Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Christmas in July - Special Omnibus Release

Released 1st July 2013 for ONE MONTH ONLY

On 1st July for one month only revised versions of Enigma I and Enigma II will be available together in a Special Edition. As a special, once of bonus, the Special Edition will contain original artwork and a brand new, unique story 'Silver's First Christmas'.

Since conception, the story of Silver and River has captivated and, some might say, obsessed me. I fell in love with Silver as I wrote him and he's occupied a space in my heart that very few real, let alone fictional people have. He's my Sunshine Boy, my miracle, my window into a different way of looking at the world.

It has been my absolute joy that others have fallen for him too, and I must give special thanks to Maria, whose wonderful paintings and drawings have really brought Silver to life. Much of her work is posted here and there is some very special original artwork contained in the Special Edition.

One lucky person will receive a poster of Silver, signed by me, so they will have a piece of this wonderful person (Silver, not me :) ) to hang on their wall, line their drawers, serve as a dartboard. Although, if anyone throws darts at my love, I WILL track you down :)

The blog tour I ran at the begginning of the month contained a competition and I would remind you that the competition is still open. At present there are three people in the running.

If you have already entered the competition I would suggest you check to ensure you've answered all five of the questions, as you won't be eligible to win unless you have.

The Competition

On each of the following five blogs will be a question. If you answer all five questions correctly you will be entered into a draw. The winner will be announced at the release party on 1st July and will receive not only a free copy of the Special Edition, complete with special features, but also a signed copy original poster of Silver.

The answer to the question can be found in the blog post to which it is attached.

Answers can be posted as a comment on the blog post in question, as a comment on this post or in an email to chakira@hotmail.co.uk. The competition is open from 3rd to 30th June.

The participating blogs are

3/6 Cia  Nordwell   http://ciasstories.blogspot.com/

Question - What's Silver'/s favourite sensation?

Question - How did River's parents die?

question - What's the UK Home Office's estimate of the number of men women and children subjected to human trafficking every year

question - What's Silver's favourite scent?

8/6 Christ T Kat http://t.co/h6Kn4uYhRV

Question What River’s brother’s name?

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