Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So here we are at Wednesday again and it's time to flash.

This week, I've chosen 'You can't be serious'.

Rune sighed and folded himself into Luke’s arms as if he’d been born to be there. For a while, they were content just to lie together, with Rune’s head snuggled into Luke’s chest and Luke’s arms wrapped gently and carefully around Rune. Then Rune raised his head and they spent more time simply looking at each other, their eyes speaking into the silence.
Finally, Rune stretched up and brushed his lips across Luke’s smiling at the shudder that went through him. “You’re beautiful, Luke,” Rune breathed, “all the way through.” He didn’t give Luke a chance to answer because he claimed his lips again, teasing them with his teeth and feather light flicks with the tip of his tongue.
As they kissed their hands began to explore, hesitant at first, then with more confidence as they touched skin and felt the tremors beneath their fingers.
Quite suddenly, Rune pulled away and stood up. Luke gasped and reached for him, feeling bereft. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” Rune said. He wasn’t smiling, but the look in his eyes said that he wasn’t unhappy. “I want to dance with you.”
“What? You can’t be serious. Dance? Now?”
Rune said nothing, but held out his hand. That look was undeniable and Luke took the hand as if in a dream. As soon as he was on his feet, Rune wrapped himself around him and began to sway. Luke was reminded that Rune didn’t just dance, he was a dancer. Raising his arms, Rune closed his eyes and seemed to lose himself in music that was playing nowhere but inside his head.
Luke held on tight as Rune bent backwards, relying entirely on Luke’s arms to hold him up. Luke gasped as the backward flex ground Rune’s pelvis into him.
“Mmm,” he murmured, closing his own eyes as Rune gyrated his hips.
With one hand anchored in the hair at the back of Luke’s head, Rune brought himself upright, one leg hooked around Luke’s waist as he leaned back again, draping himself over one arm and presenting Luke with a vision of loveliness. Despite the bruises, Rune’s body was beautiful, a real dancer’s body, toned and perfect, the skin as pale as milk. Luke couldn’t resist; he had to touch.
As Luke ran his free hand down Rune’s body, Rune undulated, as cats sometimes do when being stroked. Soft sighs escaped Rune’s lips as he rolled his head and arched his back, the evidence of his pleasure showing clearly in the growing bulge in his jeans. Smiling, Luke brushed his hand over the taut fabric and Rune squeaked. Raising himself upright and turning, he leaped lightly and wrapped his other leg around Luke, gripping tightly.
With Luke’s hands on either side of his waist, Rune lifted himself, flexing so Luke found himself face to face with the large, bright opal, shimmering with every imaginable colour, that nestled into Rune’s navel.
“Wow,” Luke breathed and began to kiss around it. Humming with pleasure Rune continued his dance, arching and swaying, his hair a cascade of silver which, at times, almost touched the floor.
Finally, Rune sat up straight and bent his head forward so the glorious hair fell around Luke like a curtain shutting him off from the outside world. Tilting his face upwards, he met Rune’s dazzling gaze and that, even more than the hungry lips that covered his own, took his breath away.
Feeling weak, Luke bent over the bed, lowering Rune carefully onto the mattress. Rune let go readily and lay spread out, his eyes dazed and his lips bruised from the kiss. Breathing hard, Luke knelt on the floor between his knees and ran his hands lightly over his torso.
“My beautiful, beautiful Rune,” he crooned and Rune smiled a slow, sexy smile, as he raised his hands over his head and arched his back. Leaning down, Luke kissed his lips, then worked slowly down over his chin and throat to one of the shell pink nipples that stood out like pebbles on the sand. Rune shivered as he gently bit and little whimpers escaped him and drove Luke wild. He wanted him more than he had ever wanted anyone: anything, but he wasn’t about to lose control. This wasn’t about him; this was about Rune. He was going to show Rune what it was like to be loved, to be really loved.
“I want to be naked, Luke,” Rune moaned. “Please.”
“Whatever you want, beautiful boy,” Luke responded, kissing all the way down to the waistband of his jeans. By the time he got there Rune was shaking and sweating and begging under his breath, whispering, “Please, please, please,” over and over.
Grinning, Luke undid the jeans and slipped them off. Rune moaned loudly as he was exposed to the cool air.
“Ssh,” Luke murmured blowing cool air across his hot skin.”
“Touch me. Touch me,” Rune moaned.
Standing up, Luke wriggled out of his clothes, then sank back to his previous position. Battering down anger at the bruises on Rune’s thighs, which joined those on his belly ribs and back in crystallising the vow in Luke’s heart to make Rio pay for every one of them, Luke ran his hands over the trembling flesh making him moan and writhe.
“Luke, Luke, Luke,” Rune moaned over and over and eventually Luke could bear it no longer and flung himself down onto the bed next to Rune, taking him into his arms, pressing his body against him, feeling the hot, trembling flesh slide over his own.
Suddenly thrown onto his back, Luke gasped and arched as Rune began to suck, lick and bite him. He almost lost control but forced himself to gently push Rune back and lay him on his back on the bed. “Not today, little one,” he said into Rune surprised and almost hurt face. “Today it’s all for you.”  Smiling gently he lowered his head and showed Rune exactly what he meant.

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  1. Excellent flash Nephy. It had just the right amount of heat.

  2. Such lovely foreplay. I can't wait to read where they go from here. Just beautiful.

  3. That was sweet and hot! Loved it. Can't wait for Wednesday to see how this plays out.