Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Briefs - Facedown

“No,” Rune cried, holding tight to Luke’s hand to stop him throwing himself at Rio. Luke sat down hard on the bench, having already started to lunge and being pulled back sharply.
“That’s right, pretty boy, listen to Rune, he knows the score. Don’t make me have to kick your ass out of here. Just get up and wiggle it through the door for yourself.”
“Bastard…” Luke growled, and tried to lunge for him again.
“No, Luke,” Rune pleaded. “Don’t. They’ll make you leave. Please don’t.”
As angry as he was, Luke realised Rune was right and subsided, snarling. Rio looked very out of place in the bright, artificial lights of the hospital ward. He was garish now, rather than exotic, his purple hair clashing with the oranges and yellows of his flamboyant clothes. Even his extravagant eye makeup was more clownish that seductive. He was still undeniably beautiful and charismatic, though. No doubt every eye in the ward would have followed him here.
“How touching,” Rio sneered. “One could almost imagine that Rune means it this time. Grown fond of your little plaything have you?”
“Get out of here Rio. Leave me alone.”
Rio looked genuinely surprised. “You must have hit your head harder than I thought.”
“And how hard was that Rio? You knew I was hurt. You ran away.”
“I came back didn’t I?”
“Yeah, and I wish you hadn’t.”
Rio’s arrogant grin slipped. He crossed the cubicle to the side of the bed… the opposite side to Luke, he wasn’t that stupid. Leaning close, he hissed into Rune’s face.
“Do you really think your ‘friend’ is going to stick around when he finds out what a sick puppy you really are? Do you think he’s going to want you any more than the others did when they found out the truth? Face it Rune, you’re a piece of trash and no one else is going to want to pick you up, so you had better be very, very careful that you don’t push away the only person who doesn’t feel sick at the sight of you.”
“And that would be you, I suppose?” Luke hissed. “Well, you’re wrong there. For your information I know exactly what you’ve been doing to Rune, and you’re the one who makes me feel sick.”
For a moment Rio looked shocked, then his lip curled. “Doing to him? You say it as if he didn’t want it. Let me tell you something, he was the one begging for it. You should have seen him… on his hands and knees, hog tied with his ass in the air, begging for more, more, more.” His eyes glittered with the sick delight he was having from the stricken look on Rune’s face.
“Or when he was tied to the bed, crying and begging me to ram the dildo in harder while I…”
“Rio, no, please…” Rune moaned, his eyes squeezed tight as if trying to dispel the images behind them.
“Heard enough, plaything?” Rio smirked at Luke.
“More than enough,” Luke ground back. Rune opened his eyes and stared at him in fear.  His hand in Luke’s trembled, and Luke squeezed it. “Let me tell you now, son of a bitch, if it wasn’t for Rune, and the fact that I don’t want to make a fuss in front of sick people, I’d be over there, making you choke on your filth. Don’t ever let me hear you speak about Rune like that again.”
At first Rio looked taken aback, then he grinned. “Or what?” he chuckled. “I think we’ve been here before. You’re full of shit. Now get the fuck out of here and let me comfort my sick puppy.” Keeping his eyes locked with Luke’s, he ran his hand over Rune’s face and down over his shoulder. Rune turned his face away, but he didn’t stop him. At first Luke was angry about this but then he realised that it was going to take some time for Rune to break away from a situation that had held him caged for so long.
“Take your hands off him.”
“Or what?”
Neither realised their voices were rising until the curtain twitched and a nurse appeared. “What the hell’s going on in here? This is a hospital.”
“Nothing’s at all,” Rio said smoothly. “I’ve come to take care of my husband so his… friend, can leave now. It seems as if he’s trying to outstay his welcome.”
The nurse, a little taken aback looked from Rio, who was exuding easy charm, to Luke who was flushed and angry, to Rune, who was crying quietly, looking defeated and exhausted.
“Well,” she said, “I don’t know what’s really going on but my main concern is my patient and whatever the situation is, it’s not doing him any good, so I’m going to have to ask BOTH of you to leave.”
“No,” Rune’s head came up and he turned pleading eyes on her. “Please don’t make Luke leave. Please.”
“Which one of you is Luke?”
The nurse narrowed her eyes and nodded. “I think it would still be best if you both stepped outside for a few minutes while I have a word with Rune.”
“You can’t make me leave, I’m his husband.”
“I don’t give a damn who you are. You will step outside or I’ll have security escort you from the hospital.”
Rio tried to meet her eyes but knew he was on to a loser and, like most bullies in the face of implacable resistance, he backed down.
“Whatever you say. I’ll be just outside, Rune. Don’t worry, I won’t go far and I will come back.”
The stress on the word ‘will’ made Rune wince and Luke go cold.
“I don’t want to stay here,” Rune said suddenly. “I can’t. Give me my clothes, I’m going home.”
“Don’t be silly Rune. Just…”
“I’m not being silly. I just can’t do it. It won’t work. I’m not safe. Take me home, Luke, please.”


Nephylim    m/m
Sara York    m/m
Victoria Blisse    m/f
Elyzabeth VaLey     m/f
MC Houle     m/m


  1. Thank you. They get close... really close, next time

  2. I hope they really do, it's almost inevitable don't you think?
    The feelings and the emotions are there and well put down for the reader.