Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rune's room

Rune’s room, was so much like Rune, it made Luke smile. He looked around, much though he would rather look at something, or rather someone, else. The walls were covered with pictures and posters of dancers in various poses. Every flat surface glittered, blinded or shone. There were brightly coloured scarves, glittering, jewel encrusted boxes, and silver, both bright and dull – wrist-bands, statuettes, bangles, and all kinds of jewellery and decorations. It was wild, colourful and chaotic. Yep, just like Rune.
One of the posters on the wall, caught his attention. It was the hair. It was incredible.
“You used to be a dancer.”
“I still am.”
“No, I mean a professional dancer.”
“I still am.” Rune took his hand and drew him away from the poster. “Come, dance with me.”
Luke frowned. There was something that bothered him about Rune’s responses, the tightness in his voice. He forgot all about it, though, when Rune let go of his hand, and pulled him into his arms, pressing his body against him, until he could feel every curve and every… Oh yeah, now THAT diverted his attention, completely.
Carefully, he put his hand in the small of Rune’s back, shivering at the feel of the warm, soft skin under his fingers.
Rune smiled, and kissed him gently. Pulling back, Luke stared into the depths of Rune’s eyes and felt as if he was falling into them. They dominated his vision and touched something deep inside that made him want to hold on tightly and never let him go. He was shocked. That wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. It was supposed to be a bit of fun, a wild night with a beautiful boy and then… then what? Then nothing. But now…
“You’re beautiful,” he breathed and Rune grinned.
“I know,” he said. Then the grin slipped. “But it sounds different when you say it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just kiss me again.”
Surprised, Luke complied and Rune hugged him closer still, pressing his body so hard against him he could hardly breathe. His hand moved from Rune’s back, to fist in his hair. It was so soft, like his lips.
“Oh Luke, Luke touch me,” Rune moaned softly against his lips, “touch me everywhere.”
Luke gasped and shuddered, running his hands over Rune’s back and buttocks. Rune hitched and wrapped one leg around him, pulling him in even closer. His hands were clenched, bunched up in Luke’s shirt.
“Take your clothes off, Luke. I want to touch you, too.”
Although he spoke the words, Rune didn’t let go. In fact, he clung even harder, his kiss becoming hot and almost desperate.
“You have to let me go first,” Luke said, a smile in his voice.
Almost pushing him away, Rune broke free and began to tear off his remaining clothes. Luke was frozen as more and more of the pale skin was revealed. When he was naked, Rune threw himself back onto the bed and lay there, among the bright cushions and throws, a slender, pale candle haloed with flame. Still Luke couldn’t move – he couldn’t think. He was entranced, ensorcelled by beauty, drunk with it.
“Luke,” Rune moaned, and snapped him out of his trance.
With trembling fingers, he slipped off his shirt and tugged his tshirt over his head. He heard Rune gasp as he unzipped his trousers, and began to wriggle out of them. With a desperate moan, Rune leaped up, kneeling on the bed in front of him. Small hands tugged at the soft leather and, as soon as they were low enough, he laid his head on Luke’s belly, breathing in his scent. He turned his head, to kiss the hot skin, as his hands caressed Luke’s backside. Luke let his head fall back and his hips thrust forwards. He whimpered when Rune rubbed his cheek against his freed manhood. Ah hell, that felt good.
When Rune pulled away and fell back onto the bed, Luke felt cold and bereft. Rune was panting. “Hurry, take off the rest. I’m cold. Please, Luke.”
Made clumsy by his desperation, Luke struggled out of the rest of his clothes and fell onto the bed, next to Rune. Suddenly, everything went still.
As desperate as they had been; now they were lying together, naked and exposed, they no longer felt the burning desire to consummate their love. Instead, they lay quietly and stared into each other’s eyes, their hands exploring every inch of the other’s body, with light, teasing strokes.
Luke stroked the hair out of Rune’s face and lightly traced his features with one finger. “I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful and strange and wild as you are.”
“Strange and wild? Is that what you think I am?”
Rune laughed softly. “Yeah… I guess. And beautiful? You think I’m beautiful?”
“You know I do. You’re so beautiful you make me breathless.”
“I think you should know that I have no self control where making love to men who think I’m beautiful is concerned. It’s the greatest aphrodisiac to me.”
“Men? Have there been many men?” Of course he’d known there would have been. Rune was just too beautiful, too sexy and too… confident, for there not to have been many lovers before him. After all, he was neither beautiful, strange nor wild. Surely he was not the usual type of man Rune attracted. Although, there were many at the club that night who were far more so than he… and Rune had chosen him before them.
“Yes, many.” Rune looked sad, wistful. “Too many.”
“Too many?”
“I’ve…allowed myself to… to be…”
“No. No not that. Well… not just that. Influenced, I suppose. Influenced by men who tell me I’m beautiful then…”
“Then what?”
“Leave me,” he whispered and closed his eyes, nestling into Luke’s side.
Luke never knew quite what possessed him to say what he said next, although he meant it absolutely. “I’ll never leave you, Rune, never. I swear it.”

Sara York    m/m
Nephylim    m/m
Victoria Blisse   m/f  
MC Houle     m/m    **FLASH VIRGIN**
 Julie Lynn  Hayes    m/m


  1. Oooh, these two are both hot and sweet! Can't wait to read more of them!

  2. Oh, that was sweet (and hot). I really liked this piece.

  3. Love it! I hope Luke keeps his promise.

  4. This is heartbreakingly sweet! I love it.

  5. Thank you for all the comments. Rune and Luke are fun to write, although it's hard not to let them go TOO far. We don't too much detail in a flash, I think :) Next time, I think Luke will find out something about Rune that tests his resolve. Or not :)