “You will not escape me.”

“Watch me,” Emma hissed

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Wednesday Briefs


  1. Oh please make Catherine suffer as she has made so many others suffer.

  2. Kathy said what I wanted to say. Still loving this and all caught up again.