Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday Briefs Cyan Ch 25

I haven't written much for a while, Too much other stuff getting in the way, but Robin and Cyan wouldn't stay silent any longer, so here's what happens when Robin just couldn't keep it in any longer.

The prompt I used this week was Do or Die.

Seeing Cyan in school every day was torture. Cyan kept giving Robin hot little looks from under his lashes and brushing against him. As if he could concentrate not exams with all that going on – not that he would dream of telling Cyan to stop. 

After school every evening, Robin changed out of his school uniform and hurried around to Cyan’s house. Although his mother was concerned they might not be studying she needn’t have worried. Cyan was the most focused person Robin had ever met and there was no chance of even a kiss before homework and revision was done.

However, once the box was ticked on Cyan’s rigid schedule, kisses were the least of the delights on offer. Robin learned more from Cyan in three weeks than he had from Gillian in three years.

As the exams approached, Robin started to think about the last day. Publically acknowledging his relationship with Cyan was scary, but the thought of being openly with Cyan swept away the fear, and he started to look forward to it.

The cherry on the cake came when he discovered Cyan was applying to the same university he was, to do History and Art. Robin was going to do straight History. On the day of the last exam, they both got a letter, and waited to open them together. Aivah and Alex also had letters, albeit from different universities. Although he would very much have preferred her not to, Gillian also joined the group in the common room before the exam to open the letters together. One by one they opened their letter, all of which were acceptances, pending good exam results.

Cyan held back, as one by one his friends celebrated the news they’d hoped for. He blanched when everyone turned to him, as the last. “I can’t,” he whispered, “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re the one who really doesn’t need to worry,” Aivah said, with an encouraging smile. “You get the best marks of all of us.”

“I know, but I’m…. It’s not all about paper, is it?”

“Paper? What do you mean?” Robin was lost.

“Paper qualifications. Exam results. That’s why they ask about what you do outside school. They want the right kind of people. I’m not a right kind of person for anyone.”

“You’re the right kind of people for me…us,” Robin said, in a tone he regretted immediately. Alright, he was going to come clean today. They were going to walk out of here openly as boyfriends, but he wanted it to be on his terms. And, if he was being honest, he wanted it to be when he was walking away for the last time so he wouldn’t have to face any of them again. Cowardly? Maybe. Probably.

“Come on, babe,” Aivah said gently and clasped his shaking hands between hers. “Do you want me to do it?”

Cyan shook his head. “I can.” 

“Do or die,” Alex said.

With painful slowness, Cyan carefully opened the letter. 

“Oh will you please just do it?” Gillian said as he loosened the whole flap before slowly lifting it. “Just rip the bloody thing.”

Cyan flashed her a look, but otherwise ignored her, as he slipped the thick, creamy paper from its sheath. 

Cyan’s lips moved as he silently read the letter, then he let his hand fall, an expression of complete disbelief on his face. He was utterly frozen.

“What is it?” Robin asked, his heart thudding. He made the decision there and then that if Cyan didn’t get in, he wasn’t going. No way was he going to be separated from Cyan now.

“I…. I….” Cyan opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water.

“Oh for goodness sake,” Gillian said and snatched the letter from his hand. “Bloody hell,” she gasped.

“What is it? What does it say?” Robin asked restraining himself from trying to snatch it from her.

“Ah shit, Cyan,” Gilian said, “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Cyan’s face fell and he gave Robin a shaky look. “What—?”

“You’ve only gone and got yourself a complete, unconditional scholarship,” Gillian said, and threw her arms around Cyan, who stood stiff and shocked, his eyes fixed on Robin.

“What?” he said.

“Get off him,” Robin said, tearing Gillian away from the shocked boy. He grabbed the letter out of her hand and read it, then he whooped. “Way to go Cyan. You did it. You really did it. We’re going to uni. Shit. We’re going to uni…together.”

Finally, a tiny smile appeared on Cyan’s face. Robin realized belatedly that the intense emotions were throwing Cyan into a spin. He was confused and the happy excitement couldn’t get past the frightened confusion.

“Come here,” Robin said. He took Cyan’s hand and led him away from the group. He could hear Gillian’s voice, but blocked it. 

Robin stopped at the window. There was no one else around. “You okay?” he asked.

Cyan blinked. “It’s good, right?”

“Yeah it’s good. It couldn’t be better. You got first choice, unconditional. A full scholarship. Your mother’s going to be crazy proud of you.”

“She will?”


Robin watched warmth flood Cyan’s cold blue eyes and a real smile spread over his face. “I’m going to uni, Robin. I’m going to uni and I’m going with you.”

Robin nodded and Cyan threw his arms around him. Robin forgot everything but the bundle of sheer joy he held in his arms. Cyan had gone from stiff and cold to humming with happiness and it was beautiful.

“Hey gay boy,” someone called. “Put your boyfriend down. It’s time for the exam.”

Robin’s head shot up, but he didn’t see who’d spoken.

“What the fuck?” Gillian asked, storming up to him. “You? And him? No way.”

Robin hesitated. This wasn’t how he’d imagined things going. Cyan pulled apart and gazed at Robin with scared, uncertain eyes. It was that which broke down the wall of uncertainty and fear. Robin slipped his arm around Cyan’s waist and met Gillian’s eyes. “Yeah way,” he said.

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