Friday, 8 June 2012


Due to popular request Rune and Luke have been brought together on their very own page. Now, if you want to catch up or read from the start they're all there together on their very own page. I've started with chapter one and gone all the way down to... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT... chapter 20!!!!  I'll continue to add every Wednesday so our boys will always be close to each other.

ALSO In  a double whammy... my serialised story SPECIAL which I never finished serialising has also been give a page of its own. So if anyone wants to take a look and leave a comment/tweet/fbmention then please feel free. As I'm so kind to you and all.....  :)


I'm thinking of writing a few horror shots. Explore some different styles and concepts of horror. Maybe I'll start a new page for them, too, with a warning. Once I let out my inner demons there are no such thing as taboos.


  1. Thanks so much for gathering Rune and Luke's story on one page. I was re-reading it last week and jumping around in the timeline was a real pain.
    This will make it so much easier for us!!
    Separate question...are you continuinbg with ORion's Belt on GA? love it!

  2. Orion's Belt is on FSO and not GA :) It's fully posted (should be) and a new one started :)

    1. Yes, FSO, sorry. I am seeing 8 chapters. Is that correct? I just love the story and can't wait to see where you take it. :o)

  3. There are only eight chapters to this one. It's fully posted.

    I have a new one started there. Don't tell me you love me

    To be totally honest I've suspended posting for now. There's a huge question mark over both sites so far and European members is concerned. There's a chance that it will be closed to everyone in Europe so I'm not going to commit any more until I know if I'm being booted.

    It's something to do with a new law.