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Cosmic Inception by Cia Nordwell

Cia Nordwell and I met over on Gay Authors quite a few years ago and I fell in love with her stories as soon as she started writing them. There's one particular story that I can never remember the name of, with a blue alien that has stuck in my memory all these years and is one of the best sci fi I've ever read. If you have any doubt about Cia's skill or want to taste her work before you buy then head over to GA and you'll find plenty of reasons to buy her Cosmic Inception series and all her other books.

Take the plunge into universes unimaginable and fall in love with characters so real you might be friends with them on Facebook. Buckle in for the ride of your life and don't forget the other great books you can find by following the links below. 

Happy travelling.

Envisioning Alien Worlds Part 1

One of the greatest parts of writing sci-fi is getting to use my imagination. I’ve been working on expanding my use of environments to bring in the ‘alien’ feel along with the actual aliens. Truthfully, the two usually go hand in hand since the planet often dictates the development of the species that call in home. In Cosmic Inception I really got a chance to expand my world-building chops with several new locations for Nick and Fieo to explore. The best part was that this was all new to Nick so I had his fresh eyes to share the settings with readers.

Afiowa Tau is one of the planets they visit, and at first look it seems like a paradise. The planet is mostly ocean, and it’s a warm environment so the water is crystal clear. But it’s so warm during the day cycle the planet has no discernable life on the few jutting spires of rock emerging from the ocean.

But there’s a whole underwater world that the characters get to explore, and you don’t get to meet just one alien species you get to meet... well, let’s just say it’s really interesting! As a bonus, I thought I’d share a picture to help you “see” the planet like I do. Enjoy!

Their journey will span the universe and back, but there’s no guarantee they’ll make it together.

Though Nick and Fieo are drawn to each other, their relationship has never been easy. Their differences go beyond their races, but they’ve managed to work together to prevent the spread of corruption, growing closer along the way. Nick still battles the effects of years of loneliness, fear, and pain but surprises everyone when he refuses to stay behind when Fieo is sent on a vital mission to find the Collectors. Fieo objects, but there’s no stopping Nick when he sets his mind to something. Over the course of their mission, it becomes clear Nick is more than anyone ever imagined, but the mystery of his past threatens to derail his future.

The search for the truth will take Fieo and Nick far from Caeorleia, to worlds both familiar and completely alien, and put stress on their already tenuous relationship. It’s a journey that will either tear them apart or finally bring them together. 

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press  Cover Artist: Christine Griffin
Length: 288 Pages, 110.5k

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Alicia Nordwell is one of those not so rare creatures, a reader turned writer. Striving to find something interesting to read one day, she decided to write what she wanted instead. Then the voices started ... Yep, not only does she talk about herself in the third person for bios, she has voices in her head constantly clamoring to get out.
Fortunately for readers, with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided for her own sanity to keep writing. Now you can find her stories both free and e-published!She can be found quite often at her blog, where she has a lot of free fiction for readers to enjoy or working hard, or maybe hardly working, as an admin on under her online nickname, Cia.
Oh yeah, she's a wife, mom of two, and lives in the dreary, yet ideal for her redhead complexion, Pacific Northwest. Except for when she disappears into one of the many worlds in her head, of course!    
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