Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cover Reveal - Hostage

Two years ago this very month, I was so happy to reveal the cover to my very first Young Adult novel. Published by Featherweight Press, it remains one of my very favourite stories. This is the post I wrote:-

I'm really excited to have finally seen the cover of my first true YA book.

Due to be published very shortly by Featherweight Press, The Face in the Window is about two damaged boys struggling to find their own identities and deal with their first real love affair.

Arthur Charles Edward Richmond (Ace) is blind, but his only major disability is his over protective parents. Essentially, he has spent half his life locked in an attic because of his blindness and a certain amount of embarassment on his parents' part due to his blindness and the fact he is albino with not even his eyes holding any colour other than a ring of palest lilac.

Abused by his brothers and able to be himself only when away at school, the normally gregarious Ace is struggling with his isolation.

And then, one day, a stranger knocks on his door.

Haze has been watching Ace in the window of his attic room for some time and is getting fed up of not being acknowledged when he waves. After having been threatened by Ace's brother Logan for asking about Ace at school, Haze determines to find out about he mysterious Ace all by himself.

What results is a friendship that very quickly turns into something altogether different. What Ace doesn't know is that Haze is carrying his own disability. Ever since Haze lost his first boyfriend to a group of homophobic youths, Haze has been plagues with an uncontrollable rage that comes from nowhere and leaves everyone around him struggling with fallout.

As Ace's brother Logan goes further and further with his attempt to break up the couple, Haze struggles with 'the rage' which eventually bursts free with catastrophic consequences.

Ace and Haze are, in many ways an odd couple. An ordinary boy and a blind albino who likes to do cartwheels on the beach. However, they have so much more to offer each other than is evident on the surface and if they're lucky they might just be able to save each other.


Since that time there have been three other Young Adult / New Adult books  - 

Memories of Forgotten Love, also with Featherweight Press

Draven's Gate from Cool Dudes Publishing

Ari from Wayward Ink Press 

And now, I'm on the verge or releasing my fourth book which is solidly Young Adult. Harmony Ink have produced some amazing visuals for a stunning cover and I'm very proud to introduce you to the cover of Hostage which will be released by Dreamspinner Press on 17th September.

It is available for pre order Dreamspinner Press

I hope you agree with me that the cover is absolutely amazing.

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