Thursday, 4 January 2018


AS a not-quite-a-new-year-resolution, I decided that I wanted 2018 to be a year when I became more proactive, stop whining about how bad I am at promotion and actually tried to be better. There were spurts in 2017 but I got discouraged too easily, I hope that by going into this with the intention of learning rather than knowing what I'm doing, I'll fare better.

One of my aims is to write at least two or three blog posts on one of my blogs or my website every week. So far so good. We'll see,

Another thing I'm working hard to set up is a newsletter. I've made my very first one and now all I need are people to send it to. I very much hope that if you're reading this post you are interested enough in this crazy mind of mine to subscribe.

The first edition has a Giveaway and I'm going to include a treat in every one of them, I promise.

You can subscribe for the newsletter to the right of this post, or on my Website. I look forward to entertaining you.

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