Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday Briefs - Demon Chapter Nineteen

In this week's installment we have a tantalizing hint of what is soon to come, or should that be cum, along with an insight into Castien's troubled mind. The prompt I took was - Follow your heart, but poor Castien is too afraid to do that. Hopefully Tian will soothe his fear, with his body and his words.

Tian’s eyes shine with sincerity, but his words confuse me. I know what I am. I have always known. My father and sister have told me often enough. Can it be that men such as I – valueless – are prized among his kind for some reason I don’t understand. If this is true how have his people managed to survive?
I cannot say that every person in our kingdom is born for war, but those who are not, bear stigma and are relegated to a position befitting their weak and cowardly natures. Not that I believe they are weak and cowardly, for if they are then so am I, and as much as I have no stomach for war and destruction, I am by no means a coward.
Tian’s words confuse me, and he waits patiently, his lovely eyes bright with love. Love for me. I touch his cheek and he smiles. Emboldened, I allow my fingers to explore his face, brushing over his smooth skin. Tian is in every way a warrior but his cheek is as soft as a woman’s and his large eyes gaze from beneath lashes longer than my mother’s. His features lie on the masculine side of pretty, but he is beautiful. My angel.
Burying my fingers in Tian’s soft hair, I draw his face closer. I pause when he is inches away, and scour his eyes. I know he loves me. My heart knows it, but fear controls me, as fear has controlled me since the day I came to know what fear truly is. I am so afraid my love will be cast away again.
“You do love me, don’t you?” I ask, angry at my voice which trembles with need.
“Do you not believe me?”
“I want to. I want to more than anything, but I am afraid. I don’t think I could live if you were to leave me now.”
“Follow your heart, my love. Listen beyond the fear that fills you even now. What does it say?”
“I–I don’t know.”
“Listen more carefully.”
I try. I really do. I want to believe, and in unguarded moments I do, but when I think about it fear obscures everything, especially since the situation with my sister arose.
“Tell me what is being done with your sister has not caused this fear. I could not bear if you were hurt by it. If I have to I will take you away right now, and to hell with your father, your family and your country. You will have a home with us – as a prince or an ordinary man. No,” Tian smiles. “You will never be an ordinary man.”
“If I am not then it is you who made me so. When I am with you; when we are alone…I feel extraordinary.”
“Your words make my heart sing, beloved. Fear not, I will take away your fear, if takes all my days. I will not rest until your heart is at peace.”
“I–I know peace when I am with you. I–I…you make me feel safe.”
“With me, you are safe. Always.”
Tian closes the space between us and his lips meet mine in the softest kiss. I am entranced, and it crosses my mind that my love has ensorcelled me.
“You bewitch me,” Tian breathes, stealing the very thoughts from my mind. “Enchanting creature.”
“Me also.”
“That is because our bonding is complete; perfect. You are mine and I am yours. Nothing can break the bond, not even death.”
“I hope you don’t get tired of me,” I whisper, praying he does not mock my fears, as others have when I have shown uncertainty or a need for reassurance.
Tian’s eyes darken and he frowns. Once again, fear grips me and my heart stutters to a stop. “I love you, my bonded. Love like this does not die. It does not fade. It does not end. For the whole of this life and beyond I will love you. How can anyone tire of love?”
My heart starts with a painful thud and I grit my teeth as tears prickle my eyes. My smile is shaky, but it is enough for Tian, because he lights like a candle and kisses me again.
The kiss deepens until he takes total command of my mouth. He pushes me to my limits and my body squirms with no control from me. Tian’s hand slides beneath my tunic and caresses the hot skin on my sides and chest. Little whimpers slip from my lips as my body reacts to his touch by arching into him, tightening to an almost painful level.
“You like that, love,” Tian whispers and I can’t respond. I am overwhelmed. Tian draws back. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No,” I managed to gasp. “Please.”
Tian’s smile is feral. He kisses me deeply while he moves his body to the side. Slowly, he lets his hand rove my body while I cling to him and whimper. There is no fear now; he has driven it from my mind which is filled with him – his touch, his smell, his taste.
Lights burst behind my closed eyelids when he rubs my cock, the soft fabric of my trousers causing delicious friction. Yet I yearn for it to be free; hot and hard in his hand.
Tian reads my mind again and his fingers fumble with the fastenings of my trews. By the time he frees them I am ready to scream. And then it is done. Tian exaggerates the effects of the cold air on my hot cock by blowing on it gently. All I can do now is whimper, but Tian doesn’t seem to mind.

My body arches to an impossible arc when he takes me into his mouth. He is mine and nothing else exists in this moment. Tomorrow he might leave. Or the day after. But right now, for this moment, this perfect moment, he is mine and I am his.

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