Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday Briefs Cyan Chapter 17

This week I chose the prompt - use glass, table and beast. Yet again, I've strained it a bit, but I'm pleased with how I worked it in. I can really picture Cyan bouncing through the tables, completely unaware of the chaos his bag is leaving behind :)

Robin barely slept that night. He kept coming back to the kiss. God it was sexy. Cyan felt so good in his arms. The fit was right in a way it had never been with Gillian. His lips still tingled from the touch of Cyan’s tongue. The taste of him made his mouth water, and his touch made him shiver. But.

Cyan was a boy. There was no getting over that. Robin had kissed a boy. Not only that but he’d enjoyed it so much he was still sporting a hard on just from thinking of it. But.

Cyan was a boy, and Robin wasn’t gay.

Robin tried to think of other boys, good looking ones, sexy ones, but they did nothing for him. Nothing at all. Then he thought about actually having sex. With Cyan. How it worked. What it meant. Robin wasn’t gay.

Cyan turned him on like no one else ever had. Cyan was soft but in a hard, masculine way. He was gentle and sweet and hot as hell. He was – a boy. And Robin wasn’t gay.

After a sleepless night, following which he’d had to sneak his sheets into the washing machine, and suffering one of the most awkward moments of his life, when his mother asked why, Robin headed over to Alex’. Alex was still in bed.

Scooting him over, as he often did on a Saturday morning, Robin sat on the bed – on top of the covers – with his legs stretched out.

“Dude,” Alex said. “No offence but I’m not lying here naked and listening you talking gay. I’m not judging, and I’m going to listen to every word you have to say, but you’ve no idea how awkward it feels right now. Go in the bathroom while I dress.”

“I might want to watch you dress,” Robin said, with a wicked grin. “Just to test the waters, you know, to see if I really am gay.”

“Not going to happen,” Alex said good-naturedly. “I’m not going to be some test subject to measure gayness.”

“I promise I won’t be gay for you.”

“Dude, you’ve seen most of my body before, and you know you won’t be able to keep your hands off me. I’ve had enough women creaming their pants; don’t want my best friend getting wet over me. Besides, it will be messy.”

“Maybe we could find a way for you to help me keep the wetness under control. Some way of – oh I don’t know – hovering it maybe.”

“Hoovering? Oh shit. Just get in the bathroom, will ya?”

Robin heaved a dramatic mock-sigh. “Well, if I must, but if you change your mind, I’ll be waiting in there naked.”

“You better not, or I’ll steal your clothes and tell my mother you slipped in the shower and need first aid.”

“Dammit. A band aid sure isn’t going to cover what I got on show.”

Alex threw a pillow at him as he sauntered to the bathroom.”

Three hours later, he was in a thoughtful as he ate lunch in the local shopping centre. They’d been joined by Aivah, who’d brushed off Robin’s worries, which had been succinctly and embarrassingly encapsulated by Alex, as – “He’s worried he’s gay, and he’s worried he isn’t. He has the hots for 
Cyan, but is worried about where he puts his dick…oh and where Cyan puts his. That’s after he offered me a blow job in my bed. Personally, I think he’s putting his dick right in the middle of his forehead.”

“You really shouldn’t stress so much,” Aivah said. “The heart wants what the heart wants, even when the head takes a while to catch up.” And that was that. Subject closed. Kind of. Alex, infuriatingly, wouldn’t shut up about it, and teased constantly, sometimes rather too loud for Robin’s liking.

So, they were sitting eating their lunch, when a yell of “Robin,” had his head shooting up, and another part of his anatomy tried to follow.

Cyan looked amazing. His hair was loose and fluttered at the sides as he hurriedly dodged through tables, and he was wearing jeans and a long sleeved tshirt that was exactly the same colour as his eyes. He had a messenger bag slung over his shoulder and he very nearly knocked over a glass off on one the tables. Then caught a ‘Super Beast’ burger with the flying edge and flicked it off the table into someone’s lap. Cyan didn’t seem to notice, even though the unlucky recipient of a lap full of burger yelled after him.

“Oh God,” Robin moaned softly. Alex grinned.

“Time to get your gay on, boy. Don’t want to upset the boyfriend.”

Every eye within hearing distance turned to stare at Cyan, and Robin wanted the ground to open up and swallow him. He groaned again. Why did he have to think about swallowing at that precise moment? Please don’t kiss me. Please don’t kiss me, he prayed silently.

Cyan flopped into a seat on the other side of the table and grinned around. “Fancy meeting you here,” he said. The only acknowledgement he made that the previous evening had even happened was a slightly lingering look, from his large, luminous eyes. “What are you up to?”

“Um. Eating lunch,” Robin said, staring at Cyan with a completely blank mind, and extremely uncomfortable crotch.

Cyan leaned across the table and whispered. “Stop staring. It’s look suspicious.”

The first he was aware his mouth had been gaping was when he closed it with a snap.

“Oops,” Cyan said, staring at Alex and Aivah in horror. “I shouldn’t have done that, should I?”

“It’s okay,” Aivah said, gently patting his arm. “We know. We’re fine.”

“You know?” Cyan turned his 200kw gaze on Robin, and he just knew he was blushing.

“I− They− Um−“

“I’m his best friend, dude,” Alex said, with a grin. “If he can’t get gay with me, who can he get gay with? Well, apart from you, of course.”

“He… ‘got gay’ with you.”

“Metaphorically speaking,” Alex said, his grin widening. “Metaphorically speaking.”

Okay, now toss your butts over to the next on the list and enjoy some fabulous free writing.

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