Sunday, 14 July 2013

Artist Spotlight Wyn Abbot

As you all know, I love to spotlight artists of all kinds. As an extremely visual person, I love beautiful things and Wyn Abbot makes really beautiful things.

In order to get to the pretties as soon as possible I hand you over to Wyn to tell you more about herself and her work

I am a Spiritual Sculptor & Ceramic Artist based in the beautiful Lune Valley in the North of England.  My work is inspired by ancient cultures world wide and their beliefs & mythologies.  I don’t pre-plan or sketch my work I just pick up the clay and see what or who emerges.

People say my pieces have a ‘sense of presence’ I believe they do because I put so much passion and energy into each piece, I am not interested in creating purely decorative or functional ceramics, I want to create things that resonate with people and that is meaningful and for want of a better word haunting.

I love creating figures, my figures are highly detailed and are either subtly coloured to give a natural stone like look or are Raku fired.

Raku is a wonderful ancient Japanese technique where after being fired to 1000c the piece is removed at this temperature whilst the glaze is still molten and submerged into sawdust reducing the level of oxygen.  The result is metallic looking finishes.

Symbolism is prevalent throughout all my work ensuring that each piece is unique, special and magical!

I work with my partner who does all the non creative work;  we sell from our gallery shop and studio on the borders of the Lake District, we also sell worldwide via our online shop and via resellers across the UK (details on my website)

From the 1st October this year I  re-locating to The Wolfhouse Gallery in Silverdale on the borders of Lancashire & Cumbria – a very special place.

You can follow me and see the latest products as they emerge on Facebook
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  1. These are so amazing thanKQ so for sharing with the beez ;)) all the best with your writing & art x

    1. i can't help but share when I see beautiful things :)