Friday, 6 July 2018

REVIEW Alpha Blaze by Quinn Michaels


Both will betray the pack. Can they save each other?

In the Louisiana bayou, the bond between alpha and omega burns hot and dangerous.

Kevin was a beautiful contradiction of vulnerability and fury wrapped in pure sex appeal.

"It was all I could do to hold my wolf in check. If I pushed too hard, I'd lose. I couldn't afford to lose Kevin. Already, this omega had become precious. I hadn’t come here to find a mate. That didn’t matter. The omega was mine and I was his, whether we liked it or not."

His name was Blaze, and Kevin was playing with fire.

"Our eyes met. It was just dinner. Blaze kept to the boundaries of our agreement, but I wanted more. I’d never felt this way about an alpha. Blaze was everything I wanted and everything I couldn’t have."

Alpha Blaze is an action-packed mpreg romance novel of 64,000 words with hot werewolf bikers, bad language, smutty-times, knotting, and men who get pregnant. Warning: this book contains a tough-as-nails omega struggling to overcome a painful past (incl. rape trauma and miscarriage) and a strong, sensitive alpha who will do anything to win his omega’s heart.

If you love your mpreg romance with a dollop of angst and a healthy helping of action, start reading Alpha Blaze today!


Alpha Blaze by Quinn Michaels 4*

The Scions are a nasty biker gang/werewolf pack, who are involved in plenty of shady dealings including drugs and racketeering. Blaze is an alpha, infiltrating the ranks of the Scions, trying to find out if Red, pack leader, is intending to go to war, or what else he might have up his evil little sleeve. One of the things Blaze finds, that surprises him very much, is his fated mate, Kevin, Red’s nephew. Poor Kevin has been abused by Red (not sexually) since the deaths of Kevin’s parents when he was a child. Kevin is cowed but not broken and he has plans of his own.

I liked the characters of Blaze and Kevin right off the bat. It would have been easy to make them caricatures – Kevin the downtrodden, abused omega, and Blaze, the knight in shining armour. Whilst both were true, that’s not all they were. Kevin had a backbone, a brain and a smart mouth. Blaze had darkness and enough negative qualities, such as hot-headedness, jealousy and even pettiness, to almost throw things off their track once or twice. In other words, the characters were well rounded and believable. There were other very “real” characters of note, of which I liked Carlos and Ricky best, two opposite ends of a scale.

There were a lot of quirky “extras” that brought a touch of spice to the recipe. In particular, the other omegas were a pretty mixed bunch. They all had their very individual characteristics. My only complaint is that the author engages in too much physical description in “list form”, that sometimes come quickly, one after another.

Some of the characters, however, did straddle or even fall over the line into caricature. Jeremy was just too evil, and Red wasn’t entirely believable. Some of the plot points were also a little strained.

That being said the book was a solid read, with good pacing and decent editing. It was smooth and exciting, and the story carried me through from beginning to end.

If you want something just a little bit different from the usual Alpha/Omega, or even if you just want a nice dollop of escapism, then this is definitely the book for you.

And if you enjoy the book, the author has a special treat for you because he’s released a very short Epilogue that picks up with Kevin and Blaze a few months later, just to check in on how they’re getting along.

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