Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Briefs: Demon Chapter 20

So, better late than never, I hope. Here is the most recent installment of Demon, which I hope you will enjoy. We left our friends enjoying themselves very much. Let's hope they continue to do so.
The prompt I chose this weeks actually influenced the direction of the story for a change

Making love to my prince feels like completion. I do not experience the wild energies as I did before but believe that was an effect of the bonding process and not likely to be repeated. I am not sorry and I must admit to a previous unease that the energies would persist and become too much for Castien. My prince is strong in so many ways but he is delicate and will need careful handling. That, I can do.
Castien’s body rises, arching beneath me, and his moans fall softly from his lips. He is beautiful like this – lost in wild abandon, his hair in disarray and his lips swollen from my kisses. His sweat mingles with mine, a slick lubricant allowing our bodies to slide over each other creating friction and heightening my desire.
The moment I take my prince, sliding into his body as if fitting the last piece into a puzzle, I feel more complete than I ever have and I know deep within this is the final act that will cement our bonding. Where before wild energies all but stole my mind, this time peace fills me in a healing wave and even as I ride the tides of passion it centres me.
Castien gasps and throws his head from side to side. His long nails tear at my back but the pain only serves to heighten my pleasure. I thrust deeper and my prince whimpers. He opens his eyes and gazes at me, his pupils so wide I can see forever within.
“I love you, Tian,” he whispers.
“I love you too.”
My next thrust has him throwing back his head and arching so I almost feel that I am riding a thoroughbred stallion or one of the sleek, black cats my people breed for stealth. His body is trembling and his breath comes in gasps. Oh how beautiful is his abandon.
My climax tightens my balls, but I hold out as hard as I can. I wish to share the moment with Castien and I think he, too is close to release.
“Oh Great Mother,” Castien cries, then screams my name as he comes. I let my head fall back and howl as I join him.
“Oh Goddess, my Tien,” Castien pants when we lie together, our bodies tangled. “Never have I felt so complete. Even though you take me as a woman, I have never been more of a man.”
Brushing golden tangles from his face I have to agree with him. “I never have and never will take you as a woman. You are every inch a man, my beautiful prince.” His smile strikes me like a beam of sunlight.
“You are the beautiful one,” he breathes.
Our tender moment is broken by a hammering on the chamber door. The heavy door is thrown back and footsteps ring across the floor. We barely have time to cover our bodies before the bedroom door is thrown wide and the king enters. If he is surprised to see his son in the aftermath of lovemaking he hides it well.
“Get dressed,” the king barks. “The Council has returned and they are in favour of your proposal. We must to the Council chamber with haste so details may be discussed and the trip planned. We cannot waste a moment.”
“Yes, your majesty.”
“Castien, your mother awaits your pleasure in the sola. She requests you join her in a game of chess.”
“No. I’m going with Tian.”
“Remember Tian is for all intents your sister’s intended. It would be impossible to explain why you are at his side when you have never taken part in Council meetings before.”
“Only because you won’t let me.”
“You have never had sufficient interest to warrant it. You will go to your mother. Tian, make haste. I will leave guards at the door who will escort you to the chamber room – and to accompany you to the sola,” he adds grimly, no doubt aware that my prince’s rebellious spark has been kindled.
Castien begins to complain, but his father ignores him. The king simply turns and sweeps away.
Castien leaps out of bed, as I do, and hurries to dress. “I’m coming with you,” he says, the spark of rebellion clear in his eyes.
“Your father is right.” It hurts me to say those words, and see disappointment and betrayal in my prince’s eyes. “Do you trust me?”
Castien turns away. I grab his arm and force him to look at me. “Do you trust me?”
Still mutinous, Castien turns his head away. I force his chin up and his eyes finally meet mine. “Do you trust me?”
Casten sighs, recognising defeat when it comes. “I trust you.”
“Then trust that I do not see you wrong in this. I will explain later. I promise.”
“You had better,” Castien warns with a dark look. It makes me want to laugh, but I suppress it for Castien’s sake.
I escort Castien to the sola where not only his mother but his sister await him. They are playing a game on a chequered board. The pieces are strange and it seems almost as if they are fighting a battle with them.
“Are you not going to the meeting?” Castien asks Jandra, a bitter edge to his voice.
“You know as well as I,” she responds lightly, “that women are not allowed in the Council Chamber.”
“Is that why I am not permitted to attend? Because I am seen as a woman – soft and clueless with no head for matters of state?”
Jandra snorts. “Is that how you see me?”
“No, but you are not a man.”
“And that makes a difference?”
“No but….”
“My brother can be tiresome when his sensibilities are irked,” Jandra says to me. “Needs must that you hurry to the Council Chamber. Fear not, I will take care of Castien’s tantrums.”
With the sound of Castien’s denouncements ringing in my ears, I turn and hurry from the chamber.

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