Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Round Up of Some Fantastic Releases

I thought I might give you a quick roundup of some badass books that have appeared on Facebook Groups recently

APRIL KELLEY   Webb (Demon Elite Book #9)

Dario Navarro is a twenty-four-year-old man who has taken care of his ill mother his entire life. When his mother’s illness gets to be too much and he has to put her in a nursing home, rediscovering himself turns out to be harder than it seems. All he wants is someone to rely on, who has his back. He’d thought maybe Webb could be that person, but Webb’s issues with their age difference stand in the way.


RACHEL KANE   Damaged Gods

Every lawyer knows you shouldn’t fall for your clients...especially those charged with murder.

Attorney Harlan Marlowe’s life is so empty, he’s sleeping on the couch in his office instead of at home. But when he takes on the damaged but beautiful Evan Steele as a client, he finds himself as interested in Evan as he is in the case -- even when he hears Evan’s improbable story about being framed by an exploitative, fanatical cult with deep and powerful roots in the city.

Evan is too broken to deserve love. He'd settle for just having someone believe him. He feels a spark of hope when Harlan becomes obsessed with his case...but he knows better than to think that obsession could turn into something more. With the cult hellbent on destroying Evan, he and Harlan need to race against time to clear Evan's name before he's sentenced to a life behind bars.

Harlan knows it's wrong to desire Evan, but he can't help it; something is growing between them, something he has never felt before. Will their growing feelings give him the strength to take on Evan's enemies...or will it give the cult just the weapon it needs to destroy them both?



Meraki has two very different series out, both Paranormal, and both contemporary.
Chronicles of an Earned has demigods, angels, demons, witches, and secret orders. He delves into the occult, mystic orders, lore, and ancient religions. Reviewers say this series has exceptional world building and an original plot.

The Cubi revolves around feeding on sex. Here, Meraki looks at sex, desire, love, lust, and attraction. Simple, right? No, the world of the Cubi isn’t that cut and dry. Especially to a young human man.

Find more here:

DAN SKINNER  The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume I: That Darn Muse

He's a middle-aged, newly single, gay photographer starting life over. Along comes a freshly out nineteen-year-old, irreverent free spirit who wants to be his apprentice. Mismatched by more than a generation, what could possibly go wrong? Everything! And it's AWESOME!

Dirk's First Time. Every gay boy has his first experience. Usually it's a memorable, exciting personal time of discovery and intimacy between two young people. But two comic book characters? Is it horseplay or Cosplay?

The Boy At The Gym. First impressions can be deceiving. Sometimes that boy in the baggy clothes, talking to himself in the gym isn't as shy as he appears. Sometimes there's a deviant imp lurking beneath that freckled mask of innocence. Beware the Trojan Nerd!

TALLULAH SCOTT True Calling (Men of the Mountain Book 1)

A. E. VIA Nothing Special V

"We were a unit tonight, moving as one. Even apart, we are deadly, but when combined – we are f**kin’ unstoppable." ~~ God ~~

Atlanta's notorious narcotics task force is at it again. They are stronger, bigger, and better than ever. Especially when a city councilman sends RECON Marine, Edwin Steele - who’s been blacklisted from his Oakland department - to join the team. God and Day weren't recruiting. They have a lot on their plates, like the fact they're supposed to be getting married soon. They don't have the time or the patience to integrate a decorated war hero with a slight chip on his shoulder into their well-oiled machine. 

A hothead that's uncontrollable and terrible with authority… but wasn’t that their team motto?

R PAONE Slow Like Honey (Only If Series Book 3)

First, “love” was found. Next, “desire” was questioned. Now, time moved “slow like honey.” The “Only If” Saga continues with this climacteric tale of sexual rebirth and incitement of one soul.

In 2004, Robert found himself sexually experimenting with his co-worker, Mitch. Together they faced long-hidden secrets and insecurities that challenged a new found passion growing between one another. They were falling in love. But that was in the past...

Now, it is the year 2014. Ten years have passed. Robert is now living the life as a single gay man entering his thirties in New York City. Passionately conflicted about whether he is going to make the right decision, Robert has thrust himself into a chance meeting with a stranger he meets online. Just when a carefully, calculated encounter turns out to be much more, a new door has been opened for Robert. This new man wants nothing more to gain complete control of Robert’s desire.

There was this stranger, this break in morality that drove Robert to forge on past his own insecurities while discovering what lies beneath the surface of his own pleasure.

Conscience-stricken and torn, Robert must make the choices of a grown adult. Will he continue on this road protecting the love of Mitch inside his heart or is this true sexual awakening risking everything? Watch as the heart grows fonder but also while the years ripen with time.

AVRIL SHAFER Fear of Discovery

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Avery's life had never been easy. He has had one shocking revelation after another. First it was that the woman he had always called mom was not, then the idea he had been in a relationship with a man he had not been, only to discover it was planted images and thoughts by men more evil than he could ever imagine....and they were his father, uncle, and grandfather...or so he thought. Yet, even that was a lie. The only truth Avery ever knew was his feelings for the two men that took him in when his life had been upturned. Everything in him called to the two. However, when he begins to express his feelings, he is told it is only something called transference.

Illan had known Justice was his mate from the moment he walked in and his dragon met the phoenix shifter. However, since Justice had just lost his wife, they agreed to take things slow and allow for Justice to mourn the loss of his wife. Just as the two decide to make things official they meet Avery. His scent tells them something they both know is a shock, but also a blessing...mate. However, Avery doesn't seem to recognize them as mates? Not understanding why he does not share the pull, Illan and justice decide to give their mate some time. He has been through a lot lately, maybe he just needs to work through everything and this can open the door to their finally claiming the man as their own. That is until Avery is caught going to a gay club.

Hearing the two men he has come to love, talk about how he is keeping them from making their mating official, Avery decides it is time he leaves, allowing them to move forward in their lives. The problem is, along this new journey are new discoveries and fears of what he may find out next. What if the next revelation causes him to lose everything he ever wanted...maybe even his life

MORTICIA KNIGHT Gaining Trust (Kiss of Leather Series Book 5

Chuck isn’t sure what he needs and Master Jordan can’t wait to show him.

Stone’s shy junior investigator, Chuck, can no longer deny his interest in the BDSM lifestyle. The beautiful connections and raw emotions he’s witnessed between so many of the Doms and subs at Kiss of Leather leave him yearning for something he’d never dared hope he could have—unconditional love and care from a man. He isn’t sure if he can take the chance of having a real relationship when he’s not out to his meddling parents yet, but the sexy Master Jordan, Gavin’s friend and the owner of Club Consequence, makes him want to take that chance.

Master Jordan has been biding his time until he can get next to the super-fine Chuck. Gavin warned him that Chuck isn’t in the lifestyle, but there’s something special about him that speaks to Jordan’s heart. When they’re finally alone, the chemistry is off the charts and Jordan can tell it won’t take much to bring Chuck willingly into the world of BDSM.

An unexpected development in the case of Corey’s kidnappers shocks them all, but not as much as what happens with Chuck’s family. Jordan teaches Chuck that secrets hold power over the person keeping them, and that gaining trust can only be achieved through complete honesty.


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