Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wednesday Briefs Demon Chapter Fifteen

Here comes another Wednesday. It's cold and fine and I have a day of writing stuff ahead. I should be feeling on top of the world, but I have to admit to being somewhat demorlized at the moment. When book sales are in single figures it's hard to feel like a writer, and hard to feel positive about the future.

Anyway.... The prompt I chose was "I am yours to command, my Lord"

Too many things are happening too fast. My mind struggles to comprehend. Can it be only hours ago I trotted at Jandra’s heels to see a monster? Instead I found an angel. Swept up in the heady wonder of our bonding, I have not had time to stop and think what this actually means for me. How could I have thought that Tian would simply slot into my life with no change? Truthfully. I hadn’t thought at all. I was truly swept off my feet.

Now, with father summoning the ministers and an engagement to be pronounced my whole life is turning on its head, and I feel out of control.

I need to stop for a moment, and just be, just hold him and feel his arms around me. I know it’s foolish but my heart hurts that he is to announce his official engagement to Jandra and not me. She will walk out with him on her arm. Perhaps they will kiss – of course they will; it will be expected of them. I will have to watch. I will have to walk behind them and smile while my sister rests her head on my lover’s shoulder.

I’m so angry with myself. I know I’m mean–minded and selfish but I can’t help it. Now I’ve found Tian, I want him to myself. And it isn’t just selfishness, truly it isn’t, it’s anger too; anger and embarrassment that my people are so closed minded they cannot accept our love and have to be lied to in the first place.

Tian kisses my hair and the tension flows from my body, leaving me to melt against him. The last of my frustration drifts from me in a sigh.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I’m such a selfish child. I know the way it works. I should never have imagined it would work out the way I want it, just because I want it.”

“It will, my love,” Tian whispers in return. “All it needs is time. Your people will grow, and soon you will come to my home and be welcomed by all in your rightful place at my side.”

I tilt up my head to look at Tian. He is so proud, so beautiful. “Can we do that? Can we be true to ourselves when we are there? Would not word get back and spoil father’s plan?”
Tian smiles. “Do you see many of my people on the streets of your city? Do you think that will change anytime soon?”

“No, I suppose not. I’m sorry.”

Tian bends his beautiful head and kisses me and it doesn’t take long to forget what I was apologizing for.

“I would never ask of you something that hurts your heart. I could not bear to be responsible for that hurt, but I truly believe this is for the best. If your people take against me from the start we will have no chance of ever being openly together. Your father is right. If they are able to accept my relationship with your sister and engage with my people, then they will be more likely to accept us. I would not want to estrange you from your own people.”

“I don’t care. I would go anywhere, do anything to be with you. I love you. That’s all that matter, all I care about.”

“For now, perhaps, but you would regret it in the end.” Tian cups my chin and tilts up my face to gaze into my eyes. “I don’t want to pretend to court your sister. She does not command my heart, and never will. You do. You. I am yours to command, my Lord, and if you command me to walk into the heart of your land and announce my eternal love for you, I will.”

“They’d probably kill you.”

“I don’t care. If my life is what it takes to make you happy, I am happy to surrender it.”

“Truly? You would die for me?”

“In a heartbeat.”

Tian’s love flows like golden sunshine into my heart and nothing else matters.

“When things get hard for you,” Tian murmurs, his hands sliding down my sides, “look into my eyes, and you will see stars. Those are for you. Only for you. The heat of my love will burn as hot and bright as any star that hangs in the night sky. I love you, my prince. Only you. Always.”

“I love you too,” I breathe and sway against him. Tian’s hands cup my buttocks and pulls me closer still, as his lips and tongue take possession of my mouth. I feel his hardness through our clothes and moan as my body tightens in response. Tian rolls his hips and my mind unravels as I cling to him and whimper, grinding against him, wanting more, more, more.

Tian pulls away and leaves me gasping. “I think perhaps we should wait,” he says. His voice is calm, but his face is flushed, his eyes over bright.

“Or...we could slip away to my chambers and––”

Tian laughs his wonderful, warm, rich laugh and kisses me lightly. “I think your father might not be best pleased were he to announce your engagement to you sister and seek to introduce me to his advisors, only to find I have run off with you. That would ruin what we are trying to achieve.”

I can’t help but see his point, but neither can I help the keen disappointment that threatens to overwhelm me. With a sigh I let him go and turn away.

“Do not turn from me, I beg you.”

“If I don’t then my father’s advisors will see something that could far more easily ruin what we are trying to achieve.”

Tian chuckles, and his hands fall warm and heavy on my shoulders.

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