Saturday, 22 April 2017

Reviewers Roundup Week 2 - The Face in the Window

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Reviewer Roundup is basically an open call for readers to pick up books from favourite and new authors, all donated for free with the only expectation being an honest review. The event runs over two weeks. The first week is for novellas (up to 50,000 words) and the second for novels. I have two books entered, one in each week.

In the second week I have, for your critical investigation


There are those who can’t see and those who don’t want to, but we’re all blind sometimes.

Ace is blind and Haze is damaged. They live in different worlds and not everyone is happy when they become boyfriends. Haze is struggling with the after effects of a traumatic event in his past that has left him at the mercy of an uncontrollable rage. When Ace’s brother steps up his campaign of torment against Ace, they’re all in danger from Haze’s outbursts, though it isn’t until things get completely out of control that the healing can really begin. But with Ace unseeing and Haze perched on the edge of a cliff, will either of them survive long enough to benefit?


The call from the patio startled me. I had almost forgotten that the adults were even there. Particularly, I had forgotten that Uncle Colin was there.
Almost as soon as we turned the corner Uncle Colin was on us. “There you are. I thought you had kidnapped our special guest.” He grabbed Ace’s arm in what for him passed as a fatherly manner and towed him across the patio. “Come and try a burger. Fennell’s a genius with the barbecue. No hard feelings, eh?”
“Hard feelings? What the fuck…?” I could feel the anger rise again.
“It’s all right, Haze.” Ace turned his head to ‘look’ at me over his shoulder. He was grinning. “I’m gay. I’m used to fucking arseholes.”
There was absolute silence, a ‘did I really hear what I thought I heard?’ moment, and then Uncle Colin exploded. It broke the shocked silence and everyone dissolved.
“Boy,” Uncle Colin spluttered slapping Ace on the back so hard he almost sent him sprawling flat on his face, “for a blind, gay freak you’re one hell of a man.” He turned Ace towards him, holding him firmly by the shoulders. His face was very serious, and that was worrying on Uncle Colin.
“I like you, Ace. I like you a lot. I know I can be a complete arsehole; it’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but neither is it something I apologise for. I rarely get it pointed out to me, and when I do, I find it refreshing because it’s honesty. Yes, I like you. You and Haze make a great couple. I think you could be good for each other. Welcome to the family.” Then he hugged Ace tightly and let him go, turning to grab a plate and started helping himself to the barbecue.
I hurried to Ace’s side and slid my arm around his waist. “You’re fucking insane, do you know that?”
“It’s been mentioned.”
“I can’t believe you said that.”
“I can’t believe your uncle groped my arse when he hugged me.”

I stifled an explosive laugh. “You really are part of the family.”

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