Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wednesday Briefs Demon Chapter Forty Two

So we turn up the heat a little, in more ways than one. Tian and Castien might be surrounded by flame but they're the hottest things around.

I think to tell him he is wrong, that our bonding is complete save for the ritual to be performed by my father, then I realize I am the one who is wrong. We no longer need the ritual.
Breathing deeply, drawing in his scent that I can smell even here. I hold him to me, his back against my front. His head is fallen back on my shoulder and his beautiful eyes, filled with love and fire gaze at me with an expression that is so open it makes me want to cry. I know that he is wholly mine; that I might do anything to him now, to the point of killing him, and he would let me. I know this for sure, because I am his, and even should he drive a dagger through my heart I would bless him with my dying breath.
Castien’s eyes flutter closed when I stroke his chest, letting my hands drift lower to tease the soft fur around the base of his cock. He is so beautiful, more now than ever. There was time when I thought him fragile, but that is not the case. He is a slim blade, to be sure, an elegant dagger to my gilded sword, yet his steel is tempered more strongly than mine.
The most beautiful sounds bleed from my love as I play with his body – stroking, tweaking, tugging – and his head rolls to the side bearing his neck to me. Silken hair, dyed peach by the flames, tickles my skin and I moan with pleasure. I cannot stand the delicious torment of the many sensations that assault my senses with more intensity than ever before.
“I…I can’t… I have to….”
“Please,” he moans, and I know he’s as ready as I am. I gently lay him on the flame – there is no ground, merely flames that become and remain firm only as we will.
“I…I have nothing to ease entry.”
“You don’t need it,” he gasps. “I don’t think we’re…entirely real.”
I know what he means but I still fear hurting him and take time to tease his hole and ease a finger inside, while I kiss him and whisper love in his ear.
He moans and squirms. “Not enough,” he moans. “I need you. I need you now.”
Still doubtful, I help Castien lift his legs onto my shoulder so I can gaze into his face while I take my pleasure of him.
There is little resistance and Castien’s face shows only pleasure as I ease into his body. His moans and writhing are beautiful, as are the pearly drops that leak from his engorged cock and smear the milk-pale skin beneath. I wish I could bend far enough to lap at them like an animal.
As if reading my thoughts – perhaps he does – Castien scoops up the sticky liquid and paints it over my lips, before falling back with a moan, his head thrashing from side to side. “Take me, please,” he moans.
At first I am confused, as I am already buried to the hilt in his beautiful body, but then I understand and begin to move slowly, drawing out and sliding in. this isn’t enough and Castien, begs through gritted teeth for more, more, more until I am rutting like a stag, thrusting hard, with guttural grunts and moans that are matched by his.
When he reaches down and takes his perfect cock in his hand, it is so sexy I almost cum and my movement stutters. He barely seems to notice. His eyes are closed, and the tip of his tongue runs over his lips before he sucks one the bottom one as his back arches to accept me deeper and stroke himself harder.
The sheer beauty of his moans, his wild appearance, the tightness of his body around mine drives me to the edge of madness and I can’t hold on long. Before I can issue a warning my throat closes as powerful contractions grip my body and I pump my seed deep into him. Castien cries out, bucking his hips, driving me deeper and milking more from my shuddering body. Then he goes limp and lies in disarray, panting and shivering.
I’m not about to leave him unsatisfied, even as I know his mind is spinning, lost in the bonding. Slipping from him, I gently lower his legs and settle between them. I begin by licking his balls and he responds instantly. Tremors run down his legs and powerful contractions ripple his stomach where my fingers lightly stroke the trembling muscled of his abdomen. The sounds he makes are incoherent. He’s beyond words, beyond understanding even. Right now, he is a creature of emotion and sensation. His mind is free of his body and he feels what I do to him as ripples in consciousness rather than touches to his physical body.
Taking him into my mouth I begin to work his shaft with my tongue, but then the first drops of his seed leak onto my tongue and he’s not the only one whose senses break free from the body. My mind expands until I am only barely aware of my efforts to bring him to climax. Planets, suns, starts, fly past my closed eyes. Nebula and galaxies, supernovas and red dwarves. All spin in my head.
And then he comes. It hits me like a shot of mellflower serum. If I’d thought my mind had expanded before, it explodes until I no longer see the stars, I am the stars.

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