Friday, 30 March 2018

RELEASE DAY Opening Act by Cheryl Headford and Stephanie Danielson

Stephanie Danielson and I are very proud to present Book 1 in our Upstaged series which currently runs to 12 books. The story follows an up and coming band, The Von from their first, less than successful practices, to the tremendous pressure of superstardom. 


Erik Von Nordgren, lead singer. and cock-of-the-roost

Billy Carp, drummer. Long-time friend and one-time lover of Erik.

Joey Miller, guitar. A typical teen with a laid-back philosophy and a friendly manner.

Daisy Berkley, guitar. A true English rose and Joey's girlfriend. Sweet and gentle she hides a bed of thorns that are more than ready to meet anyone who crosses her friends, or even worse, 
her brother.

Asher Berkley. He's Daisy's twin brother. Not in the band but there to support Daisy. From the very first, the snarky Brit gets right under Erik's skin and stays there.

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BOOK NAME Upstaged I – Opening Act
AUTHORS S L Danielson and Cheryl Headford
PUBISHED BY Extacy Press
WORD COUNT Aprox 75,000
GENRE New Adult. Contemporary Romance.


Wannabe singer and band frontman Erik Von Nordgren hates snarky brit Asher Berkley with a passion. From the moment he turns up at practice with his twin sister Daisy, who is one of the band the two have hated each other.

Through a series of 'tit for tat' incidents they annoy, frustrate and exasperated each other. The die hard goth with purple eyes and the hard core rocker with dreams of the big time have nothing in common and no need to cross paths. Except to wind each other up.

Until the day that Erik throws Asher in the school pool, when everything begins to change. Erik is so far in closet he's in Narnia and Asher has a dark past and trust issues that stand in the way of any relationship, let alone one with the brash American who hurts him every time they try to get together.

A relationship doomed from the start, or so you'd think. 

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