Friday, 25 November 2016

Enigma III Friends and Lovers

A number of years ago I published my first book through Flying with Red Haircrow. Prior to this I'd written dozens of novel length stories on Gay Authors Enigma was my favourite out of all those stories and it remains my favourite stories out of everything I've ever written. So far it's the only series I've managed to write, and it's currently on book six with a least one more percolating.

Last year, we decided that it might be nice to overhaul the covers because, to be honest the first cover had been a bit of a rush job, and really didn't go with Book II

So, the very talented Red Haircrow designed a new cover.

I love the rainbow in Silvers eye.

With the release of Book III on December 6th Red has designed an amazing new cover for Book II. So join us on 29th November for the cover reveal of Book II and a code to obtain books I and II for free!! That's right! For a very limited period Enigma and Enigma II Fighting the Man will be FREE to enable you to get to knoe River and Silver a little before Book III is released on 6rh December

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