Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday Briefs - The Fight

So, this week the prompts were

Prompt 1: Write a scene/story set on a plane, a cruise ship, or a train

Prompt 2: Use "macaroni," "diva," and "cape"

Prompt 3: Write a scene/story and include a bird in some way 
I offer you these alternate prompts:

"Opposites attract"


an interesting use of an electric chair


scarf, cucumber, and a coffee table

And this is what Luke and Rune did with them... Well Luke and Rio, actually

“Who’s that?” Rune gasped, terrified.
“I don’t know until I answer, do I?”
“Please, don’t go.”
“Don’t be silly. It’ll be one of the guys, forgotten their key again.”
“What if it’s not?”
“Rune, calm down. It’s not going to be anyone who’s going to hurt you. It’s not Rio. He doesn’t know you’re here.”
“I know, I… I’m sorry, Luke. I guess I’m just really jumpy, and everything’s jumbled up in my head, and I…”
Luke kissed him. “It’s alright. I’ll be back in a flash.”
Leaving Rune still looking decidedly uneasy, Luke ran down the stairs, anxious to get back.
“You want to put that bloody key on a…” he began, then froze. “What the hell are you doing here? How do you know where I live?”
“I think you have something that belongs to me,” Rio said quietly.
“Rune doesn’t belong to anyone, least of all you. How do you know where I live?” Luke demanded again, refusing to be intimidated by Rio’s icy stare.
“I followed you,” Rio said shortly and pushed past Luke into the house. “Where is he?”
“Hey! Get out of my house.”
“Sure, when I have Rune with me.”
“Rune’s not going anywhere with you. Now, in case I haven’t made myself clear – Get. Out. Of. My. House.”
“Or what?” Rio said, with that same smirk and arrogant look on his face. “There’s no one here to come to your rescue now, sweet cheeks. There’s only you and me. So…”
He didn’t have a chance to say more, because Luke had thrown himself at him and knocked him backwards onto the floor, kicking over a small table. The pile of jigsaw puzzle boxes that had balanced on it went flying, scattering puzzle pieces everywhere. While Luke and Rio struggled, a firebird melted into an autumn wood and was followed by a pair of magpies and an unicorn.
Luke had no finesse and no experience. Rio clearly did. However, he was a good deal bigger and stronger and, eventually, he found himself kneeling on Rio’s chest with his fist raised. Rio was already bleeding from his nose and lip.
“Leave Rune alone. Get the message. He’s mine now, not yours. Get the hell out of my house and out of his life.”
“Or what?” Rio mocked, and Luke hit him. He found it surprisingly satisfying.
Both paused and looked at the stairs. Rune had thrown on his jeans but, other than that, was wearing nothing. His hair was dishevelled and he was hugging the wall for support. The look on his face was of utmost horror.
“What are you doing?” he whispered, having apparently lost the volume in his voice. “Don’t fight over me.”
“Then stop this nonsense and come back where you belong,” Rio said, each word coated with honey but dripping poison.
“I belong here.”
“With this…?” Rio threw scornfully at Luke. “He’s nothing. He’s pretty enough but there’s no weight to him. He doesn’t know how to please you, how to treat you properly. I’m the only one who…”
“Who what?  Who told me I was worthless so often I believed you? Who dragged me out of clubs by my hair because I spoke to the wrong person about the wrong thing? Who beat me and raped me and told me I was lucky and I wanted it?”
“Raped you? Don’t be ridiculous. I never raped you. You were begging for it.”
“I was begging for it to STOP. You hurt me, Rio. Every day. You … hurt me.” His voice faded and he looked as if he was going to faint. Luke could see his hands trembling and knew how much it had taken for him to have said that.
“You bastard.” Rio shouted. “Don’t you DARE say those thing, you little slut. You WANTED it. You suggested half of it. You wanted to use the dildos and start experimenting with drugs.”
Rune pulled himself up to his full height and stumbled down the last few stairs. He advanced a few steps, his pale face flushing.
“Yes… yes I did. And do you know why?”
Rio stared and shook his head. Luke dropped his fist and said, “Rune,” in a concerned voice. Rune ignored him.
“I wanted to use dildos because I couldn’t bear to feel you in me anymore. When you finished and threw me aside, it made me physically sick to feel your cum in me. Anything was better than that. And as for the drugs - I would have done anything - anything to make the pain go away; to make YOU go away. But all they ever did was make it fade out for a while. It was all still there - you were still there.”
For a moment, Rio was silent, then he sneered. “If you hated me so much, why did you stay with me? I never tied you down… well, I did but…”
“Why did I stay? Because you took away my choices. You made me believe I HAD nowhere else to go. No one cared for me. No one wanted me. I was worthless. I was a slut.  I was sick and not fit to be with decent people. You said you’d tell my family, my friends, what you did to me and I was so ashamed. It made me feel sick - the thought of them knowing…
“I hated you, Rio. I hated you with everything I have. I hated what you did to me, I hated how you made me feel, I hated you because every time I found someone or something that started to make me feel better about myself you spoiled it. You made them leave me. You always sent them away. You… you always… you…”
Stammering to a halt, Rune swayed. Looking surprised, he blinked and stared at Luke. Reaching out a hand he moaned, “Luke,” then his eyes fluttered and rolled and he collapsed.
Again, both Luke and Rio were frozen.

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  1. Good for Rune! Telling that bastard how he feels. I guess I have to wait until next Wednesday to find out if Rune is okay. I hate waiting. :-)

  2. Well, if it helps I could tell you he's not. See how good I am not making you wait.

  3. This is great. I had to go back and read and I really love what I saw.