Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Demon, Part Seven by Nephylim

Today I have chosen two rather diverse picture prompts for a somewhat more grown up chapter.

There have been many things in my life that have caused me to fear. Too many, maybe. But nothing has ever scared me as much as feeling that builds within my body as I sink into the warmth of the bath and feel his body, hard against mine.
He is so beautiful, my demon. The candles that dot the room, send flickering shadows to dance on the fragrant water and paint his pale skin with diamond kisses. But no kisses, no matter how they sparkle, can compare with the ones he sprinkles on my unsuspecting face and body.
Oh my days, this is….
I let my head fall back, all capacity for conscious thought stolen by my lover’s talented lips, which linger at my pulse point. When his tongue laps, at my skin my body trembles and I flow into him, boneless. His arms are so strong. They support me and enfold me and it feels like coming home.
My demon turns me so my back presses against his hard chest. My head tilts back so I can look up into his lovely face. His smile sets my blood to flame. Unable to control myself, I melt against him, and my back arches when his soapy hands rove over by chest and belly.
A deep throaty laugh rises from my demon’s lips, and he slides his hips forward, unbalancing me. Before I know what’s happening, his knees have slid between my thighs and parted them. Oh hell.
“Hush, my prince,” he whispers in my ear. “I will take you on a journey that will change you forever.”
I believe him.
“I–I’m afraid,” I whisper, and he nudges my ear, whispering into its shell.
“I know, but there is nothing to fear. Trust me.”
Trust me he says. A demon. A demon expects me to trust him. A demon. I must be insane, because I do.
My demon thrusts his hands into my hair and massages my scalp. I relax and become boneless as the massaging continued down over my shoulders, down my arms, to my––
I jump so hard when he pinches my nipples that water splashes from the bath onto the polished wooden floor.
“Hush,” he murmurs again, rolling my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. I open my mouth to beg him to stop, but I pause because somehow the pain is morphing into pleasure, and I don’t want him to stop. But I do want him to stop, because I want more. I want so much more, and he gives it to me.
Slipping lower, my demon’s hand circles my stomach, the slick skin tightening under his touch. Scooping up frothy suds he closes his hand around my penis. My brain switches off and my body reacts, thrusting into his hand, and sending more water cascading over the sides of the bath. My arms and legs flail as I search for purchase in a world turned liquid.
My hand strikes a lever and the shower head bursts into life, pelting us with icy spray. Gasping, I struggle to find the lever again to turn it off. We both flounder, thrashing under the icy droplets, until my numb finger are able to turn off the water. Gasping, my demon shakes his head, dispelling water in all directions. Shivering I laugh, and seek out the warmth of his arms again.
I’m shocked when he rises from the water like a sea god, to loom over me, his beautiful white hair falling like sea foam. I down under him and he pins me with his body, one arm capturing my wrists and raising them over my head. I am helpless. It would be very easy for him to drown me if he wanted. I am at his mercy, and I have never felt safer.
It’s as if he senses it, because the hungry eyes that rove my face are clear of concern, of guile, or any negative emotion I can imagine…well, unless you are of those who decry lust as a sin.
“You are so beautiful, my prince, my bonded. So much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.”
“So are you.”
For the longest time we simply gaze at each other. I wonder what he sees in me that makes his face look like that – as if…as if he worships me. It can’t be the same things I find to worship in him. I’m no fool. I’m pleasant to look at but not beautiful; not like my demon is beautiful, so lovely he steals my breath.
My demon moans and buried his face in the crook of my neck, licking and biting gently as he moves from shoulder to ear, then round to capture my mouth, swallowing the little sounds that escape me as his hand roves over my body to…that place. He tilts himself to one side so he can gain better access to my most private of places.
I moan as his hand caresses and explores me. One knee nudges my legs apart and I comply, excitement shooting through my veins and making me giddy. And then…and then he touches me somewhere quite unexpected. I tense, my eyes flying wide with shock.
“You’ll see. Relax, my prince. I promise I will not hurt you.”
“But….but why? Why there?”
My demon smiles and takes advantage of my confusion and the slackening of my body to breach my defences and enter my body.
Words flee as he penetrates deeper and something…something wonderful and hateful, pleasure and pain, sends my body slamming against his.

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