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Liebster Award. A New Experience.

So, I was recently nominated for a Liebster award by Jeri Walker-Bickett. Thank you, Jeri for an interesting new experience. I got hooked on Jeri's blog a while ago, which makes it quite a thrill to be nominated for the award.

I've never heard of this award before and had absolutely no idea what it was until I read all about it on Jeri's blog

I know these 'awards' are bandied around, but I'm choosing to believe this is genuine and given because Jeri really likes my blog. That was hard to say. I'm not the kind of person who takes praise well and, for me, it's brave to do so.

The Award Comes with some rules

  1. Write a blog post about the Liebster Award - Check
  2. Thank the person that nominated you - Check and thanks again. Jeri, a big cyber hug for you
  3. Post a link to their blog on your blog - Check (see above)
  4. Display the badge on your blog and include it in your post and/or display it using a widget
  5. Answer the 11 questions about yourself provided by the person who nominated you
  6. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  7. Nominate 5 - 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 1000 followers
  8. Create a new list of questions for the nominated blogs
  9. List the rules in your blog
  10. Inform the bloggers you've nominated for the award and give them a link to the blog post so they can see what it's all about
So, here are my questions. I would strongly recommend you go look at the answers Jeri gave to her questions. They're fascinating, as are her 11 interesting facts.

Who has been the most positive influence in your life

Believe it or not this is an extremely hard question to answer. Most of the important people in my life have been both. I have never had anyone who has actively encouraged me and supported me, quite the opposite. 

My mother was a strong influence. This was positive in respect of the fact she instilled a strong morality and independence. However, it was also extremely negative in that she destroyed my self confidence and made me feel worthless and insecure.

Despite this I have always tended to be the one who supports and is positive for everyone else rather than the other way around. In later years my children have been huge inspirations but, to be honest I don't think I have any positive influences.

My father died when I was pregnant with my first child and, looking back, I think he was probably the most positive influence. I was Daddy's girl and he was strict but loving. He was my source of affection and affirmation, but he was bullied too.

What was your most memorable Halloween costume?

I don't think any of them could have been particularly memorable as nothing springs to mind.

When do you write best? Mornings, afternoons or evenings?

Any time. Writing is my life. I write whenever I have a spare moment. If I can't get to my laptop I write on paper. I always carry a pad wherever I go. I've written on trains on my way to all kinds of places, in Court waiting rooms, during lectures and tutorials. All over.

Where did you go on your favourite vacation?

My first trip to Center Parks in Longleat. I cried my eyes out the day we had to come home. I've been many times since but I never quite managed to re create how perfect that first time was. I was so at peace the whole time I was there.

Why is reality TV so popular?

Because people love watching a train crash. I have no other answer than that because I really don't understand it myself

How do you relax?

I write. It's as simple as that. It's my de stress, my therapy, my joy and my love. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't write anymore.

Which work of art most impresses you?

Anything by Alison Lapper

Could you live without electricity?

Absolutely not. I couldn't live without my laptop so the electricity is a given

Are you afraid of the dark?

Not per se. I am afraid when I am in the dark in situations where there are other dangers. For example walking in unfamiliar areas at night, but it's not the darkness I'm afraid of.

Can you honestly say you've never stolen anything?

I can honestly say I have never deliberately stolen anything. There was one occasion when I went to a market with a jacket on like this

On the way home, I realised a pair of earrings had got caught in the threads. My friends wouldn't let me go back. I still feel guilty about that.

Other than that, I'm the kind of person who goes back to the till when I find out I wasn't charged for one of the items in my basket

What song lyric strikes you as hauntingly beautiful?

I Will Find You by Clannad  I couldn't find one with Moire Brennan singing, that has lyrics. This is by Enya and you get the idea but I would strongly recommend you listen to the original. It's the theme song from Last of the Mohicans

And now 11 interesting facts about me. Am I really that interesting I can find 11 of them? I don't think so but I'll give it a go.
  1. My inspiration for writing gay characters started in a flea market in Aberaeron in West Wales. I was into fantasy at the time and I picked up a book that had a nice cover. I flicked through it and found some dark bits (someone gets drugged, someone gets shot in the head, someone gets hung up and gutted) some absolutely beautiful, almost poetic bits and a plethora of amazingly drawn characters. I was utterly hooked by the third page and had to immediately get book II and II in the series. Since then I've read many more books by this author and she has become my absolute favourite writer.

2.  I used to be heaving involved in re enactment and spent my weekends as an iron age Celt

This was my wedding

3.    I broke my back during a reenactment weekend by falling down a hole after a large amount of whiskey.

4.   I have two children of whom I am incredibly proud. My daughter works for the commercial arbitration service ACAS. My son is 12 and still at school.

5, I have only ever had three four relationships in my entire life of which - one lasted for less than three weeks, two lasted for more than 12 years and one was with a woman.

6.  I was sexually abused as a child. It doesn't hurt at all to think or write about it now and I truly believe it ( or at least getting over it) has made me stronger and more empathetic.

7.  I am incredibly untidy.

8.  I feel extremely guilty about the fact I enjoy my own art and am proud of some of my paintings. I was tempted to share some but I hear my mother's voice ringing in my ears about being a 'bighead' and getting 'above myself'

9. My mother was very much against me going to university. she was worried I would get ideas beyond my station and she genuinely couldn't understand why I would want to when no one else in my family had. At least that's what she told me. I believe she told other people she was proud of me but that has never been proved.

10. Nothing gives me a bigger kick than helping people. I've spent time wondering if this is purely selfish - because it makes me feel good - and concluded it really doesn't matter.

11. I struggle with keeping secrets. I am totally open about everything in my life. There's no question I won't answer (as long as the answer won't hurt anyone) and I find it hard to remember other people aren't the same. This isn't to say that I don't keep secrets, because I do. I never breach a confidence if i can help it but I find it very hard.

Phew. almost three hours in and all I have left to do is nominate some others. This is hard. There are so many great blogs out there and great people, too. I think I'll save the blog and come back to this when I've had a chance to think about it.

I've really thought about this and I've decided on the following

Julie Lynn Hayes Julie was my first professional editor. She nursed me through the agony of having my first book published and became a good friend in the process. She instigated the Wednesday Briefs flash group I belong to and has written some amazing books and posts.

Romance First Publishing Stephanie Danielson has worked damn hard to create and build her publishing company from nothing to one who represents some of my absolute favourite authors, eg Angel Martinez and Tucker McCallahan

Cia's Stories Cia was a huge influence on me from when we first met on GA. She went from totally green to a polished writer and editor as well as being admin on GA. All of the projects she's involved in are incredibly demanding and I have no idea how she finds the time for them all.

Beez Laine A lady I met through Twitter who is strong, brave and very talented. Another lady I admire a lot. If you like poetry, truth and insanity this is a good place to go

5 Times Chaos Kia Zi Shiru is another writer I met on GA and who I have watched grow beyond recognition. Another strong lady I have a lot of admiration for.

Tali Spencer Tali is an amazing writer and a lovely person. In her blog you'll find a place full of mystery and magic and one of the best world builders I've ever read.

I have also to mention Sid Love It doesn't technically comply because it has more than 1000 followers, but I have to mention it because I am so impressed with how fast it's grown and how popular it's become, all down to the hard work and dedication of its founder, an old friend from GA. I'm really proud of you Sid!

Oops, almost forgot the questions

  1. Who's your favourite director named Tim Burton...oops no, I mean Who's your favourite director?
  2. Who's your favourite cartoon character?
  3. Anime or Manga? Why?
  4. Can you stand on your head and/or do cartwheels?
  5. What are the three strangest things you can see right now?
  6. Do you own any clothing you wouldn't wear in front of your parents?
  7. Do you like playing with toys? (my kind of toys)
  8. What's your favourite swear word?
  9. Can you say - I'm not the pheasant plucker, I'm the pheasant plucker's son and I'm only plucking pheasants 'till the proper pheasant plucker comes - without swearing? If you can, say it faster
  10. What's the strangest food you've ever eaten?
  11. What would you put in your ideal salad?
Please please send me a link if you do this as I'd LOVE to see the answers.

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  1. Wow :) Your answers prove I picked well when passing along the Liebster to you. I would be hard-pressed as well to pinpoint those who have had the most positive influence in my life since each positive is always so wrapped-up and/or overshadowed by a negative. As for the questions you came up with, I quite like #5. I'm sitting on my couch with my laptop watching a recording of Ellen. I can see a plethora of multi-colored mini gourds, small river rocks in a mason jar, and colorful Mexican folkart figurines.