Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday Briefs Demon Chapter Twenty

Tian and Castien are finally alone and have some time to play. This week I chose a picture for the prompt. Okay, I have to admit that I messed up. I used the wrong set of prompts and couldn't change the story to fit one of the new ones. As the chapter is full of hearts and food I thought this one wouldn't be too bad

Seeing my beautiful prince in such pain and fear hurts me. I would like to hurt those who caused him to doubt himself so greatly. Perhaps one day I will. For now, I must concentrate on making him feel better. It matters not how much I tell him of my love, I see he cannot believe me. Therefore, I must show him, in the only way I know how.
I love the way my prince lights at my touch. He is so responsive. The merest brush of my fingers over his skin sends shivers through him that stir his very core. I see it reflected in his eyes, smell it through his pores. If I inhale deeply enough I can breathe in the essence of his soul. It is pure.
Making love to Castien is beautiful. He gives himself to me completely; far more than anyone else ever has. Touching his body makes my own tighten and twitch. He exposes himself to me completely; hides nothing. He is laid out before me like a feast and I allow my eyes to rove its curves and dips. Last time, we coupled hard, burning with desire. This time I will make it last. I will move slowly, gently explore.
My hands roam aimlessly, every touch making my beloved twitch and squirm. He tries so hard to remain still, but his body reacts instantly and completely.
“Tian,” he moans. I know what he wants but I am in no hurry to give it to him. First I must make him forget.
I trail my fingers down over his chest and abdomen, lightly raking him with my nails. Sweet whimpers escape, with soft mewls that form my name.
I rest a finger against his lips. “In time, my love.”
Castien grabs my wrist and holds it in place as he sucks my finger into his mouth and suckles. Oh, that feels good. So good.
I throw back my head and close my eyes. I had not intended to move beyond touching for some time but sometimes the body makes its own rules. I find that I am rubbing myself against him. I don’t remember beginning, but if I don’t stop it will end all too quickly.
“Patience, love,” I whisper and slide down his body to kiss his belly. I wriggle between his legs and slip off the bed, rising to my feet.
“What? Wait. No. Come back. Don’t leave me.”
“You think I am leaving? When did I say that?”
“I…. You didn’t. You…. But….”
Moving around the bed I let a kiss fall onto his lips. “I am going nowhere unless you come too.”
“Then what…?”
“Wait. I will be but a moment.”
Castien raises himself on his elbows and watches me as I cross the room to the bath chamber.
As I hoped, the food has been replenished. There is little enough that I am familiar with, but I would be poor indeed to not know the difference between meat and fish, vegetable and fruit. I chose a selection of sweet and bitter fruit, a glass of ice and a jug of thick cream, and carry it back into the bedroom.
“You went for food? But I’m not hungry.”
Laying the food on a table at the side of the bed I shuck the rest of my clothes and stand over him. “But food is not just for eating.”
“It’s not?” Castien’s eyes widen, and I see excitement, anticipation and… damn that fear. Will I ever see him free of it?
First, I take the flesh of a bitter–sweet fruit and squeeze it onto his stomach. Castien arches his back with a little cry that makes my cock twitch. The sweet liquid trickled down his sides and I lick them clean, the stickiness of the liquid coating my face as I nuzzle his soft skin. When I am done, I kiss him so he may also taste. He is smiling now.
As I kiss my prince, I reach for more fruit and squeeze the juices over his stomach and abdomen. He groans into my mouth, the sound sweeter than any fruit. I take my time, rubbing juice into his body, then raise my head to gaze down at him. He is panting, his eyes hungry. There is no room for fear now. I believe I may be smirking.
Taking the jug of cream, I hold it high, and allow the thick liquid to trickle onto Castien’s body. He closes his eyes and shivers. “Mmm I like that.”
“Good, my love. Tell me what you want.”
“Lick me. I want you to lick me. I want to feel your touch – your hands, your tongue. I want to feel you. All of you.”
“As you wish, My Prince.”
Carefully replacing the jug, I mix the cream with the juice and begin to lick.
Castien squirms and giggles. “You tickle me,” he laughs.
“Is that not a good thing.”
“No. I mean yes, I think. It’s a good thing; a good thing.”
I take time with my exploration of his body, lengthening or shortening the strokes of my tongue sometimes to provoke laughter and sometimes gasps. I suck, I nip, I nibble. By the end, Castien is breathing hard, squirming under my face. We are both very sticky.
“I want you,” Castien rasps. “No more teasing. I want you now.”
“Not quite yet. Be patient and you will be rewarded.”
“Rewarded? How?”
Smiling, I pop two ice cubes into my mouth and roll them with my tongue. Castien is spellbound.
“What are you going to do with those? Don’t drop them on me.”
Still smiling, I bend my head and suck hard on his nipple, making sure the sensitive nub comes into contact with the ice.

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