Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Brief

So, here we are at another rainy Wednesday, and time to get our briefs down.

Take a look at the continueing adventure of Luke and Rune and then check out the others.

Luke was cold. He wasn’t really awake and, at first, couldn’t work out where he was or why he was so chilly. Eventually, he realised that he was cold because Rune had all the blankets wrapped tightly around him. It was still dark, but the moonlight through the window was bright, bleaching the brilliant colours and making Rune’s pale face seem to shine with an internal light.
Raising himself on one arm and resting his head on his hand, Luke looked down at Rune. He was sleeping deeply and peacefully, with a half smile on his face. A wave of something washed over him and he frowned. How could he feel so protective of someone he’d only just met? And how the hell had he found himself waking up in a strange bed with someone he’d known for only a few hours. That just wasn’t something he did.
Bending his head, he kissed Rune gently on the side of his head. Rune stirred and murmured something. He was unbearably cute and Luke had to kiss him again, this time on the lips. Rune’s smile broadened and he licked his lips with a sigh, still fast asleep. Luke caressed his cheek and blew on his face. Rune’s nose wrinkled and he stirred again, making sleepy noises that seemed to strike deep into Luke’s heart.
It took minutes to wake Rune and, even then, he was sleepy and confused. “Luke?”
Luke laughed. “I’ve never met anyone so reluctant to wake than you. You’re like a cute little mole, burrowing into those blankets. Selfishly, I have to add, because it was the cold that woke me.”
Rune grinned, then the smile faded and he blinked up at Luke, his eyes luminous. “Are you leaving now?”
Luke’s heart jumped at the sadness in his voice. “No,” he said, softly, brushing the hair out of Rune’s eyes, “I’m not leaving. For one thing it’s still the middle of the night.” Rune’s hopeful look faded, “and for another I don’t want to leave you. As crazy as it sounds after just one night, I don’t ever want to leave you.”
Rune’s smile blinded him and he closed his eyes, as Rune’s nimble fingers touched his face - hesitantly at first, then with more confidence. He drew Luke’s face down for a sweet kiss.
Carefully disentangling the bedclothes, Luke snuggled down, pressing his body against the little furnace that was Rune. “You’re beautiful, Rune,” Luke whispered. “I don’t know you, not yet, but from where I’m sitting it sure looks like the beauty goes all the way through.”
“It does?”
“It certainly does.”
Rune closed his eyes and pressed himself against Luke, his body coming awake in ways that left Luke in doubt about exactly how he was feeling and what was on his mind. His own body responded and his kiss became more urgent, as his hands roved over Rune’s slender body. Rune clung to him, his fingers gripping him tightly, the long nails digging in to his flesh.
With a sigh, Luke remembered their earlier lovemaking. It had been hot, heavy and wild. Rune was a demon once he got going. Luke smiled and squirmed as Rune’s nails found the deep gouges that still stung and burned.
That morning, however, there was no desire to rush, no desperation, only a deep desire just to be with each other, to touch and stroke and breathe in each other’s scent. Luke found himself dizzy with it and pulled Rune close, with a hand in the small of his back. “You smell so good,” he murmured and kissed him deeply.
He was so lost in sweetness that he didn’t, at first, notice when Rune went stiff in his arms.
“Luke… Luke stop, listen.” Rune pushed him away and Luke was confused and upset. “Listen, Luke… There’s someone downstairs.”
And then, Luke heard it. It wasn’t a loud noise – the soft sound of footsteps across the wooden floor. “Shit.”
Luke climbed out of bed and reached for his trousers. “No. It’s my house. I have to see to this,” Rune said, pulling on a silk robe that had been hanging on the knob of the wardrobe door.
“We’ll go together,” Luke said, with a smile that was returned nervously.
Hand in hand, they eased open the bedroom door and crept down the stairs. At the door to the living room, they stopped and froze. A dark shape loomed, clearly outlined by the light from the window. It looked strange, distorted, some kind of monster, lurking in the darkness.
With a trembling hand, Rune reached out and his fingers brushed the light switch. Frightened, he looked up at Luke for reassurance. Luke nodded slightly and Rune flicked the switch, flooding the room with light.
Luke had a brief flash of wild purple hair before whatever it was, cursing, took a step back and tripped on the stool, disappearing as it fell backwards, arms flailing.
Rune and Luke remained rooted to the spot, as the intruder clattered about, trying to scrabble up off the floor, and then the purple-headed monster reared its angry head.
“Hello, Rune,” it said in a cold, hard voice. “Is this your latest conquest? Lowering your standards a bit aren’t you?”
More of the monster - who turned out to be a tall, slender, man with a beautiful face and wild purple hair – rose and stood, hands on hips, glaring at them.
“Who the hell are you?” Luke asked, confused.
“Ask him,” the stranger said with a flick his head.
Luke turned to Rune. He was standing quite still, with a look on his face that seemed to change from moment to moment – from shock, to fear, to anger, to embarrassment and back to fear.
“Who the hell is he?” he asked and, after a pause Rune answered in a tiny, hoarse voice.
“He’s my husband.”

Our other flashers this week are....

Sara York     m/m
Scarlett Knight     m/f
Nephylim     m/m
Eden Connor    m/f
MC Houle    m/m


  1. :O that was my jaw dropping at the end. Oh no!

  2. Wow! So did not see that coming! Anxious to see how this all works out, and what the relationship is between Rune and his husband, and why he is cheating on him!

  3. Thank you for your comments. Glad I caught you on the hope so to speak. I think next week will be an enlightening time. My only problem at the moment is fitting in the prompts around the story I have in my head. :)