Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blog Share

Dear friends,

I would love to do something for you! I want to try something, which is similar to the Facebook Like Fest! But this time it's all about blogs. allows to remove the no-follow command for posted links! It's amazing to share with each other, to get traffic to the blogs! WordPress doesn't allow this. Only if you have an own hosted blog! 

I have only one rule, to participate in this special event, I want you to add a comment with your blog's URL. I will add your URLs in this post and update it every time someone adds a new link.

But... in the same time, I want you to post a similar post on your blog, so people can post their links to your blog too! In this way we can share our links and promote each other! And people who have a good rank with their blogs could help their fellow author friends! The Search engines LOVE to follow links! Which is sadly not possible with WordPress blogs. They have a hidden HTML Code with the no-follow attribute! That means Search machines will not follow your posted links!

So please share this post and participate in this amazing event! But please, only do this if you are also willing to give. It's all about sharing and not only taking! ;-)

Let the game begin, please post your Blogger links as a comment and enjoy this event! :-)

share and spread the word!


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  2. Hey Nephylim!

    Thank you very much for participating in my share blog event! :) I like your blog, very nice! ;-) Here is my link:

    sorry I added the wrong link lol

    Here is the correct one:

  3. Hi! This sounds like a wonderful idea :) I also love your blog! Mine is

    1. by the way Lilly you could post your link also to my blog, so we can spread our links all over the blogs :)

      you can find the link in the blog post above ;)

      Best wishes, Tanja