Saturday, 25 October 2014

Wayward Ink Publishing Halloween Sale

Wayward Ink Publishing Halloween Sale

No tricks, Just treats

Wayward Ink Publishing is celebrating Halloween with a book sale and they’ve got nothing but treats for you! Everything on the WIP website is 30% off for eight days. This sale applies to both published titles and those in the Coming Soon section of the website, so make sure to check them all and buy your favorites!

Male sure you take advantage of this Halloween book sale from Sunday, October 26th to Sunday, November 2nd.  The extra days after Halloween are for those of you too busy with their costumes and parties.

WIP buy pages to check

Whilst you're there, looking around at all the amazing books on offer, check out my book

Project X was released by Wayward Ink Press on 23 September. It's available for purchase from

Wayward Ink Press

And the Stranded Anthology, in which my story Ari is featured.


  1. I read Project X and loved it! I am still reading Stranded but I did read Ari and am wondering if you will be doing more with this story in the future. I feel like we're just in the beginning with Benji and Ari and would love to continue on their journey. I really hope we see more of the.

  2. P.S. I really missed Cyan this week but did read the new chapter of Finding Alex. You take me on a very emotional journey when I'm reading your stories. I appreciate very much the free stories you post and will continue to buy the ones that are published. Thank you for allowing us into your world!