Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Sexy Saturday

In a new experiment I've joined the Sexy Saturday Crew. Every Saturday we will post seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs of pure sexiness.

As this is also my period of promoting the release of my Special Edition of the Enigma books, I will post exclusively from those books until the end of July.

Let's kick off with

My legs are weak and when Silver’s arm goes around my waist I sag against him, resting my head on his chest. He feels so strong, so powerful, and for the first time it is me who feels weak and helpless in his arms.
“What... what does this mean?”
His voice is trembling but it’s not like he trembled last night; it's not because of fear.  I'm trembling too.
I lift my head to look up at him and shake my head, still feeling dazed and powerless. “I don’t know.” I whisper.
He smiles, a hesitant, shy smile that makes me tremble even harder and then he lowers his head and kisses me.
I've read about kisses which stop time; which fade out the world; which stop the heart.  I've always scoffed at the idea.  A kiss is just a kiss... right?  Except a kiss like this.  A kiss like this is all of the above and more.  What makes a kiss like this?  I've no idea.  Maybe it’s knowing I shouldn't be doing it.  Maybe it’s the wild and open setting.  Maybe it’s destiny. 

Or maybe it’s just that this kiss - just this kiss out of all the kisses I've ever had -this kiss contains all my feelings; all my emotions; all my fears, hopes and dreams.  This kiss is not taken, or given, it just happens.  This kiss is not a joining of lips but of souls.  This kiss... this kiss... this kiss is with him. Ah fuck what am I doing: what the fuck am I doing?  What have I done? 

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