Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesday Briefs - Here Be Dragons

For the second time, I looked at the picture prompts and thought - wouldn't it be fun to do a story incorporating all of these. So I did. Hope you enjoy

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for the exhibition. I tried my best to get away, but it’s my last day at work before our holiday, and everyone wanted a piece of me. You’d swear I was abandoning them for good, not four weeks.”
“They’ll manage fine without you,” Ven said, pressing full length against Avon. “Have I told you how sexy you look in your suit?”
“Frequently. And have I told you how sexy you look in your birthday suit?”
“Frequently, but you’re going to have to wait.”
“How unreasonable of you! I thought you art students were up for anything, any place, anywhere.”
“Pretty much, but I have my own reasons for keeping my clothes on right now. One of them is a little lady, dressed all in white, waiting patiently for us down by the sea. I won’t believe this holiday is actually happening, and I’m going to have you all to myself, until we’re waving goodbye to the shore.”
Avon bent his head to capture the lips of his beautiful young lover, and teased them with his tongue. “We’d better get going then,” he whispered, “or I swear I’m going to tear those pants off you right here and now. You know I’m not joking.”
A shiver ran through the slender young man, and Ven gasped. “I know.”
Avon ran his hands over Ven’s buttocks and Ven shuddered again, but when Avon tried to slip his hand down between his legs, Ven danced away, laughing.
“Later, mon cher,” he said, grinning. “Race you to the car.”
 An hour and a half later, they were watching the shoreline disappear from the deck of Avon’s yacht, the Isabella.  Avon draped his arms around the slender shoulders of his young lover and pulled him close.  A steady breeze lifted Ven’s golden hair and fanned it out behind him.
“It’s beautiful,” Ven breathed, but Avon had no eyes for the lights of the town, or the glorious golden–orange sunset over the sea. All he could see was a beautiful face atop a lithe, athletic body, and all he wanted to do was see those glorious green eyes flutter as he pumped into the taut body, watching it writhe, and hearing the delicious moans and whimpers before he made Ven scream his name.
“It’s getting chilly. We should go downstairs.”
“We need to make harbour first. We can’t let Isabella sail herself while we…” Ven blushed, still unable to say the words aloud, even after a year with Avon.
“Fuck our brains out?” Avon said, and Ven’s blush deepened.
Avon tightened his arm around Ven’s shoulders and hugged him close to his side as Isabelle bounced across a choppy ocean, exhilarating them with the crisp salt breeze and glowing sunset.
Within half an hour, they made anchor in a quiet cove, and Avon followed Ven, who’d preceded him downstairs some minutes before. He was surprised to hear the sound of hammering as he slipped down the steps.
“What the heck are you doing?”
“Putting up a chart.”
“Hammering it to the wall?”
“No, not really. I just couldn’t press the pins in so I improvised.”
“Shouldn’t the charts be up front?”
“Not this one. I made this one.”
“Oh, you clever boy.”
The map was beautiful, delicately drawn and inked, with their planned route marked with a chain of tiny yachts. Mermaids chased sea monsters around the edge.
“What does it say?” Avon peered closer at a row of beautifully rendered curl of writing. Here be dragons? That’s right about where we are now. Are you expecting us to get eaten by sea monsters tonight?”
“Quite the opposite,” Ven said, his voice brimming with laughter. “I’m hoping it’s the monster who’ll get eaten.”
“Only if you’re the monster.” Avon’s body tightened as he drew Ven close and kissed him, but Ven disappointed him by pulling out of his arms.
“I prepared a special meal for our anniversary. It just needs to be heated. It’s turkey. I caught and plucked it myself. It surrendered willingly to death, honoured to be sacrificed to our love.”
Avon snorted. “Can we have dessert first, and dinner later?”
“If we have dessert now, we won’t eat dinner, because we’ll fall asleep straight after and be eating turkey for breakfast.”
“The turkey can wait. I can’t.”
“Show some restraint man. You’re the high-powered lawyer, remember, and I’m the flaky art student.”
Avon laughed. “That might be true, but this high powered lawyer is routinely turned into a needy, desperate mess by this beautiful, sexy, but flaky artist.”
“Art student.”
“Artist. You know my opinion on that.”
“I know your opinion on everything,” Ven teased lightly, his eyes dancing as they always did. It was that light which had first attracted Avon—was it really only a year ago?
“Oh, alright, you’ve talked me into it. Go get undressed. I have something to take care of.”
Avon quirked an eyebrow. It was all he had to do. Ven laughed. “It’s your anniversary present.”
“I don’t need a present. You’re present enough.”
“Trust me, you’ll want this one. I had it specially made just for you. It was part of my exhibition.”
Eagerly, Avon hurried into their small bedroom and quickly stripped off his clothes. Lying on the bed, with his hands behind his head, he relaxed into Isabella’s gentle bobbing and let his mind wander back over the last year, which had been one of the best of his life.
He was brought abruptly back to the present when the door opened and Ven stood there, in all his naked glory, a magazine held loosely in front of his genitals.
“Are you my present?” Avon breathed. “I approve your choice.”
“Not exactly,” Ven said, a broad grin spreading across his face. “Here be dragons,” he said, and dropped the magazine. “How do you feel about eating a sea monster?”

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