Thursday, 26 April 2012


MAY 9th is THE DAY. My latest book and the second in the Enigma series is to be released.

I am VERY excited about this. This book contains my favourite character EVER. I am completely and ridiculously in love with Silver and I have every faith that if you give him a chance you will soon be, too. He has this ability to MAKE people love him, without even trying.


My Beautiful Silver by my Beautiful Friend Maria

Spread the news guys.

I'll be giving away free copies of both Enigma Books as a prize during the Blog Against Homophobia, so watch this space.

ALSO I will be appear at the LOVE ROMANCE CAFE on 10th may for a chat and further information about the books.

See you all there.

Head over to the Enigma II page for blub, synopsis and excerpts to whet your appetite


  1. Congratulations!! That cover is sexy ;)

  2. Thank you. My friend Red Haircrow designed it. He 'gets' my angel and ever lover Silver who is as alive in me as anyone's character could be :O

  3. Congratulations! It's so exciting! And I agree with Scarlett. The cover is fantastic! :)