Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday Brief - Now See What You've Done

And another Wednesday rolls around. It's been quite a week. I've been decorating and my life is full of paint at the moment :) Perhaps I have been bringing my angels' rainbow into my home :)

Anyway, here is this week's flash. I have had grave difficulties with the prompts this week, even though I looked at them before I wrote the chapter, which is unusual for me. There was a lot going on this week and I couldn't fit anything in really so, yet again, I've taken liberties and chosen this picture. You may choose which angel you would like it to be. There are two dark haired angels in the 'main cast', Passa'el and Gabri'el. I'm not sure he's beautiful enough for me to be Passa'el but you may feel differently :)

Passa’el had never felt so alive, so powerful. He looked down at Micha’el and knew he could blast him into atoms with a thought. Joy surged through him as he called on the power of the universe to –


The influx of energy stopped, eddied and receded. The rainbow of colours that had blinded him faded and he blinked, feeling empty. Shocked and confused, he turned to Uzzi’el. From him, too the power had faded.

“If we destroy him like this we’ll be no better than he is.”

“But – “

“Listen to me, Passa’el. Don’t stain your soul with his blood. He’s not worth it. He’s defeated and he will be punished, but to rend the fabric of the university again, as he did, will stain us.” He laughed. “My soul is already darkened with the blood of my brothers but yours is so bright, so pure. Please don’t change that. It gives me hope and courage.”

“He deserves to die.”

“Maybe, but not by our hand.” Uzzi’el laid his hand against Passa’el’s cheek. “You have such power in your innocence, your lightness. It feeds the darkness within me and makes me new again. I’m afraid that if you are tainted too we will be lessened, that we will lose each other again. Leave the killing to me.”

“I…don’t know.”

Micha’el laughed and both Passa’el and Uzzi’el turned to him.

 “And I thought he was the dark one.”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.” Uzzi’el’s voice was deadly cold and the words seemed to solidify as they left his mouth, forming themselves into a mist that flowed into Micha’el’s mouth. Micha’el’s eyes widened and his lips moved as he tried to form words that refused to be spoken. His eyes narrowed with anger. Uzzi’el smiled. There was no mirth in his expression.

Squaring his shoulders, Uzzi’el turned to address Micha’el’s angels, who were still frozen with shock. “If anyone wishes to join us, now’s your time. Your cause is lost and I’m offering you one chance of redemption. If you refuse you will share your master’s fate. Taking Passa’el’s hand he backed away about twenty feet leaving Micha’el, still bound, on his knees in the grass. “Those who wish to follow your master into darkness, stand at his shoulder. Those who seek redemption stand at mine.”

Of the dozen or so angels in the clearing, only two took up position behind Micha’el, whose face grew redder and redder with impotent rage.

Suddenly, the trees all around the clearing rustled and dozens of angels burst in. “Ah, our rescuers have arrived.” Uzzi’el glanced around his angels and smiled. “How fortunate we didn’t need rescuing.” He hugged Passa’el close to his side, then raised his eyes, motioning to the enforcers who had chosen to forsake their master. “These angels are to be given quarters, fed and treated well but guarded closely until they can be tested. Those...” He nodded to Micha’el and the two angels who stood nervously beside him. “…are to be taken immediately to headquarters. Have Gabri’el join them in the square before the main building.”

“As you wish, Lord.”

 Uzzi’el led a suddenly exhausted Passa’el out of the wood and into the camp. “Do you wish to rest here or go straight to headquarters?”

“I won’t rest until Micha’el has been taken care of once and for all. He’s clever and powerful. I don’t want him to slip through our fingers.”

“True, but you look exhausted.”

“I am, but I have enough energy to see those two damned.”

Uzzi’el smiled. “I have an idea about that. I’ll tell you about it on the way to headquarters.”

By the time they arrived, Micha’el, Gabri’el and the other prisoners were kneeling in the main square, surrounded by armed angels with their guns pointed and ready. Micha’el was still bound as he had been in the wood.

 “Are you ready?” Uzzi’el asked. He sounded a little anxious.

Passa’el smiled. “Yes. I’m sorry I’ve been quiet but so much has happened. It’s a lot to take in.”

“I know. Come, let’s get this over so we can rest.” Passa’el nodded and, hand in hand, with power building at every step, they strode towards the captives.

“Uzzy,” Gabri’el called out as soon as he saw them. “What is this? Why are you treating me like this? It’s him you should be punishing, not me. I—.”

“Be silent. You are as guilty as he is. I saw your mark all over that camp. You sold us out Gabri’el. You sold me out.”

“I let you down, I know it. Surely you’re not going to punish me just because I hurt you?”

“I’m going to punish you for hurting us all, Gabri’el. You betrayed you people, not me. You are as guilty as Micha’el and you will be punished with him.”

“Is this your justice? What about a fair hearing? The Council should—“

“You forget, Gabri’el, the Council has no power here and as for justice, what do you know about that? How many people have died because of your betrayal? What about justice for them?”


“Enough.” Uzzi’el’s voice rang out clearly across the square, which was suddenly full of people, angels and humans alike. Gabri’el’s eyes widened as he found himself unable to speak.

Uzzi’el turned slowly in a circle. “Is there any who would deny my right to bring justice to these angels?”

Silence and stillness met his words and he nodded once. “So be it.” Holding tightly to Passa’el’s hand Uzzi’el turned back to his captives. “We have thought carefully about what would be a fitting punishment. My mate would have us scatter your atoms to the four winds, but I would not have his soul marked by such an act. Therefore, we have come to a punishment that fits your crimes. We will strip you of everything that marks you angelic. Then we will let you go. When you leave this square you will do so as humans.”

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  1. God, I love this story. I'm glad Uzzi'el prevented Passa'el from killing Micha'el. I wondered what his punishment would be and think the one you chose fits best.

    Thank you for sharing it!

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for commenting. It has been pointed out to me, however, that having made them human i have now inadvertently added two more power hungry megalomaniacs to the stock on Earth. Ah well. I figure they're not going to get far as humans anyway, too many angels (and humans) in the little group who hold a grudge :)

  2. What a satisfying punishment! Plus it leaves the door open for follow up stories about our evil angels. :D Most of all, I love that Uzzi and Pasha kept sight of the corruption inherent in exercising great power.

    1. It's strange. It started off with Uzzy being soft and angelic with blonde hair and blue eyes and sweet innocence and Pasha being quite brooding and dark. Even Micha'el sees him as the dark angel. But it turns out that he's the innocent and pure one. That's what happens when you live as a human for a couple of millennia it beats the impurities out of you :) I think Uzzy has more cause than many to keep sight of the corruption of great power. I wonder what they're going to do with it now.

  3. That is the most fabulous punishment ever! Better than death! Let them suffer human life and learn something (if they can). I love Uzzy and Pasha, by the way <3 I'm glad their connection didn't break and they're still looking out for each other.

    1. Yeah, i figured it would be better that death, or worse depends on your point of view. They both despise humans and humanity and now have to live it. They might find their way back eventually, although they don't have the bond to pull them back like Pasha did. in the meantime they have to learn to live as humans, not going to be easy

  4. I keep thinking of this old quotation-
    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

    1. I don't think you can say great men are almost always bad men. there are plenty of great men who aren't bad - Ghandi, Martin Luther King, JFK, oh and Jesus :) Neither Pasha nor Uzzy are bad either, or ever going to be. Gabri'el and Micha'el though... they have 'bad' stamped all the way through like rock

  5. Little late getting here. Love the line - Don't stain your soul with his blood. So--- oh I don't know the word - beautifully descriptive.

    1. Thank you :) I had SUCH fun writing this chapter, well this whole story