Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Flash - Danger

Another Wednesday rolls around, far too quickly. I flash with a heavy heart as Maria is on her way home and my first day back at work has come :( On the bright side, I'm not working tomorrow and there's a Bank Holiday on Monday, so two short weeks in a row. So here is my next flash of inspiration when Pasha gets to grips with the angel... maybe.

Pasha lay on his bed, arms crossed behind his head, and stared at the ceiling. What had he got himself into this time?
He thought of the angel downstairs, he was naked and— Oh shit, don’t think about that, Pasha. If you don’t think about you won’t— It was hopeless, of course. It was all he could think about. The strong shoulders and narrow waist. The golden hair. The unworldly blue eyes. He shuddered.
The angel was so sure he desired him. But he didn’t. He didn’t desire him. So why was he getting hot just thinking of him? Why was his body reacting to something he was trying so hard to deny?
Although he fought it, his hand slipped under his shirt and followed the path the angel’s had taken. It was as if he’d burned a trail and touching it awoke a deep tingling pleasure that permeated his body to the bones. Throwing back his head, he touched his stomach, his chest, his nipples. Oh God, his nipples. As soon as he touched the eager nub it was as if he could feel arms around him, hot breath on his skin, lips caressing him.
Gasping, he closed his eyes and ‘He’ was there, the angel— touching him, kissing him, sucking him. Shocked, he opened his eyes. He was alone. What the hell was going on? This was the angel’s doing. He’d put a spell on him. He’d… Pasha wanted to get up, to break the spell but part of him wanted more and that part wasn’t going to let him off the hook so easily.
Letting himself relax again, he closed his eyes and the angel was back, licking a trail from nipple to groin. Pasha moaned and bucked his hips as the angel kissed along the velvety skin of his shaft. He whimpered when his tongue flicked out and tasted him and then his hot, needy mouth took him in to the hilt slowly sliding up and down, flicking with his tongue until Pasha was in a frenzy, sobbing with desire.
He looked down. He thought he looked down although surely his eyes were closed. The angel’s eyes caught and held his, burned into his mind as he speeded up then swallowed, the strong muscles of his throat contracting and drawing from Pasha the most intense orgasm he’d ever had. Gasping and panting, he opened his eyes. Surely the angel would still be there. Surely…
He was alone, his hand still clenched around his throbbing cock. Oh no. He’d just jacked off over a man. Did that make him gay? Had he always been gay, or was it the angel? He moaned, a headache beginning to pound. He was so confused.
Eventually he got up and cleaned himself off, shivering in the early morning chill. He threw on a pair of jeans and was lacing up his sneakers when the door flew open. He looked up startled, to find the angel standing there, his eyes wide and wild.
“You must help me, Pasha. Help me, please.” He threw himself to his knees at Pasha’s feet and laid his head on his lap, throwing his arms around him. “Please help me, please. I am so afraid.” He looked up and there were tears running from his eyes, tears like perfect pear shaped diamonds. Entranced, Pasha reached out and took one on the tip of his finger. He stared at it, crystalline and perfect in every way. When he looked down, his knees were scattered with them. Angel tears.
“Ssh,” he said, stroking the angel’s hair. “Ssh, it’s alright. I’ll help you. What are you afraid of?”
“I… I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” The angel shook his head. “I… Something bad is coming. I know it. Something bad that wants to hurt me. Please save me.”
“Nothing bad is coming. You’re hurt and alone in a strange place. You don’t remember and you’re confused. It’s natural to be afraid. Nothing bad is coming.”
“But it is, Pasha, it is. They will hurt me. I know they will. I don’t know who they are or what they will do, but I know they will hurt me. They have followed me. It’s not enough they made me fall, they’ve followed me to finish me. They’ll kill me, Pasha.”
“No one’s going to kill you. You’re safe here.” He tried to soothe the angel, stroking his hair and back, but the angel wouldn’t be calmed. He got more and more agitated until suddenly he grabbed Pasha and sobbed.
“They’re here. They’re here. Please, Pasha. Hide me. Save me.”
Pasha was about to say something when he heard a sound outside the window. He didn’t know what he’d heard but it chilled him. Hushing the angel, he got up and went to the window. There were two men in the yard, looking around, peering into the car.
They looked like ordinary men, nothing overtly sinister or strange, but there was something about them that scared the hell out of him. One of them bent down and picked something up. It looked like a feather.
“Oh no.” He turned the angel. “Stay here and be quiet. Don’t go anywhere near the window.”
“Please don’t leave me,” the angel whispered, cowering against the bed.
“It’s okay,” Pasha said, trying to reassure the terrified angel. “Just wait here. It’s going to be alright.”
Quickly, Pasha slipped out of the bedroom and hurried down the stairs. It would be a disaster if anyone else answered the door. Some of the angel’s paranoia was rubbing off on him. He was half way down when the knock came at the door.
He froze.
“I’ll get it,” Anna’s voice called from the kitchen.
“No,” he almost yelled. “It’s okay. I’m almost there.” He practically ran across the floor and yanked open the door. The man standing on the doorstep looked a little taken aback. “Er… sorry,” Pasha stuttered. “I… um… I was… just… Can I help you?”

Now is the time to go check out the other flashers. I didn't get to it last week because of my pure indulgence with all things Maria but I will sure make up for that later when I get home from work. My after work treat to keep me going.

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  1. The tears are a lovely touch. Are they really diamonds? And I'm curious about the men who are after the angel and what they want him for. You've built quite a sexy mystery here!

    1. Never thought about them being diamonds. They are definitely crystals. Aww... poor angel. If they're diamonds everyone will be trying to make him cry all the time :) Oooh those men. Don't they throw a spanner in the works

  2. I loved the angel's touch in Pasha's dream, so real as if he was there. I can't wait to read more.

    1. Thank you. Are you sure he wasn't there? He's an angel after all :) Thanks for the comment.