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Lime & Tangerine by Kevin Caucher

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Title: Lime and Tangerine
Author: Kevin Caucher
Genre: Gay Romance, Science Fiction
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


The post-apocalyptic world has changed. Colors have changed.
The skies are now red, and the seas fandango pink.
There are those who’ve acquired skills as “squinters”. By narrowing their eyes, they can see people in different colors—colors by which they can define their mood.
Senlin was born a squinter. A child of the foster system, the lack of love  has left him with casual views on sex.
When Sicong recruits him into SQX, a squinter organization, Senlin wants nothing more than to jump his bones, but Sicong’s detachment makes Senlin believe his feelings aren’t reciprocated.
Senlin and Sicong’s relationship begins to grow as they undertake missions together.
That is, until an enemy of SQX turns his attention upon them.

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Interview With The Author

Let’s start by telling us, in twenty words, or less, what you’re book’s about.
-          Squinters with special abilities in a post-apocalyptic world executing missions and falling in love.

What was it that led you to write in the genre(s) you write?
-          Honest? It was an anthology call that fell through. My first sci-fi/fantasy genre story, it was a bit daunting to write.

Are your books character led or plot led, or both?
-          I think it’s mostly character led.

What is your favourite part of the writing process?
-          Frist draft. Physically writing with a pen on a notebook. The numbing of fingers after writing for too long.

What is your least favourite part of the writing process
-          Later drafts. Trying to find something wrong with the writing/story but can’t find any more just by myself.

Where do you get your inspiration for your characters?
-          One of the character is called Sicong. The name is inspired by a friend and a straight crush of mine in university. The protagonist, Senlin, is inspired by a name I used to use for myself when I was writing in Chinese. I also squinted a lot when I wrote the first draft, which was finished in 2011.

Tell us a little about the characters in your book and their story. You can use more than twenty words this time.
-          Senlin had a very casual view of sex and relationship in the beginning. I believe, people are like that only because they haven’t found the right people to change their views.
-          Sicong was that right person for Senlin, but Sicong himself had a problem with being warm and friendly. He was also terse in manner. It took Senlin some time to ‘warm’ Sicong up.

If you could have one wish what would it be?
-          I have too many selfish wishes. I’d like to be able to survive.

What's your deepest fear?
-          Losing everything around me which would send me to depression.

If I came to dinner what would you feed me?
-          As I have just opened a dumpling cafe/tea house, teas from around the world and best Cantonese dumplings.

Which of your characters would you like to be sharing the dinner table with us?
-          Shuli, from Lime and Tangerine, because she would be so funny. Also I’d like to invite Lachlan, from A Hopeless Mirage from WIP’s MnM anthology. He’s a big puppy and will be good to have around as well.

Tell us in the character’s own words, what he/she would have to say about you.
-          Senlin: “Kev can’t focus on his writing projects. He put us away for four, five years before coming back to us.”
-          Sicong: “Sen, you should talk about not able to focus. But he’s too weak to be a squinter. I expect my agents to be fearless. He also needs to go to the gym more often.”
-          Senlin: “And sex scenes. Why isn’t there sex scenes for us?!?!”
-          Sicong: “The kiss was really good though.”

What would they say (again in their own words) about themselves, and their story that will make us want to read about it?
-          Senlin: “Hot men! Especially Sic. Our story is full of hot men and silly Shuli jokes. She’s a great friend.”
-          Sicong: “We do have hot men. Dangerous missions. Gunshots. Budding/Dying/Undying love.”
-          Senlin: “I cannot believe you used the word ‘love’.”
-          Sicong: “It’s also a very colourful world.”

Which other fictional character(s) would you like to be present at the dinner party?
-          My partner Steen. He’s not fictional.
-          Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. They’d be so much fun.

What other authors would you say have either influenced your writing or you would like to emulate?
-          A Chinese author, Anni Baobei, has influenced me as a writer and a person in so many ways.
-          As a writer, I’m guilty of not reading a lot. A lot of friends from Gay Authors are great. One in particular, of the top of my head, Mark Arbour, writes fabulous steamy scenes that I wouldn’t think to emulate.

Which character from literature, would you most like to have invented?
-          I wish I had the brain to have invented the intelligence of a detective.

What do you prefer writing. A one off novel, a series or short stories?
-          Short stories, all the way.

What kind of books do you read (if you have time to read)?
-          All books from Anni Baobei, including her fiction, prose, travel writings.
-          Erotica at times (I’d like to think I’m not the only one).
-          A lot of Chinese writings, especially after living in English speaking countries.

Where do you see yourself personally and professionally in 5 years time?
-          Have a successful tea house/cafe.
-          Writing more and publishing more.
-          Still with my partner, Steen, and living in Wollongong.

Do you have any other projects in the offing we should look out for?
-          I’m working on the final draft of a novella I’ve finished first draft in 2009, The Sick Puppy’s Angel, and polishing it up for submission.
-          Working on several short stories for anthologies, because, short stories are more my thing.

Where can we find you?
-          Facebook:
-          Wordpress Blog ‘Thoughts of a Mannequin Fashionista’:
-          Wollongong, Australia.


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About the author

Growing up in China, KEVIN CAUCHER never thought he’d grow up loving to write; never did he expect himself ending up in Australia either. He is now happily partnered in NSW Illawarra area and writing.
Kevin’s writing is mainly influenced by his growing up as a gay Chinese; he also sometimes pops out totally random stories that has nothing to do with his growing up.
Besides his passion for writing, Kevin has also opened a cafe in December 2015. “There, the cliché of authors writing in a cafe.”
KEVIN CAUCHER can be found at:

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