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Indefensible by Thomas Banks




Every leap in technology brings with it consequences. Today, drones are on the verge of demonstrating their benefit to society. Unfortunately, like all technology, they too will yield unintended consequences. 
Drones have become embedded in pop-culture and everyday life from hobbyists seeking entertainment to useful applications in business, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, and unmanned automated delivery of products. 
Unfortunately, like smartphones and GPS, drones will change the way we do everything…even terror specifically with regard to the asymmetric target rich nature of the United States. 
Indefensible introduces the reader to a new and frightening terror regime—Lone Wolf Technology Jihadism. Operating independently, Technology-Jihadists will be coordinated by remote leadership through social media guiding armadas of weaponized autonomous drones.  New-age Jihadists will operate invisibly within cities and towns driving their mini-vans and delivering C4 and biologic laden weapons within a few miles of their targets releasing their merciless vehicles on their autonomous journey to destruction. 
Albeit C4 laden drones are frightening. Unfortunately, the logical inclusion of biological contaminants such as Anthrax or RICIN is apocalyptic. Regardless of payload, swarms of micro-drones flying close to the ground are invisible to radar, catastrophic and indefensible. 
No target will be safe from this new-age attack system as autonomous weaponized drones swarm airliners, buildings, or outside gatherings of unwitting citizens. Drones have not only changed the tempo of warfare, they usher in a new era of remote and impersonal terror.
Indefensible doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief but rather acceptance of the inevitable.


Thomas Banks, in his debut novel Indefensible, has proven, if anything, he is a gifted and compelling storyteller.  In Indefensible, Thomas generously invites the reader to become immersed in his vision of the threats and concerns about technology, autonomous machines and corrupt agenda as western society is confronted by a plausible and impersonal threat from the east—fully autonomous micro-drone weapons platforms that are undetectable and indefensible.  
    Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Thomas       weaves a story not requiring time travel and
the reader’s suspension of disbelief, but rather awareness of the daily news.  A story not requiring some far off future setting but one that lays at the tips of our fingers displayed in living color on the screens of ubiquitous smartphones and tablets.  Indefensible is a story that is believable and relevant to our time—and more importantly, frightening.
Moktar Barakat, the sinister Islamic leader and antagonist represents an evil so broad and powerful one hero is simply not enough.  Offsetting Barakat’s dominance, Thomas introduces a spectrum of heroes from the highly motivated and patriotic Sheriff Graham to young Ricky Granger, often found in a Starbucks with his head buried in his iPad gaming away, each playing a pivotal role in surviving the unrelenting onslaught of automated terror.
It’s obvious storytelling is only one of Mr. Banks’ many talents as he so ably demonstrates between the covers of Indefensible.  Not only are we left with a genuine sense of fear and dread, we are reminded by the drone buzzing around outside our own windows, surveilling the neighborhood, that Indefensible is an all too real possibility needing little to set off one’s imagination.
From the first word, Thomas sidesteps the humdrum of commercial storytelling and draws upon his myriad of talents including flying, business and most importantly, technology.  Thomas literary ‘firststep’ is finely crafted in the third person providing the reader a perch high above the action.  
Indefensible introduces the reader to a new author, uniquely individual and self-sufficient leaving one with the sense that Indefensible is only the first of a future body of excellent and exciting work.
A certain fact is Thomas Banks is going places, whether here or there, in name or body, we are pleased to share this brief glimpse into his vast, agile and creative mind that has, with respect to the literary world, laid quiescent for much too long.

His detailed writing makes you feel like you are in the story

“Thomas Banks could write a screenplay for a movie, his detailed writing makes you feel like you are in the story. The story held my interest even though it is not my typical genre! I found the role of social media in the novel very interesting; it really makes you think about how influential and dangerous social media could be. I found the younger characters in the novel very relatable, I think that social media has become so prevalent these days that we don't think about the dangers that could possibly ensue. I felt like I was watching the news and seeing a live behind the scenes documentary- it was like I was finally privy to all the top secret information! Highly recommend this novel and can't wait to see more from this author!”
“What a scary, scary concept! Banks, not only has thought of a previously unimaginable future - but one that is totally likely. And he obviously knows all of the technical information that would make this scenario possible. The future he predicts is frightening. While the book is positioned and reads like a novel, it really his prediction of our future. Read it and you'll think differently about the near future and about how technology and terrorism are coming together.

I’m looking forward to the movie!

“I’m frightened. Banks creates a world in which drones and cyber warriors dominate us in the not so distant future. It’s scary to think of this happening. Even though this is a novel, it felt like this could be the world we live in in the next ten years. Banks does a great job of creating a believable and frightening sci-fi novel. I’m already looking forward to the movie!”

An axe is a tool, until it is used as a weapon. A Drone is a tool, until ...

“Indefensible is a very compelling story about a future that may materialize any day or any week. New technology on its face is neutral with the potential for both good and bad. With drones, we see the entertaining aerial videos, the use for remote police surveillance, and the future potential of Amazon package delivery. The author weaves a fascinating narrative around the darker side of drone use that is captivating, absorbing and … terrifying. There are 5 books on my night stand ½ finished after I lost interest – this book was not one of them. This was a real page turner that was difficult to put down since it felt like I was reading next week’s newspaper. Though this is a fictional story, you WILL be reading about the accounts in this book … either in the newspaper when these event actually occur or by reading about it here. Highly recommend.” 

I pay more attention to drone news now

“Banks take a relatively safe hobby item, sold in stores and mall kiosks, couples it with modern technology, men with twisted belief system, and voilà, we have a terrifying look at tomorrow’s headlines! This is an exciting, technically solid forte into the all too real future. I couldn't put this one down, and can't wait for his next offering!!”  

The premise of this book is brilliant, important and totally feasible

“The premise of this book is brilliant, important and totally feasible. I wondered throughout the book, 'is the author revealing something he shouldn't?'. I have referred this book to a number of friends, but is seems those who love technology or who work in tech are truly absorbed by it. Good job Mr. Banks!”

Recently the world’s leading scientists and technologists signed an open letter issuing this warning: “Humanity’s next great threat—autonomous weapons. They believe their versatility and capability will make autonomous weapons the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, Sept. 25 —  Thomas Banks, an Orange County computer technology executive debuted his geo-political thriller, INDEFENSIBLE available on  INDEFENSIBLE explores the threat posed by autonomous micro-drones as stealthy C4 and biologic laden weapons of mass destruction.  “I believe this discussion has to begin.  In INDEFENSIBLE I bring to light the looming threat of advancing technology represented by autonomous personal drones deployed by lone-wolf embedded Islamic extremists,” said Banks.  “INDEFENSIBLE reveals a frightening strategy that is intrinsically stealthy, undetectable and more importantly, indefensible,” added Banks.
INDEFENSIBLE’s setting is global, as Moktar Barakat the terrorist leader highjacks a corporate jet carrying leading autonomous drone engineers.  One quiet morning America is awakened to Barakat’s plan as an airliner arriving into Southern California is destroyed.  Soon you learn no place and no one are safe. 

INDEFENSIBLE doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief but rather acceptance of the inevitable.
As one Kindle reader of INDEFENSIBLE wrote: “…the future he predicts is frightening. While the book is positioned and reads like a novel, it really is his prediction of our future…”
Banks is available for interviews, appearances, speaking engagements, media appearances, and book signings.

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In a nutshell, Thomas Banks is a 30-year business professional with specific experience in marketing, sales, software design in disciplines ranging from healthcare to mobile gaming.   Banks at his core a serial technology entrepreneur demonstrating vision, command, and insight and incomparable communication and management skills — an innovator and heavy lifter that eagerly takes the lead on any project and shepherds it from concept to market.  Simply, Banks is a rare breed, a visionary with an eye for detail and a get-it-done attitude.
In the past decade Banks has been the CEO of a public healthcare information management company and more recently a mobile gaming start-up ( demonstrating his solid foundation in accounting and audit procedures as well as the much maligned public company reporting process.  Bottom line, as a business professional Banks knows what it means to “own” a P&L understanding capital, its importance and its formation for he has personally raised over $20 million in development capital for a number of the companies he founded.

Banks is unique by the fact that he clearly enjoys exploring and exploiting uncharted territory.  As a highly experienced instrument and multi-engine rated private pilot with over 1,800hour in the cockpit Banks demonstrates his capacity for planning and mission critical decision making.  Decision making that matters. When it comes to business, Banks draws upon a broad spectrum of experience to manage the dynamic and fluid demands of business.  

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