Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Briefs - I'm Free

Here we are at Wednesday again, and here's the latest installment of Rune and Luke. I think it might be the last installment because, unless you think otherwise, I can't really see where else they can go. I could end with a bang... literally ;) but that feel gratuitous to me. I could show Rune on stage with the band which would also be a good end I guess but this just feels like a good place to stop. Let me know what you think.

I'm Free

Rune picked himself up from the floor and walked away from the door. Rio was still hammering but it didn’t bother him anymore. Calmly, he sat down at the table and picked up his sandwich.  In a while the hammering stopped and silence fell.
Rune put down his untouched sandwich and rested his head on his arms. The silence wrapped itself around him and his shoulders began to shake as a jumble of emotions bubbled out of him as sobs. He wasn’t sliding in his resolve. He wasn’t backing down. He wasn’t even thinking about what had happened and what was going to happen next. He was just… crying.
When he finished, he washed his glass, threw away the rest of the sandwich, tidied the kitchen, went to bed and fell into an exhausted sleep.
“Rune? Rune, are you alright?” Rune opened his eyes to see Luke’s anxious face hovering over him. He smiled.
“I’m fine. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just… Rio… Rio’s car’s outside and…”
“What? Still?” Rune was a bit surprised, but not particularly bothered. “I thought I’d made myself clear.”
“You…? Made…? Clear…? To Rio…?”
“Make whole sentences, Luke.” Rune smiled and stroked Luke’s face. “Rio came to visit and I asked him nicely to go away and never come back.”
“You did?”
“Well no, not exactly. I wasn’t very nice at all. As I recall, I spat in his face and kicked him in the balls.”
“You did what?” Luke’s eyes went wide with shock.
Rune chuckled. “You’d have been proud of me, Luke. What do you think of this? He tried to drag me out to the car but, I don’t know… something snapped in me and I had to… I knew if I went with him that would be it. I wouldn’t leave him again. He… had me against the wall and I spat in his face to get him away from me. Then I kicked him in the balls and told him to get out of my life and never come back, then I closed the door, tidied the kitchen and came up here to lie down. I had such a headache.” He grinned. “My headache’s gone now,” he said softly.
“God, Rune, you’re full of surprises. I was so scared when I saw Rio’s car. Then, when I came inside and you didn’t answer, and you were… I thought he’d hurt you.”
“He did… but it’s okay. He won’t, ever again.”
“Too right he won’t. I’ll make sure of that. I’ll—“
“No, Luke. I’ll make sure of that. I feel… stronger. I’m… free, Luke. I don’t know if it makes any kind of sense, but I feel free now. Free of him. He’s not in here anymore.” He took Luke’s hand and laid it over his heart. “I love you Luke. It’s what I needed. I needed to love someone, truly love them and have them love me, so I could see what a twisted version of love— if it ever was love— I had with Rio.”
He sighed deeply. “I feel battered and bruised, but I’ve had worse, and it’s only on the outside. On the inside… I feel good, Luke. I feel really good. Come make me feel better.”
Luke searched his face, then he laughed. “You’re a wonder, Rune. You amaze me, humble me. God, I love you.” He lay down and took Rune into his arms. Rune winced, even though he tried not to. “What’s the matter? That bastard hurt you again, didn’t he?”
“He hit me. It doesn’t matter.”
“Of course it matters. I going to—“ Luke half rose, but Rune pulled him back.
“You’re going to make love to me, Luke. That’s what I need. I need love not revenge. Be gentle with me.”
“Rune, I…”
“I know, but Rio’s not important now. We are. Please. I need you.”
Luke softened and lay down again, stroking Rune’s face. “You’re beautiful, Rune. Inside and out. The most beautiful person I ever met. It would be my honour and privilege to make love to you.”
Rune sighed and closed his eyes, as Luke gently worked his hand up under his tshirt and stroked the soft skin of his belly, making it tremble and raising goose-bumps.
“Tell me if it hurts, okay?” Luke whispered.
Rune moaned. “Luke will you please stop worrying about hurting me. The only way you’re hurting me is by holding back. Please, just get on with it before I explode.”
“Wouldn’t want that, would we,” Luke murmured and bent his head to kiss Rune, while he slid his hand further up under his shirt, to brush then tweak his nipple.
Rune gasped and jumped off the bed. “Oh fuck, yeah,” he moaned. “That’s better.”
He moaned again, with a different tone, when Luke withdrew, but smiled when he stripped off his tshirt. Hurriedly, with no concern to tease or tempt, Rune fumbled with buttons to scramble out of his jeans and underwear. He hesitated for a moment before taking off his shirt but… what the hell. Luke knew the score.
When he was naked, he lay back and stared up at Luke, his eyes roving over every inch of his body. To Rune, it was perfect. If only his own were the same. A flush of shame washed over him and he felt exposed.
“What’s the matter?” Luke asked, laying down beside him. Rune shook his head. “Don’t lie to me,” Luke said, stroking Rune from throat to belly button, making him shiver.
Rune lowered his eyes and scanned his body. To him, it was ugly, disfigured by bruises and scars. He looked away, but Luke had seen.
“Don’t,” Luke said. “Don’t ever doubt you’re beautiful.” His finger followed a silvery scar over Rune’s hip bone. You have battle scars. So what? Wear them with pride. You beat him. You’re free.”
“Yes,” Rune whispered, a smile creeping over his face, as Luke’s hand dipped between his legs. “I am free.”

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  1. A lovely ending. I'm not completely convinced Rune is physically all right, because of how he winced and all. :( But emotionally, yeah! He's free and he's healthy and it was perfect to end with him having thrown Rio off. Now Rio is a different matter... his car is there but he isn't, so where is he? Dead? Off sulking somewhere? Plotting revenge? Kinda wondering about that.

    Thanks for such a great story! I do think you ended it at the perfect place. :D