Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday Briefs - When the Waiting's Over

Wednesday comes round again. You guys had better read because I'm postponing a fabulous article to let you do it and there's always a chance I might forget it.

Here are this weeks prompts.

 "When the moon hits your eye, like a ...."

or the alternatives:

have a character that actually flashes  or

use: crumble, beneficiary, patio


"Pardon me, miss (sir), but I've never done this...."


write about a spring fling
When the Waiting's Over
For twenty four hours, Luke was almost as unresponsive as Rune. People came and went, Rio included, but Luke remained, sitting like a statue, moving only to draw closer to Rune, or stroke his hand, or brush his fingers over his hair.
It didn’t matter how much he was threatened or coaxed, or that he was tired and thirsty and heartsick. All that mattered was Rune would know someone was there, someone who really cared. He didn’t know whether Rune was even aware of him, but that made no difference.
Luke would’ve been the first to admit his behaviour was bizarre. After only a few days, an obsession like this probably wasn’t healthy, but he didn’t care. Even Rio left him alone, although he bitched and postured to the nurses about just about everything else.
Rune was more beautiful than ever. His eyelids seemed almost transparent, the blue shining through, as his eyes flicked rapidly underneath. Luke wondered if he was dreaming, and what he was dreaming about.
Routine established very quickly. Nurses came and went-- taking vitals, taking blood, taking precious time when he could have been holding Rune’s hand, touching his face, his hair….
This afternoon, the doctor had come round and said Rune was doing so well, they might wean him off the drugs soon. Maybe tonight he’d get to see his lovely eyes again. His stomach flipped at the thought. But then other thoughts thrust into his head, unwelcome ones. What if Rune had brain damage? What if he wasn’t the Rune he’d known anymore? Rio wouldn’t stick around, that’s for sure. But could he? Would he want to? The thoughts made him feel guilty and scared. He couldn’t face them, and beat them down mercilessly.
“Fucking bastards.”
“What?” Luke looked up, startled by Rio’s outburst.
“They’re so fucking cold they’d freeze fire.”
“I can’t believe them. I know they don’t approve of me, and I understand they hung up the first time but I mean, for fuck sake. I left a voice message and texts. When I eventually got to talk to them they said he’s my problem now. For fuck’s sake.”
“Rio, what’re you talking about.”
“Rune’s parents. I’ve been ringing all day. They finally deigned to speak to me and all they could say was Rune made his bed when he chose me, so now he’s my problem.”
Rio sat down and stared at Rune. He doesn’t deserve that.”
“He doesn’t deserve any of it.”
“How do you know?” Luke looked up. There had been such a strange expression in Rio’s voice. Not the usual bravado.
“What do you mean?”
“You’ve only known him five minutes. How do you know what he’s really like? He seems so sweet, but--”
“Don’t try to justify what you’ve done to him by trying to suggest he’s--”
“I’m not trying to justify anything,” Rio said, tiredly. “He is sweet. He’s sweet and gentle and utterly adorable but he’s also wild and untameable and infuriatingly stubborn. He can be a child, stamping his foot and having tantrums. He can be unreasonable and selfish and…”
“And you love him,” Luke said, shocked. “You really love him.”
Rio glared at him, then crumpled. “Yeah,” he mumbled. “Yeah, I do.”
“Then why did you hurt him?”
“Because he drove me insane. He was so beautiful and crazy-- all I wanted was to make him mine, absolutely mine; but he wouldn’t let me. He--”
They were interrupted by the arrival of the doctor. He had a couple of nurses with him and insisted both Rune and Luke leave, while they worked on Rune. Luke was panic stricken, terrified Rune would wake alone.
“We won’t be too long, sweetheart, and it’s not going to happen in five minutes, you know. It’s going to take some time before he’s back with us.” She closed the door.
 “More waiting,” Rio grumbled, resuming his usual pacing.
“For God’s sake, chill. You’re giving me a headache.”
“Well pardon me, Sir, but I’ve never had to do this before-- and I… I don’t know what else to do.”
Luke nodded, with a sigh, as Rio lounged against the wall and hugged himself.
It seemed like forever before the nurse opened the door and called them in.  The doctor started talking, but Luke left Rio to listen and shut out everything but Rune. He looked different without the tube in his mouth. “Oh, Rune,” he sighed, reaching out to stroke his cheek. Rune sighed.  “Rune?”
Luke turned to the doctor. “Is he going to wake up now? Soon?”
The doctor had been talking to Rio and looked annoyed to have been interrupted. “If you’d been listening—“
“I don’t care what you were saying. Just tell me. Is he going to wake up soon?”
“Yes, hopefully.”
Again, Luke lost all interest in what was being said and sat down, taking Rune’s hand in his.”
“Rune,” he said, softly. “I’m here. Come back to me soon, please.”
More waiting turned evening into night. Rio fell asleep in the chair at the side of the bed, but Luke forced himself to stay awake, more determined than ever to be there for Rune when he woke.
Nevertheless, he was nodding when the twitching of Rune’s fingers in his hand brought him abruptly awake, just in time to watch Rune’s eyes flutter.
“Rio,” he hissed.
Rio joined him at the side of the bed as Rune blinked open his eyes and struggled to focus. Luke, his heart pounding, swallowed hard. “Rune,” he whispered.
Rune stared at him blankly, then frowned. “What…? Where…?”
“It’s alright, babe. You’re safe. You’re in hospital. Do you remember? You hit your head.”
“I…” He squinted. “Who… who are you?”
Luke gasped, his eyes wide, his heart hurting. Rune’s eyes slid over his face, then lit up. “Rio,” he said, a smile of relief spreading over his face. Ignoring Luke, he tugged his hand from Luke’s and held it out to Rio.

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  1. That's heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. To love someone that much and they don't even recognize you. :( Poor Luke!

  2. OH MAN! Just, OH MAN! I CAN'T BELIEVE.. I MEAN... *splutter, splutter*

    You warned us, I know, but OH MAN!

    *pushes Rio out of the room and locks the door*

  3. Oh no! Poor Luke! How could you leave it like this.?! The wait till next Wednesday will be a long one!

  4. What can I say? Life's uncertain. There are no guarantees, even with love.

  5. UGH. Seriously. He doesn't remember.

  6. Well... he IS married to Rio and Rio DOES seem to be less of a prick than he was......

  7. I'm shocked! How could he forget Luke? Next Wednesday cant get here soon enough.