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Wednesday Brief

It's that time of the week again for your weekly flash.

An Unwise Move
“For the record, I think you’re completely insane. It was madness to leave the hospital because of him.”
“You don’t understand, Luke,” Rune said, leaning his head against the car door, with his eyes closed. “He wouldn’t have given up. He would have caused a scene, made you get thrown out and told everyone about… about me. I couldn’t bear that - not having you there; them all looking at me as if I’m scum.”
“They wouldn’t have, Rune. They’d all see that you’re clearly not scum. They’d see what I see, not what Rio’s trying to make you see.”
“Maybe,” Rune said, tiredly, “but he’d still have made a fuss and I couldn’t stand it.”
“Your health isn’t worth the risk.”
“My health’s fine. Just take me home.”
“Are you sure you want to go home? Rio’s going to go straight there. I’m surprised he wasn’t waiting for us in the car park. He’s not going to give up, you know. Not until you stand up to him and tell him to get out of your life.”
“I know. I know that, and I will. Just not… not now.”
“Okay, not now, I understand. When you’re better. Why don’t you come to my house? You’ll be safe there. Rio doesn’t know where I live.”
Rune turned to him, his eyes wide. “Your house? Do you mean it?”
“Of course I mean it. I share with a couple of people, but they won’t mind. Stay as long as you like. You can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”
“No you won’t.” Rune gave him a hot little smile. “You’ll sleep right next to me.”
“I doubt you’d get much sleep if I did that.”
“That’s the idea.”
“When you’re feeling better.”
Smiling now, Rune relaxed and closed his eyes. “Whatever you want,” he murmured. “Whatever you want.”
It was a short drive to the house Luke shared with three friends. It was a student house, close to the university they all attended. None of them was in, which was surprising for a Sunday evening, but Luke wasn’t complaining.
He insisted that Rune went straight to bed and Rune didn’t argue. However, once they got there, he was in no hurry to lie down. Instead, he wandered around examining Luke’s things.
“Rune, I wish you’d change your mind about going back to the hospital. I’m not going to sleep all night worrying about you. You’re obviously still not well.”
“I know I’m not, but I will be soon. You heard the nurse, Luke, I just need to rest.”
“Okay, whatever you say. But I’m not happy, and if anything happens I’m going to kill you.”
“What if I’m already dead?”
“I’ll find a voodoo witch doctor, resurrect you THEN kill you.”
Rune smiled, a wide genuine smile that transformed his face into something like that carefree, sexy, enigmatic dancer who’d stolen his heart.
“Smiling suits you.”
“I know. Shame I don’t get to do it more often.”
“You will now.”
Smiling seductively, Rune turned, pressed his body against Luke’s. I need help to get undressed. I’m sick you know. Maybe you could give me a hand.”
“Anything you want. Until you’re better, I’m your slave.”
Rune’s eyes widened. “Really?”
Luke fluttered his eyelashes. “What do you want from me, Master?”
“Hmm.” He pondered, then grinned. “Alright, slave, I order you to take off my shirt… without using your hands.”
“But how…?”
“Use your imagination.”
With a sultry smile, Luke bent his head and took the bottom of Rune’s tshirt between his teeth, tugging it out of his jeans. Nudging it up with his nose, he licked the exposed skin and felt Rune shiver. Rune buried his fingers in Luke’s hair, gently massaging his scalp, as he found Rune’s navel, and began to kiss around it, lapping at it with the tip of his tongue. Rune moaned and arched his back, to press his belly into Luke’s face. Luke put his hands on Rune’s buttocks to steady him, and felt the muscles tense.
“I’m a terrible slave, Rune,” Luke said hoarsely, “because I can’t do what you ordered.”
“You can’t? Why not?”
“Because my mind’s on other things.”
“What kind of things?”
“Things like this.” He undid the front of Rune’s jeans and tugged them, with his pants, down over his hips and thighs. Sliding his hands up under the tshirt, he ran them over the soft, warm skin on Rune’s sides and back, while he rested his cheek against his belly.
“Oh well, I… I… Ah, Luke that… that feels… I’ll forgive you for being a bad slave if you keep doing things like that.”
“Things like what? Like this?” Luke rubbed his nose into the soft silver fur around Rune’s stiffening cock and inhaled deeply. Rune’s legs trembled and he whimpered.
“Luke… Oh God, Luke.”
Luke looked up, alarmed. Rune’s voice sounded as if he was in pain. “Are you alright? Do you need to lie down?”
“Hell, yeah, I need to lie down. I need to lie down right now.”
Luke sprang to his feet. “I’m sorry. I should have thought about you being ill, I…”
His words died on lips, as Rune grabbed him by the front of his shirt and spun him round, throwing him onto the bed. Luke gawped as Rune, elegant even in his desperation, kicked off his shoes and clothes, eventually standing naked and panting.
“Are you…?”
“Ssh.” Lithe as a panther, Rune climbed onto the bed and knelt over Luke, straddling him, with a look on his face that was so hot it could melt ice. The tips of his silvery hair tickled Luke’s chest and his incredible eyes bore into him with the intensity of a diamond tipped drill.
Luke raised his hand to tuck one side of Rune’s hair behind his ear and left it resting against the side of his face. The look that passed between them spoke more than words ever could.

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  1. I love these guys! They're hot and sweet both!

    As for the links, not sure why they're black, but you can change the color, it's easy. I usually do on my blog, to make them lighter.

  2. Damn, I'm surprised my computer isn't on fire after reading that. I love it.

  3. I'm enjoying this story, Nephy. Kinda getting into your slow build-up of sexual tension.

    As for the links question, I'm going with 'Blogger is possessed' as my final answer. Bloggremlins change text size, paragraph spacing and link color at will, just to eff with us.

  4. HEY, I've noticed that too. I did wonder about the posession thing. The posessing spirit seems pretty random and hard to pin and fix. Maybe it needs exorcism.

    Thanks for the review :)

    Don't get too excited by the slow build up. I'm building up to more than just sexual tension :P