Saturday, 15 June 2013

Artist Spotlight - Me

Shameless self promotion, just because I can :)

I've been a bit down and finding it a bit hard to get back into the swing so I thought I'd spoil myself.

Almost all my paintings are of characters from my stories and I have to start with my darling Silver


Silver and River

Draven my Fairy at the Bottom of the Garden

Morgan from Project X

These two aren't from any stories... yet

Semjaza, my angel

And there you have it. My forray into the world of blatant self promotion. It's a bit scary out here, I have to say. It really doesn't feel right. But hey, if you don't take chances....huh?


  1. It's a rare gift being able to both write and draw, and when you say you can do both, some people are taken aback as it seems far too much talent for one person. So if you can do it, show it off with pride. Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. I agree with DRC, that you should be damn proud to have these talents all wrapped up in one person. It also makes the experience of reading your story a bit more full by seeing how the character looks in your mind's eye and to compare it to how the story made the reader picture the character. You didn't write anything under the last 4 or 5 pics. Were they from stories? I especially like the second to last one. There is so much going on in the eyes of that person. You should write which story each was from along with the name of the character. Hey, if a blog isn't to show your own work off, then what is! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not all of them are from stories. Silver and River are from Enigma, Draven is from a new book. Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden which is currently in production with Romance First Publishing. Morgan in from a story called Project X which is not being published. It can be found and read free at along with a lot of other unpublished stories of mine.

    Semjaza isn't from a story, he is a story; my story. We were lovers once but that's another story.

    The others aren't from any stories, they don't have names, they're just from my mind

    The second from last is a pencil sketch i did to try out new pencils. It's not anyone in particular. Maybe he will have his own story one day :)