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Bad Magic by Evelyn Elliott

BadMagicFS Author Name: Evelyn Elliott

Book Name: Bad Magic

Series: Spell Slave

Book: One Can be read as a standalone

Release Date: October 28, 2015

Pages or Words: 161 pages, 55,000 words

Categories: Bisexual, Fantasy, M/M Romance, Romance

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Christine Griffin 

Blurb: Morality is relative. At least that’s what young sorcerer Regis Teller convinces himself. He’s done what he must to survive: working for a witch since he was nine, helping her throw the kingdom into anarchy, and taking his only comfort in her mysterious son, Crow. And soon, Regis is going to commit his first murder.

 A do-gooder named Jonathan White has information the witch needs, and it’s Regis’s job to get that information and slit Jonathan’s throat. But then Regis actually meets Jonathan. And Jonathan is perfect—a hero with a passion for justice and little regard for civility.

Lucky for Regis, Jonathan has a weakness for attractive men.
Lucky for Jonathan, Regis is fast developing a conscience and a heart.

But for Regis, keeping both of them alive at their adventure’s end means breaking a magical oath and surviving his ruthless boss—all without telling Jonathan the truth. Falling in love is never easy, especially when everyone involved is lying through their teeth.


Hours from dawn, Regis woke.

He lay perfectly still, listening. The grass shifted in the wind. A fish splashed in the river. His eyes flickered left and right. What had woken him? Jonathan lay sound asleep inches away. They’d slept close together to ward off the cold, so close Regis’s breath disturbed white-gold strands of hair.

Where was Chartreuse? He squinted into the dark.

Then he heard it: the hiss of a sword being drawn. He sat up, reaching to shake Jonathan awake, but it was far too late. He was grabbed by his arms and dragged to his feet, and as if by magic, five men emerged from the dark.

Something ice-sharp pressed against his neck. Steel. “Scream, and I’ll cut your throat,” said a voice in his ear. He swallowed against the blade and held perfectly still. Another man bound his hands behind his back.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was yanked to his feet. Startled awake, he floundered and stumbled instead of fighting. Two more men grabbed him and held him still while another bound him.

Regis’s heart hammered somewhere in his throat. It had all been so quick and quiet.

The men wore the basic clothes and crude weaponry of bandits, and—Regis noted, being quite close to one—none of them had phenomenal hygiene. Except for one. Their apparent leader stood in the middle. He was a middle-aged man with a well-trimmed beard, dressed in expensive riding leathers and a rich cloak.

The men sliced through Jonathan’s sword belt. They handed it to the rich man, who drew the sword.
“Not ornamental,” he remarked. He hefted it. “Heavy but well-balanced. That one is a fighter of some sort.” He turned to Regis. “Are you a noble or a tradesman?”

Jonathan and Regis exchanged glances. Both were silent.

“I am the man who controls this land,” said the man. “I would like to know what you are doing on my river.” He spoke in a slow, smug way that made it clear he expected them to be impressed by his

“The ginger one is a noble,” said one of the men. “He talks like one, at least.”

The bandit who spoke wore a bandage on his shoulder. Regis gaped at him in horror. “You’re the man we rescued yesterday!”

The man averted his eyes. “You scum-sucking rat!” Regis shrieked. “We saved your life! And you, you bring your worthless friends down on us! Mercy, my foot.”

“Regis, shut up,” Jonathan hissed.

“Shut up? I’m going to murder him!” Regis fought for a moment before the blade at his neck dug in. The cut stung. He forced himself still, breathing hard. “Where the hell is your dragon, White?” he

Jonathan didn’t answer.

The bandits exchanged glances. “Dragon?” the leader echoed.

The wounded man shrugged. “I didn’t see no dragon.”

The leader glanced between Regis and Jonathan. “A mad nobleman and his bodyguard, then.” He seized their packs and overturned them, wrinkling his nose at what came out. He kicked the pot, which landed in the river with a splash. “Junk. Salvage the food and money, leave the rest.”

The merchant’s cart on the bridge. The guard with his throat cut. The bandit left to die. “Wait!” Regis blurted out. “You’re not going to kill us, are you? We’re harmless, I swear!”

“Shut him up,” someone said.

The hilt of a sword slammed into Regis’s head. His eyes rolled up. The ground rose up to meet him, and then everything went dark.

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Meet the author:

 At first glance, Evelyn Elliott seems like a perfectly normal person. Do not be deceived. Her hobbies include watching grisly horror movies, torturing her characters, and tending to her flower garden. She enjoys long walks on the beach and collecting the souls of small children. Whenever she reads a book, she always roots for the villain.

 Avoid her at all costs.

Certainly do not find her on facebook or befriend her online. You have better things to do.

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