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Conversations With Faery

Conversations with Faery

by Zahdi Folley-Regusters

Skye by Maria Korte

“Do you ever feel wings on your back?”

What is Faery?  Is it real?  And if so, what is the connection between Faery and this world, the material human world?

Excellent questions to ask in this shifting time.  The hidden is coming into light, and the unspoken of is being revealed more quickly with each passing day.  Now is a time for answers, for enlightenment on long taboo subjects, and for discussion on the “obvious” that is shrouded in folktale and legend.  So what is Faery? …Faery is the Grey.  It is the in-between place.  Faery is a realm with which all humans were once very well acquainted.  Search deep into yourself and you will feel that there is so much more to this world than what we usually acknowledge as a whole.  Perhaps you’ve had strange feelings, dreams, and memories of things too bizarre to speak aloud, yourself?   

Skye by Maria Korte

Faery is a realm full of conscious beings, of all sorts – benevolent, malevolent, unfeeling, pure feeling, light, dark and everything else.  In a time before time, this world touched ours, melded with it to form one coherent whole.  This was a time of balance.  When the frequencies of the worlds shifted, the balance was upset.  The worlds fell out of harmony with one another and most of Faery was separated from the others.  What Faery is, is the place where light dwells.  Light is what gives all things energy and life, ultimately.  Energy flows, from light to plant to animal.  Light is what fills us with a connection to the Source or the Divine.  Consider how one “glows” when they are in love.  Love (unconditional love for all) brings you closer to the Source.  Those who dwell within Faery are those who control the flows of light in the world… and ultimately the flows of the world itself, filling this place with light and, in turn, with love.

So, is Faery real?  And if so, then what is the connection between Faery and this world, the human material world?  Faery is very real.  It is a realm that supports this one.  Faery is intrinsically linked with the material plane, and with the other two planes that linger out of balance with us.  The efforts, actions and events within Faery affect what happens here, sometimes within days, a cause and effect of positive and negative.  However, the same applies the other way.  Everything that we do and that happens or is attempted here has an effect on Faery.  So, in a direct way, there is a continual link between the planes.  Another link must be considered as well, that of the “lost ones.”  When the imbalance came that shifted the worlds from each other, most of Faery – those who were of this plane – was cut off from this world.  But not all.  Some were here, and became stuck here, entering the human life-death-rebirth cycle when they could not return home.  They were “reincarnated” as people.  Each of those people, but not people, whose energy vibrates at a frequency that does not match this plane, aches and searches for their home plane, for the frequency which they can no longer touch or interact with fully.  They can only see ghosts of that plane, fleeting visions of what was, and still is.

All of this you can learn more about through connections with Faery and those of the world who are here.  The denizens of the Grey reach out to us, all of us here.  They miss the connections and the freedoms that we once shared.  They desire a cooperation.  They are troubled by the negligent actions of humans, disconnected from the planet, and deaf to the screams of the world.  They reach out to us all with open arms.  For those who were trapped here, their hearts ache and pull them to the Grey Lands.  They cannot be dissuaded… they “know.”  Now is the time.  This is a time of reconnection and remembrance.  When you feel the Faery Folk coming near, welcome them with open arms and mutual respect.  Listen to them and ask them to listen to you.  Reach into the shared collective and let the knowledge pour in.

Zahdi Folley-Regusters is a spiritual guide and healer hailing out of Hilo, Hawaii.  Her work portal can be found at

“For the Divine in each of us”

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  1. never heard of this before, but we do have an old fairy fort in the field below us ... apparently its bad luck to mess with it!