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Introducing The Von

Who are The Von?

The Von are a grunge band, fronted by Norwegian Viking, Erik Von Nordgren, and consisting of Erik, his best friend, Billy(drums), a school friend, Joey (Lead guitar) and his girlfriend, Daisy (bass guitar). Currently, they are practicing in Erik's garage to a small band of groupies, but they are going places.

When Erik meets Asher, Daisy's twin brother and fellow Brit, sparks fly - literally when a bored Asher plays with Erik's father's power tools during a practice session. What follows is a series of tit-for-tat incidents that end when Erik knocks Asher into the school pool during a fight and almost kills him.

Poor Billy, who has been in love with Erik since they fooled around as kids, is forced to watch what started as a bitter feud turn into something powerful and intense, while he's left on the sidelines watching a stranger capture the heart of the man he's crushed on for half his life.

The course of true love does not, of course, run smooth. Erik and Asher's on again; off again relationship burns hot and cold because Erik won't come out of the closet, and Asher refuses to hide anymore. What results is a train wreck, but a heck of a fascinating one.

Without further ado, lets meet the members of The Von and find out what all the fuss is about.

Erik Von Nordgren 

Okay, he's lost his head a bit, but that's hardly unusual for Erik!

Birthdate June 3 Sign: Gemini

Born to Norwegian parents, Erik is the first generation to be born in America. He is tall for his age, 6’3” and has light blond hair to his shoulders, light blue eyes, and a muscular build. He is the typical teenager; brash, rude, and full of himself. Ok, maybe not completely typical. He walks around school like he owns the place and keeps his friends very close; because he knows one day he’ll be a mega star and he’ll share the glory.

His love of music has been life-long. He’d sing along to everything he’d hear. Later, he discovered the grunge era of the late 90's, that he missed because he was too young. Throwing himself into it with a gusto, adopting the "look" and immersing himself in the music. He falls in love with alternative sounds, and emulates the grinding voice and grungy appearance, complete with attitude.

Erik is an only child, constantly in trouble but never anything serious. His parents are a little frosty, but his mother is his confidante when he needs to get something off his chest. He is closeted and secretly very afraid to come out publicly. Already, his locker has been broken into, and his tires slashed by kids suspecting his sexuality. His close friendship with Billy (his friend since the sandbox) just makes people even more suspicious.

When he was much younger, he was in love with and had a brief sexual relationship with Billy, but was so afraid of letting the truth out that he broke things off and he was banned from Billy’s house. They made up, but Billy’s parents still dislike him greatly.

Erik has a good heart, but is slow on the uptake. His head is usually in the clouds grinding out songs or dreaming of stardom. To that end, he forms his own band, named The Von, for his family name of Von Nordgren. He goads his buddy Billy, who is a fantastic drummer, into the band, as well as  his guitarist buddy Joey.  Joey has a new girlfriend, Daisy, who is a great guitarist in her own right, and the band is complete.

Daisy Berkley

(I wasn't able to find a citation. If anyone knows one please let me know and I will add. This photograph is for entertainment only as is not meant to convey any commercial intent and is widely shared on the internet.)

Birthday November 9th Star Sign Scorpio

Daisy has lived her entire life in her twin brother’s shadow. She absolutely adores him and every blow he’s received has hit her just as hard. She’s a tough nut and always has his back, even when she seems to spend half her time mediating between her brother and her parents. To be fair, they’ve all been through a lot because of Asher, but she can’t understand why they blame him so much for things that really weren’t his fault. He’s been on his last chance so many times, she’s worried that he might be pushing things too far this time.

The bright spot on her horizon is her new boyfriend Joey, and through him, the band. The Von. She’s not sure how to take the brash lead singer, Erik Von Nordgren, but the drummer, Billy, is sweet, and of course, there’s Joey. She’s happy to be able to showcase her guitar skills, honed on her many nights sitting with Asher or waiting for him, in one way or another. The neo-grunge band suits her down to the ground, with her sunny disposition and vintage style. She’s no one’s pushover though and anyone foolish enough to underestimate this English Rose will soon find out she’s got thorns.
William (Billy) Nathan Carp 

(I wasn't able to find a citation. If anyone knows one please let me know and I will add. This photograph is for entertainment only as is not meant to convey any commercial intent and is widely shared on the internet.)

Birthday March 12 Sign: Pisces

Billy is the only child of his parents, Barb and Tom Carp. They had planned on more, but he turned out to be their only baby. He is the love of their lives and they protect their soft-hearted son.

Billy is 5’10”, with green eyes. He has a slim build, but it is offset by his wild, wavy hair. He calls it his ‘fro. It is dark auburn red and wavy and often gets in his face. He wants to cut it at times, but he enjoys the look, so he keeps it.

He is an outgoing, sweet young man. His heart is huge and has been broken badly once already by his best friend, Erik. Yet, it is big enough to let him back in. He loves only one thing more than his folks and his friend, and that’s banging on the drums. He’s been playing since he was three years old and got his first kit at five, along with his first set of real drumsticks.

He joins his buddy Erik’s band to be near him again, and to also have the opportunity to go nuts without waking the neighbors and his parents at the same time. He’s a good boy for the most part, not in trouble much, and is loyal to the core.

Joseph David Miller

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Birthday July 31st

Sign: Leo

Joey is sometimes the quiet boy, and sometimes the party animal. He is enamored with his new girlfriend, Daisy Berkley and does all he can to keep her happy. He is a straight-A student, and the pride of his parents, who have three other children. His calm and quiet personality is often drowned out by the antics of his louder friends, such as Erik, whom he met over a year ago and was drawn to ever since he heard him sing at a high school talent contest. They were instant friends and Joey got to show off his guitar playing ability as well. Together with Erik’s bff Billy, whom Joey considers a very stand-up guy, they form the Von. Daisy makes it perfect.

In his off times, Joey is pretty reserved. With a large house and acreage, he is kept busy with household chores and tutoring his younger siblings. His best times are when his wild Irish cousin Connor comes to visit, and he introduces him to his new friends Erik and Billy.

Beyond music, Joey’s gift for organization and numbers keep his grades up, but his social skills keep his moral high. When the fur flies in the band, he’s usually the one to step in with reason.

Asher Berkley

(I wasn't able to find a citation. If anyone knows one please let me know and I will add. This photograph is for entertainment only as is not meant to convey any commercial intent and is widely shared on the internet.)

Birthday 9th November. Star Sign Scorpio

Although not part of the band, no introduction is complete without Asher, who tends to rival Erik in dominating whatever situation he might find himself in.

Asher is British through and through and never wanted to leave. He’s determined to hate America and everything in it, especially Americans. His only friend is his twin sister, Daisy and he’s not in any hurry to change that. Cursed with an extremely rare eye colour (lilac) instead of the normal blue of the rest of his family he’s had to fight all his life against people who were only too ready to call him “freak”.

He decided a long time ago that if the world wanted a freak he’d give them a freak. He started dressing to the image and the Goth style sucked him in. He quickly made it his own. Another decision that has served him well, was to learn to fight and fight well. He’s been taking lessons in martial arts since he was a pre-teen, although he’s never felt the need to compete or take his skills any further than his love of perfection dictates.

That was pretty much the end of his good decisions. Having fallen in with a bad crowd early in life, he’s got a fair bit of trouble under his belt and a history so dark his parents are at breaking point, and his sister’s a bundle of nerves. The Berkleys are as dysfunctional a family as you could wish to meet, and, although they used to be close, Asher's past has driven a wedge between them that has left  Mr Berkley, in particular, cold and uncompromising as far as his son is concerned.

Asher likes nothing better than to shock, to get in the blows before they fall on him. He’s a genderfluid vision in high heels, lace and leather, with bright blue streaks in his waist-length hair, and of course, his big, beautiful, bright purple eyes, that don’t miss a trick. He’s out and proud and as uncompromising as his father. The only thing that softens him is his art. He’s an amazing artist with a place in art college waiting and a summer job in a local gallery, which he hopes will open doors to hid dream career.

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